Riae’s 38 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Riae is the name that pops up in our minds as soon as someone takes the names of the tattooed models. She has an awe-inspiring body which is enhanced with a huge number of tattoos. Riae Suicide is a model and a big fitness freak who is known to have Italian Nationality. She was born in 1984 and loves dancing, cooking, and especially swimming. She said that she has always been a playboy, and quite to our disbelief, and contrary to her personality, she has been featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine of Italy and Tattoo Planet Magazine.

Riae tattooed body

“We can say that Riae Suicide is my alter-ego or the character that I’ve been playing since 2007, which is the first time I ever posed. Joking aside, I’m an alternative model and a suicide girl.Before starting my career as a model I pretty much did any kind of work, ranging from waitress to disco’s pr, from house cleaner to pet groomer, secretary for various tattoo shops etc… Let’s say that I never sat on my hands, having left home at the age of 16 I had to fend for myself to not ask anything to anyone.”

Tattoo Meanings

In a conversation with Riae:

When asked about the huge number of tattoos that she has got and their relevance, she said that she got her first tattoo at the age of 14 with her friend on her back. Since then, her love for tattoos has been increasing, but, to our dismay, no tattoo holds any specific meaning for her.

“I know this may feel like a disappointing answer but they have no meaning. I always loved tattoos and as soon as I was able to do it I started coloring my body, sometimes making mistakes due to poor knowledge of the world of tattoos and in some instances due to scarce funds. Luckily for me such «errors» were covered by more beautiful and well-pondered tattoos. My piercings are becoming less and less over time. When I was «young and rebellious» the amount was higher, some of them were also pretty unaesthetic but over time I kept the ones that, in my own opinion, bring out more of my visage and other parts of my body that are more or less insight.”

1. Butterflies across Lower Abdomen

Riae abdomen butterfly tattoos

Tattoo: On her lower abdomen, there is a pair of butterflies tattooed, one on either side, the one towards the right side of her body is inked in the turquoise shade, while the one on the left is inked in purple.

Meaning: The butterfly is the precious symbol of natural beauty, faith, modification, and independence. Butterfly tattoos are often the best choice, especially among women tattoo lovers, because butterflies signify femininity and romantic love.

2. Alligator Tattoo

Riae alligator tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the outer side of her right leg, a purple-colored alligator is inked. Along with it, we can also see some differently shaded baby alligators.

Alligator tattoos are a way to represent your fierce strength and courage.

3. Left Arm Tattoo

Riae arm design

4. Cartoon Character on Left Arm

Riae arm tattoo

5. Back Masterpiece-Japanese Geisha

Riae back tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the major portion of her back is the tattoo of the Japanese Geisha.

Meaning: Geisha tattoo symbolizes beauty and female power. The Japanese Geisha were famous for their beauty and grace, and thus, people get their tattoo to reflect their own attributes of being a strong and appealing ladies. It is both a symbol of exotic elegance and heavenly beauty, as is in trend in Western and Japanese culture.

6. Tattoos on the backside of thighs

Riae back thighs tattoos

7. Butterflies in Lower Body

Riae butterflies on bikini line tattoo

8. Butterflies on Knees

Riae butterfly tattoo Riae butterfly tattoos

Tattoo: Riae has got some more butterfly inks on her body. We can see an orange-colored butterfly on her right knee and a huge blue one on her left knee cap. Butterflies are believed to bring positivity and focus to life.

9. Smiling Cartoon Rat Tattoo-Left Arm

Riae cartoon tattoo

10. Cats on Right Shoulder

Riae cats on arm tattoo

Riae cats tattoo

Tattoo: Riae has got a tattoo of 3-4 black cats aligned vertically on her right bicep.

A Cat tattoo signifies the remembrance of a loved one or a pet, while there are some people who get the cat inked in the memory of a loved one who is no more. Cats are the symbol of determination and perseverance, apart from being the mark of life after death and good fortune.

11. Chest Tattoo

Riae chest ink

Tattoo: On the center of her boobs, Riae has got the tattoo of a smiling caterpillar inked.

