30 New Beginning Tattoos to Inspire You

New beginnings can have a different meaning for each one of us and we all can have different ways of acknowledging our new beginnings or fresh starts in life. Well, all tattoo lovers can understand the importance of marking new beginnings with ink on their bodies. For, the way tattoo lovers see new beginnings are altogether new opportunities to add more to their journal of life. So, here we go giving you an insight into some of the most amazing “new beginning” or “fresh start” tattoos and you shall let us know, which of these excites you the most!

Meaning of New Beginning / Fresh Start Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs that mark the start of something new in your life in an important way are termed to be new beginning tattoos or fresh start tattoos. A new year’s resolution on your mind? Get it tattooed! Yes, that’s exactly what this category of tattoo designs means, and a lot more.

There’s a major chunk of these fresh start designs that most people like to get around the new year, their birth date, anniversary, or any important date that marks a new beginning in any sense. The symbolic meaning of these designs imparts an important message about why this beginning is important for them.

Ideas For New Beginning / Fresh Start Tattoo Designs

The date of an event that is important to you and marks the start of an important phase of your life can be a thoughtful new beginning tattoo for you. Not only are such tattoos emotionally positive but they also work as beautiful reminders that tell you about a phase so beautiful in your life that you got it inked and made it eternal!

Just assume if 2022 is a year of blessings for you, you might just want to get it inked. This way, you will always set your intention to be as happy as you’ve been in 2022 and train your mind towards being the ‘2022 version’ of yourself. Similarly, there are so many more tattoo suggestions we would like to discuss with you further in this piece.

Where Should You Get New Beginning Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of New Beginning Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Sin Miedo Tattoo

New Beginning 11

“Sin Miedo” is a Spanish phrase, which means “without fear” in English. Getting inked with this could be a great source of motivation for you if you plan to start or have already started living fearlessly.

  • Changing Seasons Tattoo 

New Beginning 12

The gorgeous shoulder tattoo signifies the importance of changing seasons. If felt thorough, one could feel the message this one tries to convey. It conveys the importance of changing seasons in nature as well in our lives. Addressing your new beginnings or fresh starts, you might be able to relate to the importance of natural changes that are bound to occur in our lives.

  • Vis ta Vie Tattoo

New Beginning 13

“Vis ta vie” is a French term that translates to “live your life”, in English. This tattoo works like a beautiful reminder especially when you’ve just recently started afresh and you understand the importance of living your life while setting realistic and achievable goals for yourself.

  • Wave(s) Tattoo

New Beginning 14

If you’re a water baby or if you strongly resonate with the peaceful nature of water then a wave could be your symbol for new beginnings. This could be an ideal choice for a new year-new me tattoo as waves signify the importance of evolution and transformation in an individual.

  • Saying Yes Tattoo 

New Beginning 15

Are you beginning to realize the importance of saying yes in your life? If that’s a yes, then this could be your next tattoo. Inking “Say Yes” on yourself can be a great way of acknowledging as well as recalling the importance of saying yes in life. This could mark the beginning of a year where you’ll be saying yes to adventures, experiences, memories, opportunities,  and thrills in life.

  • Horseshoe Tattoo 

New Beginning 16

It is an ancestrally believed concept that a horseshoe signifies a new year. This is why historical people used to place horseshoes on the doors of their houses around the new year and mark the onset of a fresh start. The horseshoe tattoo along with the elements of floral design could be a great pick for you as it will be your signal to bring in growth, harmony, and positive changes.

  • Lotus Tattoo 

New Beginning 17

While there can be many ways of perceiving the idea of a lotus tattoo, when you’re thinking about it with the intention of a fresh start, it stands to be a symbol of rebirth. As per the Buddhist concept, the lotus also symbolizes new beginnings. Oh and not to forget, lotus tattoos are just a perfect idea for getting short and sweet ink on your body.

  • Compass Tattoo

New Beginning 18

A compass when thought about with a lot of intellect states its nature of being a true guide in every sense of the word. Also, yes a compass when inked on your body by a skilled tattoo artist will look stunning! Get a compass tattoo and mark your fresh starts by choosing the direction you’d like.

  • Phases of the Moon Tattoo

New Beginning 19

Remember when your friends told you, “relax it’s just a phase”. Well, with the phases of the moon tattoo, you’d need no one to remind you about the importance of phases in life. This tattoo represents the different phases of the moon and the lunar cycle. Just like this cycle, our life cycle revolves around different phases and if there are any of those moments where you feel the need to validate your retake at life, you must go for it.

  • Phoenix Tattoo

New Beginning 20

A phoenix represents new beginnings. Of course, there are innumerable ways of making it look aesthetic so you can top it up with the elements of the moon, colors, and floral elements to make it an exclusive inking experience for yourself!

  • New Chapter Tattoo

New Beginning 21

We are the writers of every chapter of our life and that’s the beauty of living. This tattoo right here signifies the same. Here’s a book that signifies that each day we wake up, we see a new ray of light and it gives us another chance to write afresh the story of our lives.

