Gonzalo Montiel’s 8 Tattoos With Meanings


Team Argentina has been all over the internet after the FIFA 2022 win! Naturally, the team’s one of the strongest member Gonzalo Montiel has been in the news for all the right reasons too. And not everything is about how great he played! One of those reasons is also his tattoos. Quite recently, his Virgin Mary tattoo has been the talk of the town. So in this article, we have covered not just that but his other ink and what it means for him. The fans might not just get inspired by his smooth moves on the ground, but also his aesthetic sense of tattoo too!

Virgin Mary with Wings Tattoo on Left Arm

Virgin Mary Tattoo

Gonzalo Montiel has a tattoo of the Virgin Mary on the left arm done with black ink. The tattoo is also added with a beautiful wing design at the bottom. Both these images are given smooth shading effects. Quite recently, this tattoo has been the talk of the internet because fans have compared the Virgin Mary tattoo with Sonia from EastEnders.

Star Tattoo on Neck

Star Tattoo on Neck

Gonzalo Montiel has three stars on his neck which are outlined with black ink and filled with a bright red shade.

Cross Tattoo with a Rose

Cross and Rose Tattoo

Gonzalo Montiel also has a cross tattoo that is added with rosary beads. The tattoo is done with bold black ink. Right above is the rose tattoo which is given a smooth shading effect. These symbols are related to his faith in Christianity. Rather he has many tattoos on his skin that somewhere represent his faith.

Floral Tattoo on Leg

Floral Tattoo on Leg

Gonzalo Montiel has a floral vine tattoo on his leg with some text. Although the details of the tattoo are not clear, we are guessing it is a dedication to someone close to him. Unlike his other tattoos which are mostly black and grey ink, the tattoo has beautiful red and green shades.

Gonzalo Montiel Script Tattoo on Wrist

Tattoo of a Script

Just like his leg, Gonzalo Montiel also has a script tattoo on his wrist. The tattoo does not comprise any other element and is done in black ink.

Cathedral Tattoo on Forearm

Tattoo of Cathedral on Arm

The Argentinian player has a tattoo of a cathedral on his arm which is done in black ink. The tattoo is pretty intricate and has been given some beautiful details.

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