Randy Couture’s Tattoo & Its Meaning

Randall Duane Couture who is better known as Randy Couture is an American actor, former U.S. Army sergeant, a retired Mixed Martial Artist. He has been the former collegiate and Greco-Roman wrestler. He is the topper of seven fighters to hold two UFC championship titles in two different divisions. And when coming to tattoos this American actor cum retired Mixed Martial Artist got his first body ink at the age of 46 years. Let us find out the meaning of his unique and single most ink.


1. ‘Symbol And A Banner’ Tattoo 

Randy Couture Tattoo.jpg

Randy Couture Tattoo

Tattoo: Randy Couture got a tattoo of tribal design and a banner which surrounds the tattoo from the upper and lower portion and reads, “Ferrum Ferro Acuitur”. The tattoo is inked in dark brown color on the inner side of his left arm.

Meaning: The tattoo represents the famous design known as Fleur-de-lis where the petals of Lily are well linked together at their base, whereas Ferrum Ferro Acuitur” is a Latin phrase that stands for the phrase “iron sharpens iron.” This means that if a person surrounds himself with strong and positive persons he himself gets positively effected by the presence of these.

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