Robert Swift’ 23 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Robert Christen Swift is an American professional basketball player who began playing professionally in the year 2004 when he was picked up by the Seattle SuperSonics in the NBA pick up. In 2015, Robert was also arrested for armed robbery. He had a bad phase in his life which dragged him into drugs until he came out of prison and started his life on a better path again. He last played for a Basketball club named Circulo Gijon. Robert has got multiple tattoos on his body, the majority of them being religious ones. Let us explore his tattoos and their meanings.Robert Swift

“They said, “No, you’ve got to wait until you’re 18,’” Swift said. ”So it’s one of those things I always wanted it.”

1. ‘Angel with wings’ Tattoo

Robert angel with wings tattoo

Tattoo: On the top of his back, Robert has got a magnificent angel tattoo.

Meaning: This beautiful piece is the symbol of freedom, faith, and protection. However, it can also be a tribute to someone close to Robert’s heart who is no more in this world. This tattoo also has a symbolic belief which relates it to the fact Robert is a Christian and also a reminder to himself to focus on positivity, always.



Tattoo: On the inner side of his left bicep, Robert has got a tattoo that reads, ‘ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE’

Meaning: Robert claims to have got this ink to keep himself motivated and forever going through all the difficulties and paths of life, without losing and keeping himself reminded that all the tasks are possible no matter what, be it his professional or personal life.

 “This is who I am.”

3. ‘JUST BELIEVE’ Tattoo

Robert believe Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘JUST BELIEVE’ tattooed on his inner right arm.

The acronym relates to the other writing on his left bicep that reads, ‘ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE’. Correlating it to the fact that, ‘Just believe in yourself because anything is possible if, you believe in yourself.

4. Bicep Tattoo

Robert bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On his right shoulder, Robert has got a beautiful tattoo that includes multiple buildings and a shadowed creature with a basketball in his right hand.

Meaning: Robert played for the Seattle SuperSonics/Oklahoma City Thunder from 2004 through 2009 and this tattoo is the symbol of himself as to how he looked like a thunder covering the whole of Los Angelis while he played for Oklahoma City Thunder as against Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on February 10, 2009, in Los Angeles, California. The shadowed image with a basketball in the hand represents Robert and the buildings behind his image represent the city of Los Angelis.

5. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Robert cross and writing tattoo

Tattoo: A huge cross inked on Swift’s back along with the words, ‘GOD’S CHILD‘.

Meaning: Cross is the Holy symbol of Christians and represents their deep faith in Jesus and his sacrifices for humanity. The words, GOD’S CHILD symbolizes Robert’s deep faith in God and his blessings.

“I have always been blessed with the best because I am God’s Child.”

7. Finger Tattoos

Robert finger symbols tattoo

Tattoo: Letter R, A, G, and a bottle-like symbol tattooed on his left hand’s fingers.

8. ‘Vaya Con Dios’ Tattoo

Robert finger tattoos

Tattoo: Robert’s right hand’s fingers are inked with multiple symbols like number 13, letter A, an infinity symbol, etc. There is a phrase that is tattooed on the corner of his thumb that says, ‘Vaya Con Dios’.

Meaning:Vaya Con Dios‘ is the Spanish phrase that means ‘Go To God’ when translated into English. However, it is often deciphered for ‘Farewell’ too.

9. ‘City of Seattle’ Tattoo

Robert forearm design tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Life’ inked on his right inner arm in italicized font followed by a circle representing the city of Seattle along with the year 2004, also tattooed in italicized font.

Meaning: Robert got this tattoo inked as a tribute to the city of Seattle reminding himself of the year i.e. 2004 when he got drafted into Seattle SuperSonics, the first team he became part of, in his professional Basketball career. The time was too difficult for him and this tattoo keeps him motivated and strong.

“The tattoo of the city of Seattle is for the year I got drafted, the year everything changed for me. It was probably the most fun but the most difficult year of my life. It’s there to remind me how hard it was. But I made it through. It showed me I can make it through everything.”

10. ‘Rifle’ Tattoo

Robert forearm tattoo

Tattoo: Assualt rifle tattooed on his right arm.

“Shooting on a range relaxes me. It’s one of my hobbies. That’s why I have (a tattoo of a rifle).”

11. ‘Basketball Cartoon’ Tattoo

Robert inscription tattoo

Tattoo: There is a small cartoon tattoo on the inner side of Robert’s right arm that shows a kid who is standing on the basketball court, we can also see the basketball ring and pole setup behind the cartoonish figure.

Meaning: The tattoo represents Robert, himself.

12. ‘Portrait of Jesus Christ’ Tattoo

Robert Jesus Christ Portrait Tattoo

Tattoo: Portrait of Jesus Christ on the right side of his upper back.

Meaning: Robert’s strong belief in Jesus Christ and his blessings has led him to get this tattoo. This is not the first tattoo on Robert’s body that tells us about his religious beliefs and connection with Christianity.

13. Arm Tattoo

Robert left bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On his arm, Robert has got the tattoo of two players probably playing on the field. One of them represents Robert, himself as he wears the t-shirt with jersey number 31, which is Robert’s jersey number.

14. Writing Tattoo

Robert left leg writing tattoo

Robert left leg writing

Tattoo: On the outer side of his left leg, Robert has got a tattoo of writing that reads, ‘This is the beginning of a new day.
God has given me this day to use
for His glory. I can waste it or use
it for Him. What I do today is very
important, because I am
exchanging a day of my life for it.’

15. Leg Tattoo

Robert right leg tattoo

Robert leg tattoo

16. Japanese Writing Tattoo

Robert Life Tattoo

17. Praying Hands Tattoo

Robert praying hands tattoo

Tattoo: Praying hands tattooed on the right side of his upper back.

Meaning: Praying Hands is another symbol of Christians which represents their respect and love for Jesus Christ and his sacrifice. However, it is the most common way of showing the power of prayer and God’s blessings.

18. Right Forearm Tattoo

Robert right arm tattoo


Robert right arm writing tattoo

Tattoo: ‘AUT VINCERE AUT MORI’ tattooed on his right forearm.

Meaning: AUT VINCERE AUT MORI‘ is a common phrase that means, ‘Either conquer or die‘ when translated into English.

20. ‘Star of David’ Tattoo

Robert star tattoo

21. Thumb Tattoo

Robert thumb tattoo

22. Tribal Arm Tattoo

Robert tribal arm tattoo Robert tribal design tattoo Robert tribal tiger and wolf tattoo 1

Tattoo: Robert’s left shoulder, arm, and full arm are covered with a tribal design tattoo. The tribal design on his bicep also contains the images of a tribal tiger and a portrait of a tribal wolf.

Meaning: Tribal tattoo is the way of showing respect towards your heritage and culture. The tribal wolf is the symbol of showing one’s strength and confidence. Wolf is considered to be a spirit animal who is sent to us by God to help us guide us through the path of our lives whereas the tribal tiger is the symbol of powerfulness, courage, and dominance.

The whole arm is a tribal design in itself, gives me courage, shows my strength!

23. Hand Portrait Tattoo

Robert hand tattoo

Tattoo: Pair of hands clasping each other inked on the outer side of Swift’s right hand. They actually represent the copy of Robert’s tattooed hands.

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