16 Amazing Telugu Tattoo Design with Meaning

India is a great country that has a lot of religions and traditions associated with its people who all live together. At the same time, tattoos have been a very huge part of the culture since the time being and are super popular in India where people have used this form of art to express their emotions for ages. Many people have used this form of art as the purpose of identification because it was necessary for the tribesmen to differentiate from each other. A new trend then emerged out of it when is the Henna trend and which has then spread all over the world.

Tattoos are such a thing that is now most recognizable with people who live in the metro cities and is enjoyed in the English language. However, at the same time, exists people who love to embrace their own mother tongue which brings them closer to their place of birth and lineage. The mother tongue and a tattoo in the same can be a token of memory or might bring them closer to their loved ones.

Thus, we have compiled a list of 16 amazing Telegu tattoo designs who have started to like this tattoo culture but have taken their mother tongue along in this journey of being modernized. Take a look!

Difference Between Tamil and Telugu Languages

Tamil and Telugu are Dravidian languages that are uttered in the southern states of India. Tamil is used in Tamil Nadu and Telugu in Andhra Pradesh. There are plenty of variations between these two languages. The Indian Government announced Tamil a classical language in 2004. It is the only Dravidian language that has this prestigious rank.

The Tamil language is supposed to be the most antiquated of all Dravidian languages. It is comprehended to have survived more than two thousand years ago. Sangam history, which is supposed to be the earliest era of Tamil literature, is defined between 3 BC and 3 AD. The most initial Telugu writing can be dated back to 575 AD and has been assigned to Renati Cholas. It was in the 10th century AD that Telugu writings started.

The significance of the Sanskrit language can be broadly understood in the Telugu language whereas the Tamil language has not been much affected by it. In grammar, the Tamil language has its own grammatical composition whereas the importance of Sanskrit is distinctly visible in the Telugu language.

There are also important variations in the writings of the two Dravidian languages. Tamil has one unique figure system, 12 vowels, and 18 consonants. In Telugu, there are 41 consonants, 16 vowels, and three vowel modifiers. Almost all the Telugu terms close in a vowel sound.

While a lot of Sanskrit terms have been utilized in the Telugu language, the Tamil language has borrowed words from Malay, Munda, Greek, Chinese, Urdu, Persian, Marathi, and Arabic.

Where Should You Get Telugu Tattoo Design?

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder blade
  • Behind the ear

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Telugu Tattoo Designs

  •  Beautiful Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

This amazing Telugu word tattoo design is made on the thigh of the wearer. It is made pretty huge on the side which looks pretty nice too. It contains a lot of black ink which is also bold. The thigh is a great placement idea for you because you can make a medium to large design on your thighs like this Telugu word tattoo design here.

  • Lovely Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

Tattoos are a different form of self-expression. They are both for the privilege of the person who is wearing one and for the benefit of those who gaze at them. For this understanding, people often want tattoos that have a private interest, but the design and final arrangement of the tattoo are concluded by what they want others to see.

  • Pretty Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

This is quite a nice Telugu word tattoo design that is made on the skin. The best part about a Telugu word tattoo design is that the font here is pretty stylistic and thus the whole design look really aesthetically pleasing even though it is just a word written in the simplest of the black font. This Telugu word tattoo design is pretty nice.

  • Compassionate Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

This Telugu word tattoo design represents the love of a mother and child. If you have a lot of friends who do not understand this language maybe you would want to add some elements like this wearer has done here so that the whole Telugu word tattoo design is more significant and your viewers can understand it pretty well too.

  • Lovely Telugu Tattoo Design On Body

Telgu Tattoos

Whether your Telugu word tattoo design is intended for others to see, or just a slogan or name you wish to bring close to you regularly, make certain it has a purpose that will persist for your whole life. Evade getting illustrations or maxims that don’t articulate to you on a personal level, and that might upset or make you feel awkward as you get older. If a Telugu word tattoo design is an illustration of who you are, a tattoo with words is one that delivers so all can hear. Make this fact indisputable that you mean every word of what it’s saying to secure your tattoo’s continued emotion of your life.
  • Considerate Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

This amazing Telugu word tattoo design is made on this side of the wrist where it looks pretty awesome. It is a simple Telugu word tattoo design with a beautiful peacock feather and the words “I heart you” written right at the bottom. Clearly, this Telugu word tattoo design has very personal significance for the wearer and this whole Telugu word tattoo design looks pretty nice.

  • Cute Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

For some characters whose heritage is from a culture or homeland with both its own and way of writing, such as Telugu word tattoo design, getting a word or phrase in this style can be a way to represent contentment in your sources. In this case, the word itself is kept secret for you, but you declare to the world your culture, family lines, or relationships to another community and society.

