Samantha Prabhu’s 3 tattoos and their Meanings

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is a popular Indian actress who primarily works in both Telugu and Tamil films. She is one of the leading South Indian actresses and a prominent figure in India. She has been a part of many big projects in movies. She is a tattoo enthusiast; she has three tattoos that hold significance to her, expressing her love for body art. Read below to learn more about the meaning behind her body art.Samantha Prabhu picture

1. Back Tattoo

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Samantha Prabhu back tattoo

She has beautifully inked initials on her back, ‘YMC’. The initials carry significance for her. These are the initials of her debut film ‘Ye Maaya Chesave’ in 2010. The film was the kickstart to her career as an actress. The tattoo is really close to her as it signifies the life-changing moment of her life.

2. Ribs Tattoo

Samantha Prabhu Ribs tattoo

She also has ink on her ribs that reads “Chay”, which is her ex-husband Naga Chaitanya’s nickname. She got the tattoo after their marriage, which they called quits in 2021.

3. Wrist Tattoo

Samantha Prabhu wrist tattoo

Samantha has a Viking symbol comprising a double arrow on her right wrist, similar to the one that her ex-husband has. The ink is a symbol that means “to create your reality.” In an interview, she mentioned that she and her husband got it inked together.

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