NLE Choppa’s 32 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Bryson Lashun Potts better known as NLE Choppa (previously YNR Choppa) is an American entertainer, songwriter, and rapper. He is best known for his hit song, “Shotta Flow” which was certified platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). He released his first song in 2018, called “No Love Anthem” and released his first mixtape, “No Love the Takeover” in the same year. Bryson has some interesting tattoos on his body. Most of the tattoos he has are related to his works and his love life. Let us take a look at the tattoos he has and the meanings they hold.

NLE Choppa

1. Forearm Tattoo

NLE Choppa forearm tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his right forearm contains a mashed-up design of several words and symbols. It contains two Chinese characters, and the words, “NO LOVE ENT “. Just below his elbow, are the words, “SHOTTA II” tattooed along with a gun.

Meaning: The words, “NO LOVE ENT” represent No Love Entertainment which is the full form of his stage name, NLE. It is also the name of his record label. The words, “SHOTTA II” represent the title of his song, Shotta II which gained over 20 million views in just 2 months.

2. Top Shotta Tattoo

NLE Choppa top shotta tattoo

Tattoo: The rapper’s stomach is covered in a large tattoo of the words, “TOP SHOTTA” along with two handguns on either side of the words. There is smoke coming out of the barrels of the guns and rising towards the words.

Meaning: Bryson got this tattoo to celebrate the success of his first certified platinum song, “Shotta Flow” which amassed 10 million views in just under a month and peaked at number 36 on the US Billboard Hot 100. He later released the “Shotta Flow II” which was also very successful.

3. Name and Heart Tattoo

NLE Choppa name heart tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of the backside of his head, just along his hairline contains the name, “Mariah” tattooed on it in red ink, followed by a small heart.

Meaning: NLE got this tattoo to show his love for his then-girlfriend, Mariah. Mariah also reciprocated the gesture by getting a tattoo of NLE’s face on the right side of her back. But the couple has since then, split up.

4. Gun Tattoo

NLE Choppa gun tattoo

Tattoo: The side of his right forearm contains a tattoo of an M16 rifle stretching from his wrist up to his elbow.

5. Cottonwood Tattoo

NLE Choppa cottonwood tattoo

Tattoo: The upper side of his right forearm contains the word, “Cottonwood” tattooed on it. The tattoo is made by leaving out vacant spaces to spell the words, surrounded by red ink. The letter o’s in the “wood” are replaced by two broken hearts. The t’s in “Cotton” contain the words, “NLE” and “GOD” tattooed inside them.

Meaning: Bryson got this tattoo after he released his debut extended play, “Cottonwood” on 20 December 2019. The letters, “NLE” represent his name as well as the name of his label, No Love Entertainment. Cottonwood also includes guest appearances from rappers Blueface and Meek Mill. In an interview, he said,

It’s the Cottonwood. It’s the street I was born.”

6. ‘NLE’ Tattoo


Tattoo: ‘NLE’ tattoo on his throat.

Meaning: ‘NLE’ refers to NLE Choppas’ label name ‘No Love Entertainment’. In an interview, he said,

My favorite tattoo, I guess it’s probably this one. ‘Cause I pretty much, like– I just got this one. This my new one. NLE stands for No Love Entertainment. It’s my brand, my label. It took, like, an hour and thirty, probably. Two hours. Because it was mostly shading, instead of just like him drawing it. It was like a shading process. We looked through a lot of fonts before I picked the one. I wanted something bold, something to just stick out. You know, you see it clear. You know, it ain’t no cursive or nothing. N L E stands for No Love Entertainment. It’s my brand, my label, whatever you wanna call it.”

7. ‘LLG’ Tattoo

NLE Choppa-LLG-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘LLG’ tattoo behind his right ear.

Meaning: ‘LLG’ refers to ‘Long Live General’.

8. Portrait Tattoo

Portrait Tattoo-NLE-Choppa

Meaning: NLE Choppa got the tattoo of his own portrait with the words ‘NLE’ inked on his right arm.

9. ‘Gates of Heaven’ tattoo on his right arm

Gates of Heaven-Tattoo-NLE Choppa

10. Angel Tattoo

Angel Tattoo-NLE-Choppa

Tattoo: ‘Angel’ tattoo behind his right ear.

Meaning: Angel tattoo symbolizes divine blessings, spiritual connection, guidance, protection, and faith.

11. ‘4:44’ Tattoo


Tattoo: ‘4:44’ tattoo on his right forearm.

Meaning: The angel number ‘4:44’ refers to a higher purpose, divine blessings, knowledge, wisdom, intuition, and powers. In an interview, he said,

I got Angel numbers right here. 4:44. You serving a purpose, you know what I’m saying? And ain’t no way you can miss them. Like, if you keep seeing a certain number, like 11:11 or 3:33. My angels watch over me every day. Make sure I’m on the right path. I might be a angel.”

