Zoe Kravitz’s 55 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa bonnet, Zoe Kravitz, star of big little lies has an incredible path becoming an actress, singer, and model. She is the achingly cool human with a natural style which nobody can resist. From her fashions shows to her tattoos, she always presents herself in stunning looks. She has embedded many tiny tattoos on her skin, each of which has a specific meaning. Let’s understand the meaning behind her inks.

Zoe Kravitz

1. Initials RA on her Right wrist


Tattoo: RA

Meaning: Zoe has inked the alphabets R and A on her right wrist. These are the initials of her two grandmother’s name-Roxie Roker and Arlene Litman.

2. Snake on her Left Forearm

Zoe Kravitz Snake tattoo

Tattoo: Snake

Meaning: Zoe has a snake inked on her left forearm. The snake has white spots all around its body and is coiled. Celebrity Tattoo Artist, Dr. Woo has inked the tattoo. “New Lil friend🐍 for my bud Zoe Kravitz,” Woo, captioned the picture.

3. Two Leaves on the Back of Each Hand


Tattoo: Leaves

Meaning: Zoe has inked a leaf on the backside of her each hand. Leaf are tiny and are tattoed just for a decorative means. After she got the new leaf tattoos on the backs of her hands last month, Dr. Woo posted a photo of the tats to his Instagram account, captioning the shot, “Having [leaf emoji] superpower for the homegirl, Zoe.”

4. ‘Free At Last’ on her Left Forearm

Zoe Kravitz Free at last tattoo

Tattoo: Free At Last

Meaning: Zoe got her left forearm inked with the phrase Free At Last in cursive handwriting. This is the matching tattoo with her dad, Lenny Kravitz. Tattoo artist, Harris has inked this tattoo on both dad-daughter duos.

5. Star on her middle finger of Left Hand

Zoe Kravitz Star tattoo

6. Flying Eagle on a Right Forearm


Tattoo: Flying Eagle

Meaning: Zoe has inked the back of her right forearm with flying eagle with circles. This tattoo is inked by Tattoo Artist, Dr. Woo on February 2015.

7. Arrows on her both Feet

Zoe kravitz arrow tattoo

zoe kravitz arrow s tattoo

Meaning: Zoe Kravitz has inked Arrows on the inner side of both feet. The arrow on the right foot is heading towards the south (S), and the other one is towards the north (N).

8. An arrow on her Right Forearm

Zoe Kravitz Arrow tattoo

9. Mississippi  *@!!?*@!” on her Right Upper Arm

Zoe Kravitz Mississippi tattoo

Tattoo: MISSISSIPPI  *@!!?*@!”

Meaning: Zoe has inked the word MISSISSIPPI with Keyboard signs below it. This tattoo is tribute for, jazz legend Nina Simone‘s song, “Mississippi Goddamn,” which was released in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement and speaks about racial struggles. The song was released during the African-American civil rights movement in 1964 and speaks about the struggles that black people faced while dealing with racism and fighting for it. She explained in her song that how she is sick of waiting for slow change.  Zoe is a big fan of Nina Simone and in an interview said, “II always fall asleep by listening to her songs.”

10. Anchor on her Left Bicep

Zoe Kravitz anchor tattoo

Tattoo: Anchor

Meaning: Zoe has inked an anchor on her inner side of the left upper arm. The tattoo is a simple outline of the anchor made up of thin lines. Tattoo artist, Dr. Woo has inked this tattoo.

11. Feather on her Left Forearm

Zoe Kravitz Feather tattoo

Tattoo: Feather

Meaning: Zoe has inked a decorative feather in her left Forearm. The tattoo is in black shades and looks beautiful on her arm.

12. A Big Eye on her Left Forearm

Zoe Kravitz Eye tattoo

Tattoo:  Protective Eye

Meaning: Zoe has inked a big protective eye on her inner side of the left forearm just below the elbow. She converted her old circle tattoo into an eye which tends to protect her from the bad world. The tattoo has featured elaborated lashes and a decorated iris. Light rays or good energy is also shooting out of the eyeball. Dr. Woo has transformed this older tattoo, circle, into a protective eyeball.

13. Cross sign with dots on Right Palm

Zoe Kravitz hand tattoo

Tattoo: A tiny cross with dots on either side

Meaning: Zoe Kravitz has inked her right palm with a miniature cross with two dots on either side. It depicts her believe in Christianity.

14. Date “5.26.64” on the Back of her Right Hand

zoe kravitz date tattoo

Tattoo: “5.26.64.”

Meaning: Zoe has inked the date 5.26.64 on the backside of her right hand. This is the birthdate of her dad Lenny Kravitz, May 26, 1964.

15.  Three Tiny Dots on her Right Elbow

Zoe Kravitz tiny dots on elbow tattoo

Tattoo: Three Dots

Meaning: Zoe has inked a little tattoo of 3 dots in a triangular manner on her Right Elbow. The three dots in a triangular way holds a very significant Christianity, a symbol of the holy trinity.

