Romeo Beckham’s 18 Tattoos and their Meanings

Romeo Beckham is a widely known English football player who also works as a fashion model. He is the second son of former professional football player David Beckham and fashion designer Victoria Beckham. Romeo Beckham is loaded with tons of tattoos, following his family tradition and expressing his love for ink. Although he hasn’t talked much about them, each tattoo carries a unique narrative. Tattoos range from elaborative patterns to strong statements, becoming an integral part of one’s identity and a visual expression of everything that the person values deeply. Let’s understand Romeo Beckham’s beliefs and values through his body art.

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1. Cross and Angel Wings at the back of his Neck

Romeo Beckham's cross and wings tattoo

Inspired by his dad’s most iconic pieces of body art, Romeo Beckham expressed his affection for his father by getting a cross and angel wings tattooed on the back of his neck, just like his dad. Typically, the tattoo represents a combination of spiritual and religious beliefs. This tattoo is close to Romeo Beckham, as he took inspiration for this body art from his dad.

2. Dove Tattoo on his Right Hand

Romeo Beckham dove tattoo

He hasn’t talked much about his thoughts and feelings about this tattoo. Although the dove is the symbol of ‘peace’ and ‘love’, the positioning of the tattoo on the hands can further emphasizes its significance, as hands are associated with the action of “reaching out” to others with “goodwill.” The quotation just below the dove symbol, “Lead with Love,” simply adds meaning to the tattoo.

3. Quotation Tattoo on his Arm

Romeo Beckham's quotation tattoo

Romeo Beckham pays tribute to his dad by getting the same motivational quote tattooed on his arm that his father did. The quote is from the book ‘I Declare 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life’ by Joel Osteen. The ink reads, “I declare I have the grace I need for today; I am full of power, strength, and determination; nothing I face will be too much for me; I will overcome every obstacle, outlast every challenge, and come through every difficulty better off than I was before; this is my declaration.” The quotation describes his firm belief in various life challenges.

4. “Freedom to Dream” Tattoo on Ribs

Romeo Beckham's freedom to dream tattoo.

Romeo Beckham inks the quote “freedom to dream” around his ribs. He hasn’t mentioned much about this tattoo, but the tattoo speaks for itself as one’s liberty to follow their aspirations and ambitions. It stands for the feeling of freedom, independence and the one’s capability to choose without interference from external forces.

5. Stone Angel Tattoo on his Left Arm

Romeo Beckham's angel stone tattoo

Adding to his love for ink and taking inspiration from his dad’s body art, Romeo Beckham adds a stone angel tattoo stretched throughout his arm, just like the one his father has. The ink is the depiction of strength and protection.

6. Knuckle Tattoo

Romeo Beckham's knuckle tattoo

He has a knuckle tattoo that reads “LOVE” with each alphabet on one knuckle. He has not talked much about the significance of this tattoo, although it adds to his fashion and love for ink.

7. Butterfly on Arm

Romeo Beckham's butterfly tattoo

He inked a butterfly on his right arm near the elbow. Usually, a butterfly tattoo symbolizes growth and transformation. Therefore, it can be presumed that it signifies his personal growth journey.

8. Eagle Tattoo on his Leg

Romeo Beckham's Leg tattoo

He has an eagle tattoo on his leg, which he got when he was 19. The eagle bird is a representation of power, vision, and independence.

9. Cherubs on his Arm

Romeo Beckham's cherubs tattoo

He has a magnificent tattoo of two cherubs on his arm, which also reads ‘1999’ and ‘2005’, which are the birth years of both of his brothers. The ink shows cherubs; it can be presumed that he represents his brothers through these cherubs.

10. Neck Tattoo

Romeo Beckham's neck tattoo

He has a tattoo on one side of his neck that states “Together.” The meaning of this body art isn’t clarified, but it must hold significance to him.

11. Slogan on his Arm

Romeo Beckham Slogan Tattoo

He has a slogan inked on his arm that says, “Living in the Present.” It probably represents his belief in enjoying the present moment, not waiting for the future, and letting go of the past.

12. “I Love You” Tattoo

Romeo Becham's i love you tattoo.

He got “I love You inked” on his right arm just below the previous tattoo, it is not specified who this tattoo is being referred to.

13. Mum & Dad Along with a Globe

Romeo Beckham's Mum and Dad tattoo

He inked Mom and Dad just below the ink of a globe. He expressed his love and gratitude to them through this ink. Getting tattoos on their loved ones is a family tradition in the Beckham family.

14. Brotherhood Tattoo

Romeo Beckham Brotherhood Tattoo

Expressing their brotherly bond, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz get the same tattoo that says “brotherhood,” a gesture that depicts their strong bond.

15. Back Tattoo

Romeo Beckham Back tattoo

Romeo revealed another tattoo on his back, which was a quotation from the late Virgil Abloh, the fashion designer for Off-White. The statement goes, “Life is so short, you can’t waste even a day subscribing to what someone thinks you can do versus knowing what you can do.” It depicts his firm belief in the saying.

16. Girlfriend’s Name Tattoo

Romeo Beckham Girlfriend's name tattoo

He got a tattoo honoring Mia Regan, his girlfriend. The word “Mooch” is tattooed on his elbow on his right arm. The tattoo reads Mia’s Instagram account, “Mimi Moocher,” which is also her nickname. Getting tattoos honoring close ones appears to be a family practice for the Beckhams, and Romeo is following their footprints.

17. “Perseverance” on his Ribs

Romeo Beckham's Back tattoo

He got “Perseverance” inked in Spanish on the right side of his ribs vertically. It can be presumed that the word symbolizes his “never give up” attitude.

18. Thigh Tattoo

Romeo Beckham's Thigh tattoo

His right thigh spots a tattoo. It says the year “2002,” which is Romeo’s birth year. It is amongst the initial tattoos of him.

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