12. ‘Portrait of Grandfather’ Tattoo

Portrait of Grandfather-Tattoo-NLE-Choppa

Tattoo: ‘Portrait of Grandfather’ tattoo on his right pec.

Meaning: In an interview, he said,

I got my grandpa. He’s no longer with us, though. Rest in peace, Gramps”

13. ‘Portrait of Father’ Tattoo

Portrait of Father-Tattoo-NLE-Choppa

Tattoo: ‘Portrait of Father’ tattoo on his right pec.

Meaning: In an interview in 2020, he said,

I got my dad right here. He’s still with us. That nigga just walked past.”

14. ‘Portrait of Brother’ Tattoo

Portrait of Brother-Tattoo-NLE-choppa

Tattoo: ‘Portrait of Brother’ tattoo on his left pec.

Meaning: He got the tattoo of his brother who lives in Memphis. He said,

Then I got my brother. He’s back in Memphis.”

15. ‘Portrait of Mother’ Tattoo

Portrait of Mother-Tattoo-NLE-Choppa

Tattoo: ‘Portrait of Mother’ tattoo on his left pec.

Meaning: NLE is very close to his mother. In an interview, he said,

Then I got my mama again. She loves this one right here. mama loves this tat.”

16. Broken Heart Tattoo

Broken Heart-Tattoo-NLE-Choppa

Tattoo: ‘Broken Heart’ tattoo on his left pec.

Meaning: A broken heart tattoo symbolizes sufferings, endings, pain, betrayal, separation, and emotional loss. In an interview, he said,

I got the broken heart right here. It signifies like, you’re going through stuff, but you’re still growing and making. It signifies being hurt but using your hurt as a motivation. Still getting stuff– still getting through stuff, you know.”

17. Makaveli Cross Tattoo

Makaveli Cross-Tattoo-NLE Choppa

Tattoo: ‘Makaveli Cross’ tattoo below his chest.

Meaning: NLE got the tattoo of a Makaveli cross which Tupac Shakur had.

18. Bob Marley Tattoo

Bob Marley Portrait-NLE-Choppa

Tattoo: ‘Bob Marley’ tattoo on his left torso.

Meaning: Bob Marley was one of the most famous Jamaican singers and songwriters. In an interview, he said,

And then right here, I got Bob Marley, a real Rasta man. I got him smoking, as peacefully as possible. Look at him. He’s just peaceful. Saying like, rest in peace, Bob.”

19. ‘Al Pacino’ Tattoo

Portrait tattoo-NLE Choppa

Tattoo: ‘Al Pacino’ tattoo on his right shoulder.

Meaning: Al Pacino is one of the most famous and versatile American actors who had won several awards for his outstanding performances as an actor. In an interview, he said,

 I got Al Pacino right here. Scarface. That’s one of my favorite gangster movies.”

20. ‘WORLD IS YOURS’ tattoo on his right torso

WORLD IS YOURS-tattoo-NLE Choppa

21. ‘la familia’ tattoo on his chest

La Familia-Tattoo-NLE Choppa

Meaning: ‘la familia’ is a Spanish word that means ‘the family’ in English.

22. Tattoo behind his right ear

right ear tattoo NLE Choppa

23. ‘NLE’ tattoo behind his back


24. Heart Tattoo

Tiny Heart-Tattoo-NLE Choppa

Tattoo: ‘Heart’ tattoo behind his back.

Meaning: A heart tattoo symbolizes emotions, feelings, passion, dedication, and true love.

25. ‘Clover Brylie Potts 6/20/20’ Tattoo

NLE Choppa-Daughter-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Clover Brylie Potts 6/20/20’ tattoo on the nape of his neck.

Meaning: Clover Brylie Potts is the name of NLE Choppa’s daughter who was born on June 20, 2020.

26. Cherub Tattoo

Cherub-Tattoo-NLE Choppa

Tattoo: ‘Cherub’ tattoo on his right forearm.

Meaning: Cherub tattoo symbolizes protection, glory, blessings, purity, divine connection, and spiritual awakening.

27. ‘NO LOVE’ tattoo on his right forearm

NO LOVE-NLE-Choppa-Tattoo

28. Tattoo on his right hand

Hand Tattoo-NLE-Choppa

29. Tattoo on his right arm

NLE Choppa-Arm-Tat

30. ‘Portraits’ tattoo on his right leg

Leg Tattoo NLE Choppa

31. Tattoo on his right leg

NLE Tattoo-Leg

32. ‘2002’ Tattoo

2002-NLE Choppa-Birthdate-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘2002’ tattoo on his calf muscles.

Meaning: ‘2002’ refers to the birth year of NLE Choppa as he was born on November 1, 2002.

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