16. Lola on her Left Wrist


Tattoo: Lola

Meaning: Zoe Kravitz has inked, Lola, on her front side of the left wrist. This is the name of her sister, Lola Iolani Momoa. Her sister and brother (wolf) are also the inspiration of her band name, Lola Wolf.

17. Wolf on the Left Wrist

Zoe Kravitz Wolf tattoo

Tattoo: Wolf

Meaning: Zoe has inked the wolf on his backside of the left wrist. This is the name of his brother, Nakoa Wolf. Together with the names of her sister, Lola, and brother, wolf, it makes her band name, Lolawolf.

18. Handprints on her Right Forearm

Zoe Kravitz hamsa tattoo

Tattoo: Handprints with tiny designs

Meaning: Zoe has little handprints inked on her Right forearm. These are the traditional hamsa prints used for protection from the bad evils and birds. Some dots or design are added around the tattoo to make it more decorative.

19. Sweet kid on her Right Forearm

Zoe_Kravitz sweet kid tattoo


Meaning: Zoe has a SWEET KID inked on her right forearms. This was her childhood name. The celebrity tattooist, Dr. Woo ink this tattoo.

20. Chevron Designs on her Both Wrist

Zoe Kravitz chevron design tattoo

Tattoo: Wrist charms- chevron design

Meaning: Zoe has inked a chevron design on her both wrist. They are the decorative pieces she has on the back of both wrists. The design includes dots, plus signs and asterisks. This tattoo is inked by the Tattoo artist, Talia Migliaccio in 2015.

21. Initials “AY” on Right Elbow

Zoe Kravitz AY tattoozoe-kravitz-ay-arm-tattoo

Tattoo: AY

Meaning: Zoe has initials AY inscribed on her right elbow. The meaning behind this tattoo is not known yet. The Alphabets are also decorated with dots on both sides.

22. An ampersand (&) behind the Right ear

Zoe Kravitz & tattoo

Zoe has an ampersand sign “&” inked on the back side of right ear.

23. Cross on her Left Upper Arm

Zoe has inscribed the tiny cross on her left upper arm. This shows her religious belief in Christianity.

24. Palm tree with BAHAMAS on Right Forearm

Zoe kravitz palm tree tattoo

Tattoo: Palm tree with BAHAMAS

Meaning: Zoe has inked the palm tree on her right forearm. The name of the place BAHAMAS is also along its side in a vertical manner. This is the hometown of her grandmother.

25. Decorative stars on both forearm

Zoe Kravitz Decorative stars tattoo

Tattoo: Decorative asterisks

Meaning: Zoe has inked her both forearms with some decorative asterisks gives a beautiful look to her forearm and other tattoos.

26. Mermaid on Left Forearm

Zoe Kravitz mermaid tattoo

Tattoo: Mermaid

Meaning: Zoe has inked a mermaid on her left forearm. The tattoo is tiny, and the mermaid is shown topless.

27. LOLA WOLF on her Finger Tips

Zoe Kravitz Lolawolf tattoo


Meaning: Zoe has inked each alphabet of her band name LolaWolf, on her fingertips. The celebrity tattoo artist, Dr. Woo has inked this tattoo. Her band name is inspired by the names of her sister, Lola Iolani Momoa, and brother, Nakoa Wolf.

28. Three dots on both of her wrist

Zoe Kravitz 3 dots tattoo

Tattoo: Three dots in a triangular manner

Meaning: Zoe has inked three dots tattoo in a triangular manner on her wrist and many other parts. The three dots has a wide acceptance in Christianity which represents the symbol for holy trinity.

29. Writing “être Toujours ivre” on her Right Forearm

Zoe kravitz forearm script

Tattoo: “être Toujours ivre”

Meaning: Zoe has inked a french quote, “être Toujours ivre” on her right forearm in a quite scattered manner. It comes from a line of poetry from Charles Baudelaire, which translates to “always be drunk.”

30. OM on the Back of Her Right Hand

Zoe kravitz om tattoo

Tattoo: Om

Meaning: Zoe has inked OM on her Right forearm. The tattoo is inked in the Sanskrit language. Om is a representation of peace and serenity and is derived from Hinduism and Buddhism.

31. Hamsa Hands on Left Forearm

Meaning: Zoe has inscribed a hamsa on her left forearm. The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. In all faith,s it is a protective sign. It brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

32. Numeral 420 on Left Forearm

Zoe has tattooed the numeral 420 on her left forearm. The tattoo is inked in green color.

33. Radio on Right Forearm

Zoe Kravitz cassette tattoo

Tattoo: Radio or a cassette

Meaning: Zoe has inked a Radio or cassette on her Right Forearm. It represents her music love and career in music.

