Michelle Waterson’s 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Michelle Waterson is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She is the former Invicta FC Atom weight Champion. Besides all her career front, Michelle is not a great fan of getting inked and this is clear from her two known body inks. Let us find out their meanings.

 Michelle Waterson

1. ‘Lotus Flower And Tribal Wheel’ Tattoo






Tattoo: The left side of the former Invicta FC Atom weight Champion features the tattoo of a personalized tribal wheel and a big colorful lotus flower which was done by the tattoo artist, Johnnymac Howell from true grit tattoo studio. The tattoo took a few sessions to be done.

Meaning: The tattoo is the symbol of rebirth. Rebirth and rising from the struggles of life and thus, Michelle too got this ink to encourage herself to keep rising in life irrespective of her life struggles. Lotus is one of the powerful symbols of rebirth and also symbolizes beauty and strength. The opening of the petals from the tribal circle represents the spiritual awakening and awareness about life and its circle.

2. ‘Couple Goal’ Tattoo


Tattoo: On 10 January 2017 Michelle Waterson revealed her second tattoo of a portrait of a couple on her right forearm. She got this ink done as a part of matching couple tattoo along with her husband, Joshua Gomez from the tattoo artist Johnnymac Howell at True Grit Tattoo Studio in England.

Meaning: The tattoo is very close to her heart according to Michelle, and it is a source of continuous reminder for her and her husband about their future couple’s goals.

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