Billie Lourd’s Tattoo & Its Meaning

Billie Catherine Lourd, well known as the legendary actress Carrie Fisher’s kid, is an American actress. Billie is well-known for her performances in the Fox horror comedy series Scream Queens (2015-2016) and her intriguing character in American Horror Story. This article is about the meanings and significance of tattoos on Billie’s body in her life.

Billie Lourd

1. Galaxy-Themed Tattoo

Billiie galaxy tattoo

Billie galaxy tattoo

Tattoo: It was in 2017 when Billie revealed her tattoo. It is a galaxy-themed ink that exists on her ankle. As per Billie, the tattoo is her tribute to her mother, Carrie Fisher. Her late mother used to have the same tattoo design. The day Billie got it inked was actually her mother’s birthday.

The tattoo includes the moon, stars, and planets.

The stars, moon, and planets represent communication, relationships, and aspiration. When put together, the star and moon tattoo frequently denotes family, with the stars representing children. It is a popular tattoo choice for individuals who cherish their family bonds and loved ones.

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