35 Amazing Earth Tattoos with Meanings

The earth is one such address where all of us reside. No matter where we live, our first aboard will be the Earth simply. The Earth is the representative of the occurrence of life, nature, and mother of all. The earth tattoo contains very special significance to the wearer and expresses his/her love for their creation which is the Earth. Earth tattoo is one of the most trending tattoos amidst people and the major logic for getting the earth tattoo inked on one’s body is one’s passion for the universe. It is the aspects of a wearer that the tattoo design shows. This is the reason one should know the cause of how profound and why the tattoo design is linked to the tattoo wearer. The Earth holds weight in all the countries and there are numerous symbols that are employed to describe the Earth.

There are a lot of applications that the Earth can hold depending upon the figure of thing which is bludgeoned with the Earth Tattoo. This tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos of the environment lovers as it best sets their area of interest. It is not only the orbicular conventional planetary symbol that is used to symbolize the earth but also emblems like Aristotelian Element Earth Symbol, Chinese Trigram Earth Symbol, Mayan Earth Symbol and Native American Earth Symbol that can be inked as the earth tattoo design. There are multiple Earth tattoo patterns that are cherished by people these days.

What man doesn’t consider himself a native of the world? Tattoos emphasizing the earth sphere are the visible illustration of a man’s place in the world. After all, are we not all a part of the world, and the world a part of us? A tattoo depicting the globe can designate that a man is a tourist, a statesman, or an arbitrator. His decision to place the image of the earth on his skin reveals his allegiance to conquering some aspect of it. Whether he’s a family man, a gifted gamer, or highly skilled at his chosen field, this man is a master of his domain and attempts to interpret it using the very skin he was born in. Some men even like to represent national pride by planting their countries of origin in the very core of globe tattoos as a depiction of how they view their homelands.

Earth tattoos are uniformly remarkable in color or black and white. Some designs represent the earth as antique maps held it to be, which is an exceptional option for men who are lovers of history. Globe tattoos are excellent dialogue pieces, as their definitions can be so diverse from person to person. In the last years, Earth tattoo designs have become very fashionable among tattoo and travel lovers. People prefer to ornament their bodies with Earth tattoos to display gratitude and bring tribute to Mother Earth but also to show their enthusiasm for travel and exploration. But an Earth tattoo has also a lot of figurative meanings. Earth is the symbol of life and the manifestation of the notion of home. It is regarded as the source of all its living beings and lifeless things.

In mythology, the Earth is a primordial component, of the genesis and human creation, of wealth and fertility. In many myths, Earth is displayed as the pair of the sky, between which is established a peaceful relationship, an eternal love. Earth is a symbol of security, reliance, and security. Ancient civilizations worshiped the Earth and the kinship with it. Nowadays, due to the modern lifestyle, man has become a foreigner to the Earth that gives life and nourishes.

It is important for us to take the drive from Earth and to venerate what we get from it and what a more salutary way than by an Earth tattoo?!

  • Black and White Globe Tattoo


Like the proverb goes ‘ We have only one earth, Let’s save it’. The tattoo designs we are going to see are colorful and unusual to look at and you could even acknowledge getting one. A simplistic design can tell so many things. This brilliant earth tattoo design has the whole planet charted out in a sleek and beautiful manner. The inside is drawn out exactly to how the giant planet looks like. The shading and filling of the design are done exceptionally.

  • Earth with Tree

earth tattoo

The Mandala Tattoo has deeper significance to it than just the earth, hand and tree. On looking nearly, you will see that a tree with deep roots has a hand on which the earth is retiring. The design is on fleek and done with so much complex work and efficiency. Each thing is interrelated and that’s the information brought out in the design.

  • Red and Black Shades

earth tattoo

A conventional vision towards the design in red and black looks colossal. The planet is drawn out in the old conservative way. To attach on to the design is the bird halting on the earth with the sun and moon beside it. The color variation is blending in with each other flawlessly with a consequence so amazing.

  • Deep Earth Designs

earth tattoo

What did the earth principally consist of ere it came to civilization? The universe was filled with gorgeous trees, plants, and the hills. The plan is drawn out so radiantly with each character of it displaying perfection. A small marionette of the earth is placed high up glowed in blue and green to denote the whole representation.

  • Shoulder Tattoo Designs

earth tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are the most desirable place to get a tattoo like this where the planet is mapped out in a slender manner with dots knocked in as the land and the empty space like water. The design outside the earth is traditional tribal design. Both the designs are interrelated.

  • Elbow Tattoo Designs

earth tattoo

Getting a tattoo done on your elbow can be distastefully painful but completely worth it when it is a phenomenal tattoo like this. It is a plain design with absolute blue coloring to symbolize the earth.

  • Blue and Purple Tattoo

earth tattoo

This is a tiny and completely distinctive design from what we saw beforehand. Instead of the round earth, the landmasses are extracted and colored in multiple bright colors. It is lively and nice to look at.

  • Earth and Flowers

earth tattoo

The earth is cherished to all of us and we must preserve it, this tattoo has delivered out that outcome perfectly. The flowers are to sustain the fact that the earth is delicate and elegant.

