10 Best Piercing Shops in Houston

Body piercing is a beautiful form of body modification procedure that must be performed by only an experienced, well-trained, and well-talented body piercer by keeping in view the proper hygiene and safety of the customers. For this, it is always recommended to visit only a well-known and famous body piercing shops to avail yourself of the services in their comforting environment. There is an endless list of best piercing shops all over the world, but if we talk about Houston, there are only a few best piercing shops that offer the ultimate quality of body modification services to the customers at affordable prices. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best piercing shops in Houston. Let’s scroll further to know the details.Piercing in Houston

1. Biolab Piercing Studio

Biolab Piercing Studio

“Biolab Piercing Studio” has been providing the best quality piercing services to people for more than 20 years. More than 500 people have given 5 star Google rating to this shop for their exceptional results. All the equipment used by the piercing producers is of world-class quality that is used by several piercing artists at this studio. Various types of piercings like nose piercing, tongue piercing, ear lobe piercing, septum piercing, navel piercing, lip piercing, genital piercing, and many more are performed at this shop. Along with the piercing services, they also provide pieces of quality jewelry that can be bought at reasonable prices. Occasionally, the shop also gives a wide variety of offers that can be availed to get the best deals. After the piercing procedure, a detailed protocol of after-care services and guidelines are also provided to the clients for their best experiences and safety. This shop doesn’t provide piercing services to children below the age of 13, not even in the presence of a guardian or parent. Several times, this studio has been awarded various prestigious awards like Best Body Piercing Studio Houston, Business Hall of Fame, etc. To know more details, you can go through the link of the website and various social media accounts mentioned below.

Address: 12535 Jones Rd, Houston, TX 77070, United States

Website: www.biolabpiercing.com

Phone Number: +1 281-894-2227

Instagram: Biolab Piercing Studio

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

2. 713 Tattoo Parlour

713 tattoo parlour

“713 Tattoo Parlour” was established in 2002 and since then it has been providing the best quality tattoo and piercing services not only from Texas but in several other parts of America. The shop is affiliated with the Association of Professional Piercers and has a group of well-trained, certified, and experienced body piercers. They also provide the highest quality jewelry pieces of the top brands at reasonable rates. The shop has won several awards and certifications for its outstanding and quality services, like Top-Rated Tattoo and Piercing Facebook Award 2015, etc. Several piercings like nose piercing, helix piercing, tongue piercing, earlobe piercing, navel piercing, industrial piercing, genital piercing, and many more. Apart from tattooing and piercing, the studio also offers permanent makeup and lashes services. The piercing services at this shop are provided on a walk-in basis only. To know more details regarding this shop, you can go through the link of the website and various social media accounts mentioned below.

Address: 1533 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006, United States

Website: www.713tattoo.com

Phone Number: +1 713-533-1239

Instagram: 713 Tattoo Parlour

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

3. Electric Chair Tattoo & Piercing

Electric Chair Tattoo and Piercing

This tattoo and piercing shop was established in January 1999 with the aim of providing the cleanest, safest, and highest quality tattoo and piercing services to customers. The shop is certified by the Texas Department of Health & Human Services and all the types of equipment used at this place are fully sterilized and cleaned before beginning the process. Several tattoos and piercing artists working at this place are certified, well experienced, and trained to provide the best services to the clients. People not only from Houston but from several parts of America travel to this place to avail their services. “Electric Chair Tattoo & Piercing” shop has won several awards for their amazing services. Some of these awards include Best Tattoo Studio 2019, Best of Houston, best Piercing Studio, etc. The services of piercing are provided to people aged 18 and above but in the case of minors, a proper identification document is required along with the documents of a parent or guardian. Several types of piercings like helix piercing, industrial piercing, earlobe piercing, tragus piercing, navel piercing, nostril piercing, lip piercing, septum piercing, nipple piercing, genital piercing, rook piercing, etc. are provided here. One of the most amazing qualities about this studio is that it offers a huge variety of aftercare services to the customers to ensure that they are successful in providing the best quality services in the industry. People from far off places travel here to get the amazing services done from them.

Address: 8722 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77063, United States

Website: www.electricchair.cc

Phone Number: +1 713-780-3500

Facebook: Electric Chair Tattoo – Houston, Texas

Location on Google Maps:

4. Golden King Tattoo and Piercing

Golden King Tattoo and Piercing

“Golden King Tattoo and Piercing” shop in Houston has a team of certified and well-trained tattoo artists and body piercers who have been working at this place for a long time and providing the best quality body modification services to the customers. The shop also has a wide variety of body jewelry and practices the highest level 0f sterilization for the safety of the customers. The team of experts working at this place focuses to provide the ultimate quality of services in the safest environment to the customers. For clients below the age of 18, the shop follows strict guidelines and protocols. Such guidelines include piercing with the consent of the parent or guardian with proper identification proof. Several types of piercings like earlobe piercing, septum piercing, nostril piercing, navel piercing, conch piercing, lip piercing, etc. are all performed under the guidelines of certified artists. The shop is fully licensed with experienced artists and holds a good standing with the health department. People have recommended this shop for the amazing staff and world-class services for the customers.

