4 Celebrities Inked by Ryan Ashley Malarkey

We all know Ryan Ashley Malarkey after she became the first woman ever to win season 8 of Ink Masters! But that’s not it! Ever since she won the show, she has been presented with various opportunities to ink many celebrities. In this article, we will list out all the celebrities, Ryan has had the chance to ink.

Celebrities Inked by Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Maria Brink

Maria Brink's neck tattoo

Maria Brink’s neck tattoo

A close up of Maria Brink's neck tattoo

A close-up of Maria Brink’s neck tattoo

Maria Brink's arm tattoo

Maria Brink’s arm tattoo

Maria Brink has a cover-up tattoo which is done by Ryan Ashley on her right forearm. The tattoo is done to look like jewels – a radiant red diamond on her right forearm. Maria has also transformed her previous blue heart tattoo from her neck into a stunning dark blue heart-shaped diamond.

Ash Costello

A close up of Maria Brink's neck tattoo

In April 2015, Ash Costello got herself inked with the”1031″ on her knuckles to signify her favorite holiday, Halloween that falls on October 31st. Halloween isn’t just her favorite holiday; it has evolved into a way of life for her. The talented artist, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, also added some ‘swirls’ into Ash’s pre-existing “Dead” tattoo. The teardrop-shaped beads have linked both of these designs.

Drew Barrymore

A close up of Maria Brink's neck tattoo

The actress inked a heartfelt message for her daughters on her arm: “Home is where we are,” during an episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show”. She explained the quote by saying, “Home is where we are and if you’re fortunate enough to be with loved ones wherever life leads, that, to me, defines home.”

Clinton Kelly

Clinton Kelly getting inked Clinton Kelly's luckiest tattoo

Clinton Kelly got himself inked on his chest by the famous celebrity tattoo artist Rya Ashley Malarkey during his show ‘The Chew.’ The tattoo says ‘Luckiest’ in black ink.

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