  • Magic 8 Ball Tattoo

New Beginning 22

Manifestation is something that’s totally in vogue nowadays and not just that, it works! This magic 8-ball tattoo right here encourages the concept of future predictions as it’s like having your exclusive positive prediction with you. Isn’t it cool to have your destiny inked on you? Well if that’s a yes then this could be a good way to mark the beginning of your fresh start.

  • Hour Glass Tattoo

New Beginning 23

It is truly said that “the more sand has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it”. Just like the sand in the hourglass, the days of our lives fall through making way for fresh starts. This is a beautiful concept that can be inked and put into perspective even more beautifully if you think in this direction.

  • Sunrise Tattoo

New Beginning 24

As the sun rises every day, it makes way for a new start. This tattoo shows the rising sun and conveys the message that along with this you should be rising too. Be it hardships, memories, or tough times, whatever is keeping you stuck in life, this tattoo will be a reminder for you to step out, rise and shine!

  • Evergreen Tattoo

New Beginning 25

Fierce, vibrant, and strong to sail through every season. This is what an evergreen tattoo signifies. Marking your new beginnings, this one is a befitting gentle reminder to continue keeping your strength as you cultivate an attitude of perseverance.

  • Wishbone Tattoo

New Beginning 26

A symbol of good fortune, hopes, dreams, and new beginnings is what the wishbone tattoo is all about. Not to forget, its aesthetic, is compact, and noncomplicated. This could be the right pick for you if you’re looking for motivation in a nutshell.

  • Dove Tattoo

New Beginning 27

A dove is a globally recognized symbol of peace and love. That’s everything you’d hope for in your new beginnings.

  • Pomegranate Tattoo

New Beginning 28

The most underrated yet the most peculiar tattoo is that of a pomegranate. While people from different walks of life will derive different meanings from it, a pomegranate tattoo in the context of starting new signifies prosperity. Oh, and also not to forget, a colored pomegranate will just be another beautiful way of decorating yourself!

  • Fingers Crossed Tattoo

New Beginning 29

Undoubtedly cute, this tattoo is all about being hopeful. As you mark new beginnings, this is the ideal sign of hoping that only good things come your way ahead.

  • Pearl Tattoo

New Beginning 30

Just like how a pearl needs to fight the roughness to shine through and become iconic, you too deserve to be adapting to this beautiful truth about yourself. This pearl tattoo can be inked in various ways on various parts of your body. Let it be the symbol of hard work, motivation, and looking forward in your life.

  • Choose Yourself Tattoo

New Beginning

Making a new start towards choosing yourself and loving yourself can be therapeutic. While most of us often forget to acknowledge this fact, this tattoo will help you remember forever the power of choosing yourself.

  • Robin Bird Tattoo

New Beginning 2

The mesmerizing red robin signifies the rising of the sun during dawn.  Looking forward to each day is a beautiful intention to start at the beginning of the year.

  • Terrarium Tattoo

New Beginning 3

Evolution can be kind if you let it be. Not every step forward should feel heavy. This cute terrarium tattoo here is created with the intent of inspiring you to be kind during the process of your transformation. Something cute, chic, and gorgeous to mark your fresh start in life.

  • Galaxy Rose Tattoo

New Beginning 4

Every new day can have something unique about it and it requires that perspective to see it. Galaxy rose tattoo is a rather modern-day take on the wonders of the mundane. It will not only remind you to bloom in your grace but also be seamless about the places you can go!

  • Ampersand Tattoo

New Beginning 5

The symbol for the word, “and” is a tattoo one must get if they need a reminder about each day being the continuation of their story. It means to stay open to new places, people, experiences, and possibilities while starting with a fresh approach.

  • Daffodils Tattoo

New Beginning 6

Beautiful daffodils too signify new beginnings. Along with that, they also look really cute and calming. Daffodils placed over a large area and inked with precision can look lovely.

  • Serendipity Tattoo

New Beginning 7

Words can bring a smile to our faces and one such word is serendipity. This could be your mantra to find joy without even looking for it. Something you might want to incorporate into your new beginnings.

  • Unicorn Tattoo

New Beginning 8

The much-loved unicorn tattoo is not just joyous to look at but it also represents divinity and innocence. This brings in a new approach to looking at things the way a unicorn would do. Being dreamy, happy, calm, and adorable with your life ahead is what this tattoo would mean.

  • Cont;nue Tattoo

New Beginning 9

Adding more perspective to the semicolon tattoo, here’s a positive reminder to continue forward in life.  This word paired up with a semicolon is a powerful reminder to keep writing the pages of your life’s story.

  • Sun and Bee Tattoo 

New Beginning 10

Buzzing to far-off places yet managing to find their way back to their roots are the bees. Sometimes thrown off their path but still keeping their hopes high. The combination of bees and sun in a tattoo conveys a rather intellectual take on life. This take is about being as radiant as the sun and as determined as a bee.

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