  • Telugu Jaxson Tattoo Design On Upper Back

Telgu Tattoos

A Telugu word tattoo design doesn’t have to involve letters or characters being alone. Contemplate hiding letters inside a more extensive design for a visual image, using creepers, stems, or flowers which are the most common elements that are added to any Telugu word tattoo design to create words and letters, or combining a banner inside a more substantial tattoo design. Just be certain to acknowledge how much you require others to understand your message; if the word in the Telugu word tattoo design is more special, cover it, if you want it to be read aloud and open, keep the words separate from other patterns.

  • Contented Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

Tattoos can be a way of encouraging others. Having a design printed in another kind of language or in a character that is not in the English alphabet is a way to encourage others to question, “What does your tattoo mean?” If you require remarks or discussion about your Telugu word tattoo design, then adding a word or phrase in another language, especially Telugu word tattoo design which is pretty mysterious too, is a fabulous way to accomplish this. The tattoo here is done in Telugu script but lets you share the significance of your tat if you want or permit it to continue being a mystery.

  • Pretty Telugu Tattoo Design On Upper Back

Telgu Tattoos

Handwriting and calligraphy are two styles to add a little bit of a pattern detail or increase to a Telugu word tattoo design composed up entirely of words. One way to join an extra finish to a dedicatory tattoo is to forge letters from a loved one’s handwriting to blend into the word for your tattoo. Otherwise, you can use calligraphy to convert simple word tattoos into comprehensive pieces of art for your Telugu word tattoo design.

  • Nice Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

While word tattoos can be applied anyplace on the body, give some further consideration to both the size and position of your lettering in your Telugu word tattoo design. Wide, flat areas such as the back, stomach, or chest may include more extensive words or sayings easier than a rounded exterior such as an arm or leg. If the terms of your Telugu word tattoo design are covering a limb, it can make it more challenging for the word to be interpreted correctly by the observer. Additionally, slopes in the muscle and curve of the body can twist a term or sentence. Selecting a tattoo stencil of your Telugu word tattoo design first and installing it in different parts of the body can help settle how great the fit will be previously.

  • Small Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

Some Chinese and Japanese styles have related strokes, but distinct meanings. Similarly, the Tamil and Telugu tattoo has the same problem. For example, the Chinese character for “strong” in Mandarin also signifies “passion” in Japanese, for illustration. Getting a design of a letter with a double meaning is one way to retain the personal character of your Telugu word tattoo design while still revealing it for all to see. When demand for its meaning, easily present the public tale and keep the private significance to yourself.

  • Lovable Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

Words are a natural way to put your mind into your skin. Words can explain a perception, suggesting, or just show your culture. Using a different language, because it is a section of your culture or just because you like it, can literally add deepness and romance to your Telugu word tattoo design tattoos. While this variety of tattoos can fit completely anyplace, make sure to double-check your applications or quotes with regional speakers to guarantee that you are getting the correct version. Now, find the exact tattoo in Telugu word tattoo design that attracts you and see your artist.
  • Outstanding Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

If you don’t need your individual, a loved one’s, or your tattoo artist’s handwriting on a tattoo, make certain that you put some thought into the kind of font you choose for your next Telugu word tattoo design. Nearly every font possible for books, computers, and typewriters can be converted into a tattoo. Try composition in different fonts in the size and color you want your final Telugu word tattoo design in, to see how they look on your skin.

  • Fine Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

There are no limitations to a word tattoo when it comes to placement. You can find these tattoos on the shoulders, legs, arms, back, and chest. One of the things to consider when placing your Telugu word tattoo design is how big it will be and how visible that you want it. If it’s something that offers personal meaning or pushes you to succeed like ‘N’aie pas peur’ then you might want to put this Telugu word tattoo design on the wrist or forearm. This is a place that you can see and remind yourself daily. However, if this is a larger piece or larger quote, you will find this Telugu word tattoo design in a larger area such as the back or upper thigh.

  • Fantastic Telugu Tattoo Design On Arm

Telgu Tattoos

Unless you are absolutely graceful in the language you are contemplating getting your new tattoo in, make sure you examine the accurate meaning and expression before getting your ink. Misspelled words or an inaccurate interpretation can render your tattoo a shame rather than a cause of satisfaction. Consider the path a character takes and evade placing something upside down or backward. Pay regard to the fashion of muscles or bone will curve a tattoo, especially one in a diverse alphabet, to avoid changing the meaning of the Telugu word tattoo design. Think long and consciously about what the relationship is to the language. After all, more than possible you will be questioned what the meaning of the Telugu word tattoo design is, and what it symbolizes to you.

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