10 Celebrities with Eyebrow Piercing

An eyebrow piercing might be a good option for you if you’re bored with your face and want to give it a small edge. Punk movement members started wearing the piercing in the 1970s as a fashion statement drawing attention to their eyes while also adding a rebellious flare.

According to many professionals, these exterior decorations seem like a fun way to express yourself, but since they are surface piercings, they leave a permanent scar and are prone to rejection, so consider this option carefully before you visit your local parlor. In the event that you aren’t put off by the scar, the eyebrow piercing may be an excellent choice. Some might not realize that eyebrow piercings can also be shaped differently, and they can be placed in different locations.

Following is a list of celebrities with piercings on their eyebrows that are quite sharp. You can follow them for some inspiration for your own self !

  • Kirstin Maldonado

kirstin maldonado eyebrow piercing

A double eyebrow piercing with two barbells has been done on Kirstin Maldonado’s right side by the Pentatonix vocalist.

kirstin maldonado helix piercing

She also has two earlobes and two eyebrows pierced. On her right ear, Kirstin Maldonado has two cartilage piercings.

  • Keyshia Cole

keyshia cole eyebrow dermal piercing

There is a dermal anchor piercing at the tip of Keyshia Cole’s right eyebrow.

  • Tameka “Tiny” Harris

tameka tiny harris eyebrow piercing

She has a ring on her left eyelid pierced for the eyebrow of Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

  • Fergie

fergie eyebrow piercing

Fergie once wore a curved barbell in her right eyebrow, but she removed it after a few months.

  • Keke Palmer

keke palmer smiley piercing

Keke Palmer has a piercing inside her mouth called the smiley piercing, which is a barbell through her frenulum. Furthermore, she has an eyebrow piercing, two nose piercings, and her ears are also pierced.

keke palmer eyebrow piercing

Keke Palmer has a horizontal eyebrow piercing, also called a barbell, along the top of her brow.

  • Amy Lee

amy lee

Amy Lee had had an eyebrow piercing since she was a teenager, but she kept pulling it out and re-doing it, finally taking it out in 2006, and she has not had it since.

  • Olivier Dahan

Olivier Dahan

40-year-old Frenchman Olivier Dahan, who sports a beret, soul patch, and eyebrow piercing, is the quintessential garret-based painter. He admits that his assessment is not too off the mark.

  • Jonathan Davis

Jonathan davis

There is no doubt that Jonathan’s hairstyle is completely different from that of before, he has long thin dreadlocks, a goatee on top of the mustache, and he still has his eyebrow rings.

  • Dilana Robichaux


The beauty of Dilana Robichaux’s face is evident in the numerous piercings, including her eyebrows.

  • Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

A pic of Justin Bieber’s new piercing appeared on Instagram. He has changed his look somewhat, but it doesn’t come as a huge shock considering his incredible body art collection. Adding new jewels to his emerging bad boy aesthetic is very natural.

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