  • Globe on the Rim

earth tattoo

We have all viewed the globe and they look completely classy on the golden rim stand. This is a duplicate of that design and is done so aptly. The flowers combine well with the overall globe design to make it look more impressive.

  • Airplane and Globe

earth tattoo

There are so many hues and a wonderful idea for this astonishing tattoo design. The blue and green are done to fulfillment. The plane flying around the earth is just supplementing an extra drama quotient to the scheme. The colors encompassing the earth make it look absolutely fashionable.

  • Tiny Globe

earth tattoo

Earth tattoos seem extraordinarily innocent. Earth is our home, our fountainhead, our life and also our emotion. Without our planetoid, nothing exists. We need to defend it and to return it a eulogy. We can contribute years to investigate it with travels, but we will never be bored to see its wonders, both tangible and personal. Indeed, globetrotters are getting earth tattoos to reveal their wanderlust. But they are also making really imaginative and optimistic small tattoos. If you think the environment is your apple, show us your own sphere tattoos and get some motivation from our designs!
  • Earth with Airplane Tattoo

earth tattoo

The earth is the boundary for an ordinary human being to explore and this is the reason it is the fantasy of almost all the tourists to “Travel the world”, or the Earth. The aircraft is a symbol of exploring and the combination of these two logos embodies the wearer’s love for traveling.

  • Inside a Flower

The globe tattoo is like an archangel tattoo design where it defends all of us and keeps us safe. Each tattoo we have come across here is excellently imagined and well-executed.

  • Man Holding Earth Tattoo

This is a very popular design that embodies strength, power, and struggle. The man who holds earth on his shoulder would be the one who has a lot of energy and has to succeed a large number of difficulties at the same time. This emblem is laboriously carried by men.

  • Earth with Scenery Tattoo

earth tattoo

There are several scenes that the wearer wants to treasure for a lifetime. It may be the picture of the wearer’s hometown or his beloved season’s picture or any festivity that reminds him of some good reminiscences. The earth is a shelter to all and inside it is all that resides and this is the cause that the wearer prefers the space inside the earth to ink the image he/she never needs to skip.

  • Earth and Flower Tattoo

earth tattoo

Earth is and flowers are the representatives of nature. Both of them make a comprehensive union to describe the wearer’s love for nature. Earth expresses life and it is with the help of the environment that life is probable in the earth as well as it supplements a kind of attraction to the earth. This tattoo portrays the beauty element of the earth.

  • Earth Mother Tattoo

earth tattoo

Earth is also known as mother earth as it is a haven to many people and as the mother takes care of her babies in the same way it is the components that mother earth provisions which make life conceivable on earth. This is the idea that earth is linked to mother and this is one of the best ways to manifest one’s love for earth and mother at the same time. One can get MOTHER or MOM inked inside the earth symbol.

  • Earth Tree Tattoo

earth tattoo

The earth is a symbol of regeneration and this tattoo is one of the best ways an atmosphere lover can show his penchant for the environment by an earth tattoo. The earth tree tattoo can also be a description of the wearers’ love and kinship with his roots which can be manifested by adding roots with the earth symbol.

  • Earth Compass Tattoo

  • Earth Outline Tattoo

  • Blue Earth Tattoo

earth tattoo

  • Apple Earth Tattoo

earth tattoo

  • Symbolic Erath Tattoo

earth tattoo

  • Geometric Design

earth tattoo

  • Earth Inside Heart

earth tattoo

  • Turtle Earth Tattoo

earth tattoo

  • Earth on Hand Tattoo

earth tattoo

The hand sustaining the earth is a very popular earth tattoo. This tattoo expresses strength and dynamism. This power can be in a way as the wearer is a champion in the sights of people or has mastered a lot of obstructions for the world. In another way, this tattoo can signify the wearer desires to regulate the world or all the people which suggests that the wearer requires to be a master.

  • Earth Balloon Tattoo

earth tattoo

This tattoo is one of the most desirable tattoo for a traveler. The hot air blimp with the earth as a balloon and a backpack as its base is one of the best ways to describe someone’s passion for exploring. The earth symbolizes the space the passenger wants to cover, which can be the entire world while the bag is a traveler’s gemstone.

  • Black and White Earth Tattoo

This tattoo is the most naive of all the earth tattoos. It expresses the earth in one of the best ways be it just sketched design in the sphere space or black colored graphs or grids with the map. This tattoo typifies life on earth as the map is the depiction of land where all of us are living. The white space is the ocean bodies which is another indispensable element on earth. The two conflicting colors are used to show the equilibrium in life.

  • Aristotlean Earth Tattoo

This tattoo is unconventional from all the other earth tattoos as it expresses the solid element that all the living beings are made up of the planet earth. This logo was ascertained by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle. This symbol contains a series of triangles which represent the justification of the permanence of life. These components are understood to be the law-holders of the cosmos.

  • 3D Earth Tattoo

earth tattoo

This is one of the most prevalent Earth tattoos which is the description of the Earth as it is recognized to be witnessed from the space. This tattoo expresses the life and components that exist on the earth and landscape which is the beauty of this planet. This tattoo is green and blue in color where green color depicts the land while blue is utilized for the water bodies.


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