Ilya Prusikin’s 14 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Ilya “Ilich” Prusikin is a Russian singer, songwriter, vlogger, screenwriter, record producer, and psychologist. He is most famous as the frontman and founder of the band, Little Big.

Ilya Prusikin

Ilya has many amazing tattoos on his body, most of which include bears. Let us take a look at his tattoos and the meanings behind them.

1. Words Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin words tattoo

Tattoo: The upper part of his chest has the words, “Непобедимая сила духа” tattooed on it, along his collar bones.

Meaning: The words tattooed on his chest are in Russian which mean, “Invincible Fortitude”

2. Bear Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin bear tattoo

Tattoo: The middle of the singer’s chest has a tattoo of the face of a growling bear on it. The letters, “L.B.” are tattooed on the right side of the bear and the number, “.13” is tattooed on its left side.

Meaning: The tattoo of the letters around the bear represents the name of Ilya’s band, “Little Big” and the year when it was formed, 2013. The bear tattoo is a part of his personality and there are lots of bears tattooed on his body.

3. ‘1985’ Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin 1985 tattoo

Tattoo: The number, “1985” is tattooed across Ilya’s stomach. The words, “PUMP IT” are also tattooed on his stomach, on his waistline.

Meaning: The tattoo of the number on his belly represents his year of birth. Ilya was born on 8 April 1985.  Pump it is the name of one of his band, Little Big’s songs.

4. ‘Skull’ Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin skull tattoo

Tattoo: The left upper arm of the singer has a skull tattooed on it.

Meaning: The skull on his arm is the skull of a bear. Ilya showed the tattoo on his Instagram along with the caption, “Моя новая тату! Угадайте череп какого животного набит на моей бицухе?)”, asking his fans to guess the tattoo. The caption translates to, “My new tattoo! Guess which animal’s skull is stuffed on my bituha?)

5. ‘Little Big’ Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin little big tattoo

Tattoo: The words, “Little Big” are also tattooed on Ilya’s left bicep.

Meaning: The words represent the name of Ilya’s band, Little Big.

6. Claws Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin claw tattoo

Tattoo: Both the shoulders of the singer have large claw marks tattooed on them.

Meaning: The claws on his shoulders are also bear claws and go with the bear tattoos on the rest of his body.

7. Berlin Bear Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin berlin bear tattoo

Tattoo: The right upper arm of the singer has another bear tattooed on it.

Meaning: The tattoo of the different bears on his bodies are the symbol of strength. The Eurasian Brown Bear is also the national animal of Russia.  He uploaded the tattoo on his Instagram along with the caption, explaining his tattoo that read, “My new tattoo! The Little Big – Big dick video took first place in the Most Trashy nomination at the Berlin Music Video Awards, and the Little Big – Give Me Your Money video took third place in the Best Performer nomination! In honor of this, I made a new tattoo on his arm – a Berlin bear with a skull on his penis)))! Best of all, the tattoo artist’s name is Dick @dick_verdammt) So Dick made me a bear with a wild tattoo in honor of the big dick victory) #littlebig #blackfisktattoo”

8. ‘Evil Bear’ Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin evil bear tattoo

Tattoo: Ilya’s back also has the face of a cartoon bear tattooed on it that he calls an Evil Bear.

Meaning: Ilya posted the tattoo on his Instagram with the caption, “My new tattoo- Evil Bear! Набил себе на спине в студии @bckstgspb огромного, злого медведя! Как вам? Ph by @alina_pasok #littlebig” that translates to, “My new tattoo- Evil Bear! Stuffed a huge, angry bear on my back in @bckstgspb’s studio! How do you like it? Ph by @alina_pasok #littlebig”

9. Symbol Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin symbol tattoo

Tattoo: The side of his right forearm has a symbol tattooed on it.

Meaning: The symbol on his arm is made up of the letters, “I and P” and represents his name, Ilya Prusikin.

10. ‘Kind and Hard’ Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin kind hard tattoo

Tattoo: The inside of his right forearm has a tattoo of a calm bear’s face on it with the words, “KIND INSIDE” tattooed below it. The inside of his left forearm has a tattoo of a growling bear, with the words, “HARD OUTSIDE” tattooed below it.

Meaning: The tattoos of the bear’s faces show emotions that go well with the words tattooed below them and represent the singer’s personality.

11. Writing Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin writing tattoo Ilya Prusikin writing tattoo2

Tattoo: The inside of both of Ilya’s wrists also have paragraphs tattooed on them.

12. Thigh Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin thigh tattoo

Tattoo: The right thigh of the singer has another tattoo of a bear on it. The bear is seen in the natural habitat, standing on a riverbank.

13. ‘Happy and Angry Bear’ Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin happy angry bear tattoo

Tattoo: Ilya’s knees also have bear tattoos on them. His right knee has a tattoo of the face of a happy cartoon bear on it and his left one has the face of an angry cartoon bear.

14. Foot Tattoo

Ilya Prusikin shit tattoo

Tattoo: Ilya posted this tattoo on his Instagram and it shows one of his feet with a tattoo of the shit emoji tattooed on the heel.

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