Enzo Amore’s 20 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Eric Arndt is a well-known American professional wrestler who competes on the independent circuit as nZo. Eric rose to prominence as a result of his spellbinding reign as Enzo Amore in the ring. Many people are unaware that he has previously performed music under the stage name Real1. Arndt began pursuing a career as a rapper in May 2018, posting his debut song, “Phoenix,” on WorldStarHipHop on May 28, 2018. Eric has got some amazing tattoos on his body. Let us explore them.

Enzo Amore

1. Writing on wrist

Enzo left hand tatoo

Enzo place noone above you Rosemary Christine tattoo

Enzo mother and sister tattoo

Tattoo: Wrapped around his left wrist is the line that says, “Place no one above you, Rosemary and Christine.”

Enzo claimed that his left arm and hand tattoos are mostly dedicated to his family. Thus, this tattoo is the reflection of his love for him mother, Rosemary, and sister, Christine.

2. ‘LOVE LIFE’ Tattoo

Enzo LIFE Tattoo Enzo love tattoo

3. Portrait on Right Shoulder

Enzo portrait on bicep tattoo

4. ‘REAL’ Tattoo

Enzo REAL tattoo

5. Bicep Tattoo-Number 2

Enzo bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On his right bicep, he’s got number 2 tattooed. The number ‘2’ represents his jersey number for football team during his College.

6. Samurai Face on Chest

Enzo chest tattoo

7. Celtic Cross Tattoo

Enzo cross tattoo

8. Microphone Tattoo

Enzo hand tattoo

Tattoo: On his right hand, there is a magnificent piece of a microphone tattooed.

Meaning: Microphon is often chosen to reflect your love for music and singing. So is the case with Enzo. He said that the tattoo is real close to his heart as it shows that he is confident of his music and his show whenever he is about to begin. The specific mike chosen as his tattoo is inspired from one of the pices on the band set of his father, who was a DJ and he took real pride in that mike and was so confident about it.

9. Portrait on Left Arm

Enzo left bicep portrait tattoo

10. ‘Bridgie’ Tattoo

Enzo left bicep tattoo

11. Symbols on Fingers 

Enzo left hand symbols tattoo

Enzo diamond tattoo

12. Red Lips Tattoo

Enzo grandma tattoo

Tattoo: Red lips tattoo on Enzo’s left hand.

Meaning: Red lips are the purst way of expressing your love. Enzo got this tattoo done to express his love for his grandmother, The tattoo was done after Enzo asked his grandmother to kiss on a piece of paper and when she did, he got it tattooed on his hand. The moment she saw that the tattoo was of her lips, she cried.

13. Warrior Tattoo

Enzo Warrior tattoo

His Wu-Tang “Warrior” tattoo, as claimed by him is his tattoo dedication for his High School Football team and he revealed that he has always been proud of being Warrior High School Graduate.

Many people think that I got this Wu Tang Warrior tattoo for the ‘Ultimate Warrior’ but this is not the case I got it for my Warrior High School.”

14. 21 Tattoo

Enzo 21 tattoo

21 represents his High School Football team jersey number.

15. New Jersey Map Tattoo

Enzo jersey tattoo

On the inner side of his right bicep, Enzo has got the tattoo of the map of New Jersey.

He got it inked it to reflect the love for his birthplace i.e. New Jersey. Enzo was born in Hackensack, New Jersey, United States.

16. ‘Sea Whales’ Tattoo

Enzo sea whales tattoo

On the top of his warrior tattoo, there are some sea waves inked.

Meaning: Enzo got sea whales for South Whales University because he played football for them.

17. Shawn Michaels Heart Tattoo

Enzo shawn michaels heart tattoo

On the inner right bicep, Enzo has got the tattoo of a green colored ehart.

Meaning: Enzo, in an interview revleaed that the tattoo represents Shwan Michaels Heart as he was really inspired by him and his work. It used to amze him how a small guy could fight so many giants inside the ring with never die attitude. Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, renowned by his ring name Shawn Michaels, is a retired professional wrestler from the United States.

18. Footprints Tattoo

Enzo footprints tattoo Enzo footprints ink

The footprints tattoo is inspired from one of the famous conversation between God and one of his followers.

19. Spider Web Tattoo

Enzo Spiderweb tattoo

20. Tiger Print Tattoo

Enzo waist tattoo


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