7 Best Piercing Studios in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is famous for several things. For ages, Delhi has always been called the historical city of India since it was the home of several rulers, kings, and dynasties. From several street shopping options and street foods to several luxurious hotels and malls, Delhi has everything. With the different diversities, people in Delhi also have several choices and fashion statements when it comes to presenting themselves on several occasions. Piercing has also become an important fashion statement not only in Delhi but in several parts of India. The concept of piercing was evident in the Indian culture for a very long. Traditionally, people love to get the piercings done to present their culture, belief, ethnicity, and customs. But today, it has now become a fashion statement. People are opting from basic earlobe piercings to extreme genital piercings as per their preferences. The basic thing that needs to be kept in mind before going for any piercing is the choice regarding the type of studio which has to be selected for this purpose. Selecting a good piercing studio with positive reviews by the customers plays an important role to ensure safety since these procedures carry a high risk of infections and allergies. In this article, we have concluded the list of some of the best piercing studios in Delhi. Let’s scroll further to know the details. Best Piercing Studios In Delhi

1. Ear & Nose Piercing Studio

Ear and Nose Piercing Studio Delhi

The ‘Ear & Nose Piercing’ studio in Delhi is considered one of the best studios providing all forms of piercing procedures at reasonable rates to the customers. Their services are designed keeping in view the health, safety, and preferences of the people and they focus to create a friendly, warm, and comfortable environment for them. They also provide tattooing services and use top-quality inks and equipment for the procedures. At this studio, before beginning the piercing procedure, a set of instructions is given to the clients which are needed to be followed to ensure safety and reduce the risk of infections. Some medical tests like checking diabetes should be done before because it can interfere in the healing process. The studio uses high-quality jewelry which is needed to be used on freshly pierced skin to avoid any form of allergies.

Address:ย G1 Aggarwal Complex A Block Market, Surajmal Vihar, Delhi, 110092

Website: www.tattootattoo.in


Phone Number: +91-9266555507

Instagram: Lazy Piercer

Location on Google Maps:

2. Tattoosphere Tattoo Studio

Tattoosphere Tattoo and Piercing Studio

“Tattoosphere Tattoo” studio is one of the most famous tattoos and piercing shops which is located in the Surajmahal of Delhi. The studio has a team of expert tattooists and piercers who all work together to achieve their common goal, to help their customers to get fully satisfied with their services. They believe in boosting the morale of the clients to avail themselves of the piercing services that will help them to define their personality artistically. With the changing trends, nose, ear, and navel piercing have always been the most common form of piercings. But at this studio, several other types of piercings like a helix, conch, earlobe, septum, dermal, tongue, tragus, anti-tragus, snug, rook, bridge, etc. are also done. You need to make a booking from them to avail of their services. They also have a wide range of jewelry at different prices.

Address: 101 Plot No 1 LSC Market, Surajmal Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110092

Website: www.tattoosphere.in

Phone Number: +91-9266555545

Instagram: Tattoosphere

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

3. Jewellery Hut

The Jewellery Hut Piercing Studio

This is one of the most amazing piercing shops located in the capital city that offers a wide range of body piercings to customers at the most affordable prices. With the best services and outstanding customer care, this shop has managed to gain popularity and positive views from customers globally. If you are looking for a budget-friendly piercing experience with trained and experienced piercers, then this place is perfect for you.

Address: 35-e, Block G, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110007

Phone Number: +91-9811170131

Instagram: Jewellery Hut

Location on Google Maps:

4. Bodycanvas Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Bodycanvas-Tattoo-and Piercing Studio

“Bodycanvas Tattoo & Piercing” studio is one of the most premium tattoos and piercing studios which is located in three places-Delhi, Mumbai, and London (as of 2021). This studio was founded by Mr. Vikas Malani who is considered one of the most famous and prestigious tattooists and body piercers globally. He has traveled to several places both nationally and internationally to learn the art and skills of doing tattoos and piercings. He has also trained a team of experts who all work together according to the satisfaction of their customers. Their services are so amazing that their artwork has been published in several newspapers and magazines like Delhi Age, The Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, and many more.

Vikas Malani-Bodycanvas

Vikas Malani (founder of Bodycanvas)

Vikas said,

What began as random scribbles and drawings evolved into a journey of self-expression filled with emotion and peace. While this 7-year long journey has been full of obstacles and emotional rollercoasters, what I enjoy the most about my work is the joyful experience my clients have. Since I like to create artwork that is customized to your requirement, I work with various styles, like Dot work, Line Art, Color Tattoo, Realistic Tattoo, Script Tattoo, etc. When you come down to my studio get ready to enjoy a peaceful and calming experience along with the machineโ€™s buzz.”

It provides several piercing options like earlobe piercing, navel piercing, tongue piercing, and many more to the clients considering the high standard of quality and hygiene.

