31 Virgo Constellation Tattoo Designs with Ideas with Meanings

The shiny twinkling stars in the sky speak volumes to us. Only after a continuous long gaze at the sky that we realize that some of these stars could be constellations. Looking more like the shining dots, these constellations hold unique importance in space and each of our lives. At present, there are officially 88 constellations in the sky. While there can be great depths to which we can talk about each one of them, in this piece, we’ll share some insights about the Virgo constellation and why this could be a great tattoo idea for you!

Meaning of Virgo Constellation Tattoo Designs

The Virgo constellation is the largest constellation of the Zodiac and the second largest overall. Recognized as a constellation for over 3,000 years, this one is quite populated with several galaxy clusters, and each of these clusters is home to thousands of galaxies. Deriving its several spiritual beliefs from Greek mythology, the Virgo constellation could be a fitting tattoo representation for people who have the same Zodiac sign.

Ideas For Virgo Constellation Tattoo Designs

The beautiful Virgo constellation tattoo looks beautiful when tattooed on the arm, wrist, or even around the ankle. It is a minimalistic tattoo that gives a vibrant look. Further below, we’ve shared in detail the tattoo ideas along with their meaning to help you pick the right one!

Where Should You Get Virgo Constellation Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Virgo Constellation Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Minimalist Finger Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

This symbol is called Maiden and getting it inked might be slightly painful but it is going to be worth it. If you have decided to get a Zodiac tattoo that will last forever, then this will be a great choice to keep it low-key, small, and sober.

  • Floral Wrist Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Adding flowers to a conceptual tattoo is always a safe play. Also, Flowers somehow depict the nature of people who have Virgo as their Zodiac sign. Having an inclination towards art, Virgos Virgos is humble, attractive, and realistic.

  • Feminine Wrist Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

It is always catchy to have a tattoo that seems to stand out from the rest while conveying a meaningful message. Virgos like things that are mostly out of the box and so is this unique and iconic tattoo. Here, we could see a woman who seems to be attracted to everything beautiful. Well, this is a true depiction of Virgos as well.

  • Constellation-Star Ankle Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Adding a starry element to the constellation looks beautiful and subtle. This Virgo constellation tattoo placed on the ankle or somewhere near it will look really elegant. This might be a great choice for women who are Virgos and are planning to get their next tattoo inspired by the zodiac sign!

  • Colored Constellation & Space Ankle Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Here we can see how beautifully the stars have been placed as connectors in between and at the ends of the constellation lines. This adds more volume to the tattoo while making it look aesthetic. Also, if you’re attracted to having a colored tattoo but are not sure how much would be too much then this right here could be a fitting starting point for you. Isn’t it amazing to have everything sorted in this tattoo? You get color, design, elements, and a meaningful inking experience all in one!

  • Dots & Lines Constellation Arm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

This is a simple constellation tattoo that is quite clear and straightforward. If you like to stay away from too many design elements then this concise and clear representation of the Virgo constellation on the arm could be the right choice for you.

  • Stunning Element Based Constellation Arm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

This tattoo right here is a gorgeous one. Suitable for both, men and women, this masterpiece combines beauty, meaning, colors, and floral elements altogether to give us an amazing output! If you’re thinking to go all into the amusement of being a Virgo, then this could be your next tattoo for sure!

  • Virgo Sign & Constellation Arm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Giving a retro look, this tattoo has combined the Virgo Zodiac sign and the constellations quite beautifully. The red color of the zodiac sign is standing out while keeping intact the essence of the constellation. If not red, you could try using another color in the same combination.

  • Stars, Dots, Numeric & Lines Constellation Arm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Here we have a compact and cute Virgo constellation tattoo that combines multiple elements to give it a geometrical appearance. The bold black ink is adding a beautiful definition to the overall appeal of this tattoo. If you’d like, the numbers here could be of your birth date to make it more self-oriented.

  • Geometrical & Circular Constellation Arm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Tattoos always keep on evolving. The current trend in tattoos is geometrical tattoos. In this one, we can see a perfect blend of geometrical circular shapes, shading, and arrows. It gives the tattoo a clear definition of starting and ending points with the help of arrows. Also, geometrical shapes make it easier to understand.

  • Dotted Constellation Behind the Ear Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Planning to get a small tattoo that makes a statement? Well, then behind the ear constellation tattoo is what you should be looking at! This is a beautifully curated tattoo that needs expert precision to be performed by an expert tattoo artist. It is everything Virgo-ish and a cool tattoo that will grab a lot of attention from the onlookers.

  • Minimal Behind the Ear Constellation Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Quite similar to the one seen above, this tattoo is more on the minimal lines and has fewer design elements than the one above. So, if you’re planning to keep it to the point and subtle, then choose this tattoo and flaunt your zodiac constellation in the chicest way possible.

  • Virgo Maiden & Constellation Calf Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

The best part about constellation tattoos is that they can look good on any part of the body. This tattoo is a creative take on showing the constellation and the Virgo maiden. This tattoo signifies peace, harmony, success, and happiness.

  • Atomic Looking Constellation Forearm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

If you’re planning to give a little scientific hint to your Virgo constellation tattoo, then this could be the right choice for you. The right amount of shading, precisely done gradient effect, and thick dark black constellation lines…everything that gives this beautiful tattoo its beauty!