34. Traditional American headdress On right Upper Arm

Zoe Kravitz native headdress tattoo

Tattoo: War Bonnet or Native American Headdress

Meaning: Zoe has inked a traditional headdress of America on the inner side of the right upper arm. War bonnets are feathered headgear traditionally worn by male leaders of the American Plains Indians Nations who have earned a place of great respect in their tribe.

35. Yes between two Swallows on her Neck

Zoe Kravitz Yes with two swallows tattoo

Tattoo: YES between two swallows

Meaning: Zoe has inked the word Yes between two flying swallows. The tattoo is inked on the back of her neck.

36. Crescent moon with a star on her Right Upper Arm

Zoe Kravitz crescent moon with star tattoo

Tattoo: Crescent moon with a star

Meaning: Zoe has inked the crescent moon with a star in between its concave side. This tattoo has inked inside of her right upper arm.

37. Square on the little finger of Right Hand

Zoe Kravitz square tattoo

Tattoo: Square or Leaf like Design

Meaning: Zoe has inked her little finger of the right hand with a square or a leaf-like design.

38. Writing on her right rib cage

Zoe Kravitz writing on rib

Zoe has some writing inked on her rib cage on the right side.

39. Flocks of Flying Birds near her Right Shoulder

Zoe Kravitz flocks of birds tattoozoe kravitz birds tattoo

Tattoo: Flock of birds

Meaning: Zoe has a flock of flying birds inked on her right shoulder. The tattoo has tiny flying birds inked on her skin.

40. Triangle surrounded by dots on Right Forearm

Zoe Kravitz triangle tattoo

Tattoo: Triangle surrounded by six dots

Meaning: Zoe has triangle inked on her right forearm. There are two dots at every side of the triangle

41. Crescent Moon with dots on knuckles


Tattoo: Crescent moon with dots

Meaning: Zoe has tattooed her middle fingers of both hands with a crescent moon. There is a line of dots passing through its middle.

42. Skull with Cross bone on Left Calf

Zoe Kravitz has inked skull with crossbones inked on her calf of the left leg.

43. “Chica Bandito” On Right Calf

zoe kravitz chica bonita tattoo

Tattoo: “Chica Bandito”

Meaning: Zoe has writing inked on her right leg’s calf, Chica Bandito. This is a Spanish term which means, “Beautiful girl.”

44. Tiny Red heart on right middle finger


Zoe has tiny red heart inked on the inside of her right middle finger.

45. Arrows on the inner side of ring fingers on both Hands

Tattoo: Zoe has arrows inked on the inner side of her both ring fingers. Both the arrows are in the opposite direction to each other.

46. Skull and cross bone on her left ankle

Zoe Kravitz Skull tattoo zoe kravitz crossbones ankle tattoo compressed 1

47. Arabic script on her Left shoulder (Covered)

Zoe kravitz arabic script tattoo

Tattoo: Arabic writing

Meaning: Zoe has writing in the Arabic language inked on her scapula. It means, let love rule, though the tattoo has now been removed and covered under a newer one.

48. Crown on a knuckle of Right Hand

Zoe Kravitz crown tattoo

Tattoo: Crown

Meaning: Zoe has an outline of a crown inked on her knuckle of the right hand.

49. Heart on her Wrist with two dots

Zoe Kravitz heart tattoo

Tattoo: Zoe has inked a small heart with umlauts over it. It was the first tattoo of her that she got when she was 18 years old. She added two dots on it as she had on ‘ë’ in her name’s spelling. She said in an interview that it reminds her to love herself

50. 5 and a Cross on Right Wrist

Zoe Kravitz 5 nad cross on wrist tattoo

51. Mama on her Right Elbow

Zoe kravitz mama tattoo

Tattoo: Mama

Meaning: Zoe has inked mama on her right elbow. The tattoo is in cursive handwriting with a heart outline above it. It is tattooed in honor of her mother, Lisa Bonet.

52. Baby on her Neck

Zoe kravitz baby tattoo

Tattoo: Baby

Meaning: Zoe has inked the word Baby on the right side of her neck. Dr. Woo, the celebrity Tattoo artist, has inked this tattoo on her and in his, Instagram posted the picture with the caption.”Healed “baby” and dragonfly coverup on the homegirl ” The post includes another tattoo discussed below.

53. Dragonfly on her Left shoulder

Zoe kravitz dragon fly tattoo

Tattoo: Dragonfly

Meaning: Zoe has covered her older Arabic tattoo which she got around 2014-15, which says, let love rule, with a new dragonfly tattoo. Some of her fans pointed out that although she meant for the Arabic script to say “let love rule,” it was grammatically incorrect. So, she got a laser removal for this script and added a new tattoo to cover up the residuals. DR woo has inked this tattoo with the previous one, that is, baby, and added a caption that “dragonfly coverup on the homegirl.”

54. ‘Up’ on her Left Thumb

Zoe kravitz up tattoo

55. Group of Dots on Left Thumb

Zoe Kravitz group of dots tattoo


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