Address:ย 13A lakeside view, Hauz Khas New Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110016

Website: www.bodycanvas.in

Phone Number: +91-9819184454

Email: [email protected]

5. Deeper Inkject Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Deeper Inkject-Tattoo Studio

“Deeper Inkject Tattoo & Piercing Studio” is one of the most popular and high in demand tattoo and piercing studios located in Delhi. This studio was established in 2010 and since then it has managed to gain thousands of followers from all over the world. They use the top-class quality of imported types of equipment to provide tattoo and piercing services to the clients. A group of experienced tattooists and piercers work together according to the requirements of the customers and they are best known for their professionalism and creative work. The staff at the studio is courteous and ready to provide any sort of assistance if required by the clients. With their excellent services and customer-based focus, they have managed to gain more than thousands of positive ratings on several review sites and are growing day by day. At this studio. all sorts of payments ranging from cash payments to online payments using UPI mode are all accepted.

Address: D158/8, CR Road, Near icici ATM, behind Laxmi Nagar Metro Station, Gate No 5, Delhi, 110092

Phone Number: +91-8802686767


Location on Google Maps:

6. Bunkerz Inks Tattoo and Piercing Studio

Bunkerz Tattoo and Piercing Studio

“Bunkerz Inks Tattoo and Piercing” studio is one of the most renowned tattoos and piercing studios located near Hauz Khas Village, Delhi, that was established in 2012. All the artists working at this place have more than a decade of experience who all work with the basic aim of customer satisfaction. Several types of piercings like tragus piercing, septum piercing, navel piercing, conch piercing, helix piercing, nose piercing, dermal piercing, nipples piercing, etc. are done here. They use the international standards of tattooing and piercing procedures to satisfy their customers.

Address: 13-A, First Floor, Lake Side, above Gypsy Cafe, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, Delhi 110016

Phone Number: +91-9990646995

Instagram: ๐๐ฎ๐ง๐ค๐ž๐ซ๐ณ ๐ˆ๐ง๐ค๐ฌ ๐“๐š๐ญ๐ญ๐จ๐จ & ๐๐ข๐ž๐ซ๐œ๐ข๐ง๐ 

Location on Google Maps:

7. KDz Tattoo Studio

KDz Tattoo and Piercing Studio-Delhi

As of 2022, “KDz Tattoo” studios are located at two locations; Delhi and Gurugram. Mr. K D Sethi is the founder and owner of this studio who opened it after having more than 4 years of experience in tattooing. He said,

KDz TATTOOs was my dream which was realized after 4 years of dedicated tattooing. The art of tattoo making came to me naturally, it was a progression from the paper-pencil sketches that I made since childhood. We have state-of-the-art tattoo studios in Rajouri Garden, New Delh, and DLF Phase 3, Block S, Gurgaon. (Newdelhi tattoo studio). (Tattoo studio in New Delhi) Top tattoo studio in Delhi, Gurgaon tattoo studio) A good tattoo artist needs to have a spark within him and Mr. Warman helped to ignite the spark in me. When you desire to get aย  tattoo, you undergo a long process of visualization, and when that is realized itโ€™s a joy that knows no bounds. I always strive to bring that one impeccable smile on clientsโ€™ faces, which speaks of their satisfaction. We at KDz offer customization of designs, you can always walk in with any concept and we would confidently shape it into reality. At KDzTATTOOs Body Studio, we take hygiene and safety very seriously. Tattoo artists work with needles and human blood. It is critical that when you are choosing a studio, that you consider the health practices of your potential artist. We never reuse ink or needles. For every client and every tattoo, we use a new sterile needle which is immediately discarded in a bio hazard-safe container after our work is finished. We sterilize all of our equipment with an autoclave, which is a machine used by hospitals, doctors, and dentists to sterilize their equipment to ensure bacteria, germ, and disease-free instruments. After the equipment is sterilized, each piece is placed in a new, clean bag, and is stored in the autoclave until the next tattoo. We always use latex gloves and we use new ink in small individual containers. We always use a disposable instrument to dispense Vaseline. We also disinfect our work surface (our tattoo table or arms stand) and then seal it with plastic before you are positioned for your tattoo. We urge you, no matter where you choose to get your tattoo, to go with a studio that has an autoclave. This is the best insurance against the spread of germs and disease. We welcome any questions about our health practices or tattoo health in general.

At this studio, several forms of piercings ranging from simple earlobe piercings to genital piercings are performed here. After every piercing procedure, detailed aftercare methods are provided to the customers to ensure their proper healing and safety.

Address: (At Delhi) J – 13/65, Major Sudesh Kumar Marg, Basement Kotak Mahindra Bank, Main Market, Next To The Gym, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Website: www.kdztattoos.com

Phone Number: +91- 9899229854 and +91-7393922222

Instagram: KD Sethi

Email: [email protected]

Location on Google Maps:

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