Address: 5930 Hwy 6 N Suite A3, Houston, TX 77084, United States

Website: www.goldenkingtattoo.net

Instagram: Golden King Tattoo And Gallery

Facebook: Golden King Tattoo And Gallery

Phone Number: +1 281-463-3302

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

5. Artistic Impressions Tattoo Studio

Artistic Impression Tattoo and Piercing

At Artistic Impressions, our piercers only use single-use, hollow point needles. We do not use piercing guns, which are commonly used by boutique stores and kiosks that offer ear piercing services. Most piercings are done with a 14 or 16 gauge needle. We have a piercer available 7 days a week, open to close at the Katy location. Appointments are not necessary for piercings.”

At “Artistic Impressions Tattoo Studio,” the best quality body modification procedures like tattooing and piercing are performed by a team of certified and well-experienced artists. All the artists working at this place have years of experience and focus to provide the best quality of services to the customers. All the piercing procedures are performed at different ranges according to the taste, preference, and budget of the customers. Different types of piercings like earlobe piercing, nose piercing, nostril piercing, tongue piercing, tragus piercing, industrial piercing, rook piercing, septum piercing, conch piercing, genital piercing, and many more are all performed here. Apart from this, the studio also offers a wide range of different metal jewelry pieces and ornaments at different ranges as per the demand of the customers. Certain guidelines have to follow in the case of clients below the age of 18. Also, the shop provides proper guidelines regarding the after-use of the piercing to ensure the safety of the customers.

Address: 20633 Katy Fwy ste b, Katy, TX 77450, United States

Website: www.artisticimpressionstattoo.com

Phone Number: +1 281-599-1349

Instagram: Artistic Impressions Tattoo

Facebook: Artistic Impressions Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery

Location on Google Maps:

6. Houston Heights Tattoo & Piercing Shop

Houton Heights Tattoo and Piercing

This piercing shop in Houston was established with the basic aim of providing the highest quality of body modification services; tattooing and piercing to the customers at the most reasonable rates in the safest environment. For their excellent services, people from far-off places travel to Houston to get themselves tattooed and pierced by the expert team of body modification artists working at this place. The shop also provides a wide range of body jewelry in different metals to customers at affordable prices. Several forms of piercings like earlobe piercing, helix piercing, nipple piercing, belly piercing, dermal piercing, conch piercing, rook piercing, tongue piercing, eyebrow piercing, lip piercing, and many more are all performed at this place. All different types of piercings are provided at different rates. The same is the case with tattoos, where all the tattoos are performed at different rates as per the budget of the customers. The shop also offers various exclusive schemes to attract customers.

Address: 101 W 14th St, Houston, TX 77008, United States

Phone Number: +1 713-239-0527

Instagram: Houston Heights Tattoo

Facebook: Houston Heights Tattoo

Yelp: Houston Heights Tattoo

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

7. Inkfamous Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Inkfamous tattoo piercing

At Inkfamous Tattoo Studios, we strive to provide a positive experience to meet the individual needs of our clients. Every experience should remain unique and personal. We understand that the desires of our clients evolve and each individual is different. We take pride in presenting to you an establishment that offers talented Tattoo Artists, Barbers, and Body Piercers to accommodate each and every client’s needs and interests. We believe in showcasing good vibes and positive attitudes; while also providing our clients with a clean and inviting atmosphere. To schedule an appointment or get a price quote on a tattoo idea, you must come into the studio for an in person consult. Please bring picture references. We do not consult over email or phone. We truly believe by having a one on one experience, the artist will have a better understanding and clarification on the specifics of the client’s desires and needs. We want for the client to have a unique piece of artwork that will last a lifetime of admiration. All appointments require a non-refundable deposit. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance or your deposit is forfeited.”

“Inkfamous Tattoo & Piercing Studio” was established in 2018 at three different locations for the purpose of providing the highest quality of tattooing, piercing, tooth gems, and barber services to the people of America. All the shops are located at three different locations and are operated by a team of well-trained and certified body modification artists who all work together with the common aim of proving the best quality body modification services to the customers at reasonable prices. All the services are provided by considering the safety and hygiene levels of the customers and all the doubts and queries are answered respectfully to let the customers have a clear vision. All three shops comply with the Texas Department of State Health Services and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The various types of equipment used at these shops are fully sanitized and sterilized considering the health and safety of the customers.

Address (location 1): 12288 Westheimer Rd Suite 405, Houston, TX 77077, United States

(location 2): Inkfamous Tattoo & Piercing Studio is a private 2nd-floor studio located on Westheimer Rd, with easy access from Beltway 8 and within 10 minutes of The Galleria.

(location 3): is located on Grant Rd in Cypress, Texas, with easy access from 249.

Phone Number: +1 832-288-2008


Inkfamous Tattoo Cypress

Inkfamous Tattoo & Piercing

Facebook: Inkfamous Tattoo & Barber Company

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps (location 1):

8. Venetian Tattoo & Piercing Shop

venetian tattoo and piercing

From your 20th face piercing to your first batch of ink, our experts will make sure you walk away with a finished product you’ll fall in love with and crave for even more.”

