Tyreek Hill’s 13 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Tyreek Hill is an American football player who plays in the NFL for Kansas City Chiefs as a wide receiver. Due to his speed, he was nicknamed, “Cheetah” after his rookie year. Tyreek has some interesting tattoos on his body. Let us take a look at his tattoos and the meanings behind them.

Tyreek Hill

1. ‘Birds’ Tattoo

Tyreek Hill birds tattoo

Tattoo: There is a dove bird with its wings spread, tattooed on the player’s left upper arm. The rest of his arm and shoulder are covered in tattoos of clouds.

Meaning: The dove on his arm is a symbol of peace which is one of his strong suits now. Tyreek was arrested after he pled guilty to domestic violence in 2014 but has turned that phase of his life around and focuses on sports and peace. He has a few other tattoos of peace on his body too.

2. ‘Praying Hands’ Tattoo

Tyreek Hill birds tattoo Tyreek Hill hands tattoo

Tattoo: The right upper arm of the receiver contains a tattoo of hands joined in prayer.

Meaning: The tattoo represents his religious views as he is a follower of the Christian faith where the praying hands are a symbol of the power of Christ.

3. ‘Dove’ Tattoo

Tyreek Hill dove tattoo

Tattoo: The background of his right upper arm and shoulder is also done in tattoos of clouds just like his other arm. There is another dove bird tattooed on his right shoulder.

Meaning: The dove bird is a symbol of peace but the tattoo here, along with his hands’ tattoo represents his faith. The dove is a symbol of God’s will, love, and new beginnings. Doves, just like from Noah’s story, represent a clean fresh start.

4. ‘Initials’ Tattoo

Tyreek Hill initials tattoo Tyreek Hill initials tattoo2

Tattoo: Tyreek’s right bicep contains the letter, “T” tattooed on it and his left one contains the letter, “H” on it. There are also swirly lines tattooed around the letters on both his biceps.

Meaning: The letters represent his initials and showcase his name, Tyreek Hill.

5. ‘Moan and Lil’ Tattoo

Tyreek Hill moan tattoo

Tyreek Hill lil tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his right forearm contains the word, “MOAN” tattooed on it and the inner side of his left one contains the word, “LIL” tattooed on it.

6. ‘Words’ Tattoo

Tyreek Hill words tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his right forearm, near his elbow, contains the letters, “SR” tattooed on it and has the words, “KING SHIT” tattooed right below it.

7. ‘Hill’ Tattoo

Tyreek Hill hill tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of his left forearm contains a tattoo of his family name, “Hill” on it.

8. Design Tattoo

Tyreek Hill design tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of his right forearm contains a circular design tattooed on it.

9. ‘Butterfly’ Tattoo

Tyreek Hill butterfly tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a butterfly on the player’s throat. What’s different about the tattoo is that the body of the butterfly is replaced by a skull.

10. ‘Chest’ Tattoo

Tyreek Hill chest tattoo

Tattoo: The word, “He Strengthens Me” is tattooed across Tyreek’s chest and the words, “Forgive Me” are tattooed on his neck.

Meaning: Tyreek got the forgiveness tattoo after his domestic violence case and has since then been deep into his faith and feels blessed that the almighty has shown him a better path. The strength tattoo goes along with the tattoos of Jesus and Mary on his chest.

11. ‘Jesus and Mary’ Tattoo

Tyreek Hill jesus mary tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of his chest contains a tattoo of the face of Saint Mary on it and the left side of his chest contains a tattoo of the face of Jesus Christ on it. The word, “Truly” is tattooed on his right shoulder and the word, “Blessed” is tattooed on his left shoulder.

Meaning: The tattoo of Jesus along with his mother, Virgin Mary is a popular tattoo among inmates. Tyreek got this tattoo as both of them together are symbolic in prison as asking for forgiveness for one’s sins. The words on his shoulders, “Truly Blessed” represent how he feels now that he has chosen a different path.

12. ‘Thug Life’  Tattoo

Tyreek Hill thug life tattoo

Tattoo: The words, “THUG LIFE” are tattooed on the upper part of his stomach. The right side of his stomach contains a tattoo of a gun along with one of a hand throwing up the peace sign. The left side of his stomach contains a tattoo of headphones along with their wire.

Meaning: This is an old tattoo that he used to have and instead of covering up he just added the peace symbol to represent his lifestyle now.

13. Beast Tattoo

Tyreek Hill beast tattoo

Tattoo: The right hand of the player contains a tattoo of the face of a growling cheetah on it.

Meaning: Tyreek got this tattoo that represents his own nickname, “Cheetah” which he was given due to his exceptional speed after his rookie season.

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