  • Earth Element & Virgo Constellation Colored Forearm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

This tattoo has quite gorgeously combined the earth element, Virgo constellation, and some popping color shades to bring out this cute tattoo as the final result. A very cool inking option if you’re planning to get a cute candy-looking Virgo tattoo!

  • Twinkling Stars & Virgo Constellation Forearm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

The beauty of simple-looking stars combined with the constellation tattoo is a fitting choice for your next minimalistic yet aesthetic-looking Zodiac tattoo.

  • Scenic Colored Virgo Constellation Forearm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Following a circular shape of flow, this tattoo has a beautiful choice of colors that are adding more glory to it. Quite beautifully placed is the constellation amidst the hues of purple and blue shades. This tattoo can be a very nice placement on your forearm and if done by an expert tattoo artist, this tattoo may attract a lot of eyeballs.

  • Colored Minimalistic Virgo Constellation Collarbone Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

This tattoo depicts a retro theme and highlights all the constellation-related aspects that have been studied as a part of the ancestral study of constellations. Quite a call pick that shows the Virgo constellation in its purest form.

  • Beautifully Colored & Shaded Constellation Forearm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

This one is another masterpiece showing the Virgo constellation in the hues of blue and pink shades. The unique part of this tattoo is that the constellation is inked in a lighter shade that is different than black and is looking very beautiful. So, if you’ve been looking for better color schemes rather than a splash of color with black lines, then this tattoo is going to bring you a breath of fresh air.

  • Geometric Virgo Constellation Spread Over the Forearm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

This tattoo shows a blend of the geometrical designs and the Virgo constellation, which looks beautiful especially because the utilization of space is done quite nicely. If you’re planning to get your tattoo widely spread over the forearm, then this tattoo can be a good idea for you.

  • Paint Brush Effect Collarbone Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

The paintbrush effect is gaining popularity nowadays and this one right here shows how this effect has enhanced the beauty of the constellation tattoo. Add your birth year, the constellation that suits your Zodiac, add a paintbrush splash and you’re all set towards creating a memorable inking experience for yourself.

  • Wildflowers & Virgo Constellation Forearm Tattoo 

Virgo Constellation

Flowers can make any tattoo look even more beautiful with their presence. This tattoo shows a constellation that makes its way amidst the beautifully placed flowers. Overall, the tattoo gives a fine look and its creative essence is quite nicely enhanced.

  • Floral Tiara & Constellation Forearm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Creativity plays an important role when it comes to finding hidden insights about tattoos. Everyone can have their perception about the meaning every tattoo carries but what we can comprehend from this one is that the Virgo constellation has adorned an amazing floral tiara that wraps it into its floral elements of it. This could also be looked upon as one true Virgo zodiac representation since everything about it is so beautiful, just bow the Virgo people like it to be.

  • Virgo Constellation Ribs Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

This tattoo is quite similar to the ones seen at the beginning of this blog. However, getting anything tattooed around the rib area takes a lot of courage. Not to forget, it looks extremely bold and beautiful once inked well, but the first part of deciding to get it around the ribs takes a lot of courage. As seen in this picture, this is a basic Virgo constellation tattoo but seemingly it has redefined beauty just by being placed on a different body part.

  • Cosmic Maiden & Constellation Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

One of the best tattoo designs if you’re a Virgo woman planning to get your zodiac inked. This tattoo has quite aesthetically showcased the Virgo elements in the form of the constellation and Virgo maiden. The bright purple color tones are adding a magnificent look to the overall appeal of this tattoo. This one placed at the back of your shoulder would make a very beautiful statement!

  • Floral Constellation Wrist Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Using some mild color tones, this floral representation of the Virgo constellation looks cute and aesthetic. A good pick for my Virgo girls looking for something joyous, meaningful, and pleasing to the eyes.

  • Intricately Shaded Constellation Forearm Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

This intricate Virgo tattoo with lovely shading and depth shows every point in the constellation with such precise detailing. The stars are shining bright just as they look up in the sky. Getting it inked can surely leave a strong impression on yourself and the others who’d gaze at it.

  • Collection of Flowers with Constellation Leg Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

This is an extraordinary tattoo that combines the collection of flowers with the Virgo constellation. Getting it inked can be quite an experience that can be your unique take on the style since you can choose whichever type of flowers you’d like to go along with the constellation.

  • Aster Flower & Virgo Constellation Wrist Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

You could choose to feature your Virgo constellation with the infamous August or September month flowers. The flowers and colors that vibe with you the most could be your best options. I’d go with a poppy, sunflower, or aster!

  • Earth Element & Constellation Wrist Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Are you a Virgo who loves the forest or mountains? If yes, then having a landscape alongside the Virgo constellation will be the best view for whenever you look at it. Not only this, the presence of Earth-related elements will be a happy reminder of your strong connection to the Earth.

  • Watercolor Constellation Collarbone Tattoo

Virgo Constellation

Quite subtly inked, this tattoo could be your exclusive view of the galaxy. With a soft outlook, this tattoo has beautifully showcased minimal elements in between and a soothing watercolor combination in the background. The overall look of this tattoo is quite a perfect ad that will help you create a great inking experience for yourself!

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