“Venetian Tattoo & Piercing Shop” has two locations where a team of well-experienced artists works with the aim of providing the ultimate quality of tattooing and piercing services to the customers. Several piercings like earlobe piercing, nose piercing, helix piercing, rook piercing, industrial piercing, cheek piercing, lip piercing, navel piercing, and many more are performed at this shop by considering the latest trends and choices of the customers. The shop has the safest and cleanest environment and all the various types of equipment and workstations are properly cleaned to ensure the maximum safety of the customers. All the artist working at this place has several years of experience and have traveled to different locations to learn the art of tattooing and piercing. The shop also offers a wide range of body pieces of jewelry of real gold and diamond at the most reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction is the main priority of this shop. In case of any dissatisfaction with pieces of jewelry, the shop offers deals of replacements as per certain terms and conditions. Not only this but the shop also gives several after-care services for the satisfaction of the customers.

Address (location 1): 2006 Fry Rd, Houston, TX 77084, United States

(location 2): 6172 Barker Cypress Rd Ste. 300, Houston, TX 77084, United States

Phone Number: +1 281-676-4474

Instagram: Tattoo and Piercing shop

Venetian Tattoo & Piercing 2

Facebook: Venetian Tattoo & Piercing

Location on Google Maps:

9. Gypsy Rose Studio

gypsy rose tattoo and piercing

Our piercers have a kind and gentle bedside manner to put you at ease. We use sterile, single-use, surgically sharp needles. We take our time to get your piercing just how you want it, yet our prices are very competitive. We are the best shop to take your child for their ear piercing, which includes implant-grade surgical steel earrings (upgrades available). For minors: The health department has strict requirements for identification. For earlobe piercings, we only require the parent’s identification and a birth certificate to prove that it is indeed your child. For any other piercing location, including upper ear piercings, you will need to provide government-issued photo identification with both a photo and a date of birth- for both the minor and the consenting guardian. We will also need a birth certificate or other proof of guardianship- such as adoption forms. In the state of Texas, grandparents or other family members are not allowed to give consent for piercings. Only a parent or legal guardian can bring the child for a piercing. We have the absolute highest standards in sanitization and sterilization. Our staff is required to have bloodborne pathogen training and certification. All of our supplies and equipment are of the highest quality and sterilized as appropriate. Our shop is kept cleaned to hospital operating room standards and we follow strict protocols to keep our environment as sterile as possible.”

“Gypsy Rose Studio” in Houston offers amazing quality body modification procedures like tattooing and body piercing to the people of Houston at the most amazing prices and in a comforting environment. Considering the customer’s satisfaction and cleanliness is of the utmost importance for this shop as the staff working at this place is best known to create a friendly and hygienically cleaned environment. For the purpose of piercing, the staff working at this shop uses sterilized and surgical sharp needles that are used only for one time. The shop also offers piercing services to the children by considering the identification proof of the parents or a legal guardian. Several forms of body piercings like earlobe piercing, nose piercing, belly piercing, tongue piercing, eyebrow piercing, helix piercing, industrial piercing, dermal piercing, and many more are all performed at this place under the expert guidance. Many people have given 5-star ratings to the shop for its amazing body modification services at various review sites. One of the most amazing qualities of this shop is that it uses the highest quality of the various types of pieces of equipment that are required to carry out different body modification procedures and it also offers free consultation services to the customers so that they can get the complete idea and knowledge of the procedure to be followed. Apart from this, the shop follows strict guidelines and standards to keep the environment neat and clean. It also offers several protocols and guidelines that are required to be followed by the clients for the best experience.

Address: 907 El Dorado Blvd STE B, Houston, TX 77062, United States

Phone Number: +1 281-954-6077

Instagram: GypsyRoseTattooStudio

Facebook: GypsyRose Studio

Location on Google Maps:

10. Temple Garden Tattoo

Temple Garden tattoos

“Temple Garden Tattoo” shop in Houston is best known to provide great customer service regarding both tattooing and piercing procedures at reasonable prices. Several forms of body piercing procedures related to the nose, ears, belly, eyebrows, tongue, and many more are all performed at this place under the expert guidance of the body piercers. People from far-off places travel to this shop to enjoy the services of this area at the affordable prices which are provided in the most confronting environment. All services are provided considering the needs, requirements, and latest trends so that the customers can enjoy the maximum benefits of getting the body modification procedures done at this place. All the areas, workstations, and machinery are properly cleaned and sterilized forms pieces of equipment are used to reduce the fear of infections and allergies. People have rated this shop as one of the most amazing shops in Houston that provides ultimate quality body modification services to the customers.

Address: 16460 Kuykendahl Rd #193, Houston, TX 77068, United States

Phone Number: +1 832-797-1245

Instagram: Temple Gardens Tattoo

Facebook: Temple Gardens Tattoo

Yelp: Tgtinked/Temple Garden Tattoo

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

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