Sasha Pieterse’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Sasha Pieterse-Sheaffer is an American Actress, Singer, and Songwriter. She is known for her role as “Alison DiLaurentis” in Pretty Little Liars. She also starred as Amy Loubalu in the Disney Channel film, Geek Charming. She also participated in the 25th season of ‘Dancing With The Stars‘ and finished in 10th position. Sasha has quite a few interesting inks on her body. Let us see what they are and the meanings they hold.

Sasha Pieterse

1. ‘Flowers’ Tattoo

sasha pieterse flower tattoo

Tattoo: The inner part of Sasha’s left forearm sports a tattoo of a flower with 4 stems tied in a bow.

2. ‘Writing on Right Arm’ Tattoo

sasha pieterse writing tattoo

Tattoo: Sasha’s right forearm contains a tattoo of a line which reads, “where you invest your love you invest your life” which is the representation of the fact that love needs the whole of you and not just a part of your commitment and dedication in it.

3. ‘Alison’ Tattoo

sasha pieterse finger tattoo

Tattoo: The letter ‘a’ is inked on the side of her right index finger followed by a full-stop.

Meaning: Sasha got this “a.” inked with the rest of the cast of Pretty Little Liars after the final episode on October 28th, 2016, when all the cast got their character’s initials inked.  The “a.” represents her character, Alison DiLaurentis.

4. ‘XO and the Hanger’ Tattoo

sasha pieterse xo hanger tattoo

Tattoo: The inner part of her right forearm contains the tattoo of a Hanger with a heart-shaped hook and the letters, ‘XO’ tattooed on her wrist by the tattoo artist, Daniel Winter.

5. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

sasha pieterse cross tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a cross on her left ankle which represents her religious views.

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