12. Chest Tattoos

Riae chest tattoos

13. ‘DOG and CAT’ Tattoo

Riae dog cat tattoo Riae dogo tattoo

Tattoo: Across her knuckles, Riae has got the tattoos done.

The one on her right-hand says DOG and contains a tiny face of a dog on her pinky, whereas the knuckles on her left hand are covered with the word CAT along with a tiny face of a cat on her left hand’s pinky!

14. Gift Hamper Tattoo-Left Arm

Riae gift tattoo

15. Lady with Apple 

Riae girl on back tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of her back, Riae has got a tattoo of the lady in a blue dress holding an apple near her mouth.

It is a popular tattoo name: ‘Snow White Bitten Apple.’

The poisoned apple is frequently used to represent what the Queen meant to do to Snow White. In folklore and mythology, apples represent immortality, man’s fall to sin, temptation, and wisdom. It was said that when the lady bit the apple since it was poisoned, she went into a long sleep.

16. Heart with Nails Tattoo

Riae heart with nails tattoo

Tattoo: Riae has got an amazing tattoo on her cleavage; it shows a red heart that has got multiple nails pierced through it.

The heart is no doubt the symbol of love and romance; however, the nails piercing through it signify mistrust, heart breakage, and treachery.

17. Right Thigh Tattoo

Riae hip tattoo

18. Left Hand Tattoo

Riae left hand tattoo

Tattoo: On her left hand, she has got a tattoo of a bat girl face.

19. Colorful Unicon Tattoo

Riae left leg tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of her left leg, Riae has got a colorful unicorn inked, just like the ones we see for kids in the amusement parks.

Unicorns are frequently referred to as symbols of liberty, mysticism, and chastity. They can also represent a variety of other things, including integrity and healing.

20. Leg Tattoos

Riae leg tattoos

21. Minnie Tattoo

Riae minnie tattoo

Tattoo: Under her left boob, there is a Minnie Mouse’s face tattooed. The bow on her head is the token of long friendships.

22. Antler Skull Tattoo

Riae neck tattoos

Tattoo: On the center of her neck, there is a tattoo of the skull of an antler.

Regrowth, regeneration, safety, stability, harmony, and revolution are a few character traits that are often linked with the antler skull.

23. ‘Outsider’ Tattoo

Riae outsider tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of her left hand, Riae has got the word ‘Outsider’ inked.

24. Pony and Unicorns on Thighs

Riae ponies on legs

25. Teddy Bear on Left Arm

Riae pony and teddy bears

26. Unicorns on Left Bicep

Riae pony tattoo

27. Face of the lady on the Right Forearm

Riae portrait on arm tattoo

28. Face of a lady on a Thigh

Riae portrait on thigh

29. ‘Rat’ on Left Wrist

Riae rat tattoo

30. Right Arm Tattoos

Riae right arm tattoos

Riae right arm

There are various cartoon characters inked on her right arm. There is a skull, a fierce-looking mickey mouse, and a yellow duck.

31. Cartoon Characters on Right Hand

Riae right hand tattoos

32. Ankle Tattoo

Riae right leg tattoos

33. ‘Piglet’ Tattoo

Riae right thigh tattoo

34. ‘Selfmade’ Tattoo

Riae selfmade tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of her right hand, Riae has got the tattoo of the word, ‘self-made.’

33. Stomach Tattoo

Riae stomach birds tattoo

Riae has got a pair of dove birds inked on the center of her stomach.

This tattoo represents their success in both relationships and in life. The mated pair of doves may signify a commitment to both your family and children.
The dove is frequently associated with fresh beginnings, victory, God’s will, passion, and peace.

34. Lower Body Tattoos

Riae tattoos

35. Left Bicep Tattoo

Riae teddy bear tattoo

36. Blue Teddy Bear Tattoo

Riae teddy tattoo

37. Thigh and Finger Tattoos

Riae thigh inks Riae thigh tattoos

38. Green Colored Alligator 

Riae tiny cartoon tattoo

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