Kevin-Prince Boateng’s 30 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Kevin-Prince Boateng is a professional football player who currently plays for the Italian Club, Fiorentina. Boateng has played both as a midfielder and an attacker. Boateng is appreciated for his dribbling, strength, and footspeed. Boateng has represented clubs in Italy, Germany, England as well as Spain. Boateng’s body is full of tattoos. Let us see what they are and the meanings behind them.


1. ‘Skull’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng skull tattoo

Tattoo: Kevin’s right ankle contains the tattoo of a skull.

2. ‘Lion and the Line’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng lion line tattoo

Tattoo: Boateng’s left shin contains the tattoo of a lion’s face which is split in the middle to show some skin. The left part of the lion’s face is done in artistic lines and the right part has been done in real-life imagery. Just below this tattoo, a line starts which runs down his leg and stops at the middle of his left foot.

Meaning: The lion is the symbol of strength and dominance.

3. ‘Believe and 030′ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng believe tattoo

Tattoo: The side of Boateng’s left hand contains the word, “BelieVe” inked on it. His left pinkie also contains a tattoo of the number 030 inked on it.

4. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng rose tattoo

Tattoo: Boateng’s left hand, on his thumb, contains a tattoo of a Rose.

5. ‘Chain’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng chain tattoo

Tattoo: Boateng’s left knee contains a tattoo of a chain wrapped around his knee along with the number, 030 inked just below his knee cap.

6. ‘Tribal’ tattoo

kevin prince boateng tribal tattoo

Tattoo: Kevin’s left shoulder contains a large tattoo of a tribal design.

7. ‘Crown’ tattoo

kevin prince boateng crown tattoo 1

Tattoo: The left side of Boateng’s neck contains a large tattoo of a crown.

8. ‘Trust and Date’ tattoo

kevin prince boateng trust date tattoo

Tattoo: Kevin’s right hand contains the tattoo of the word, “trust” inked on the side. The middle part of his hand contains the date 23-04-08 inked on it.

Meaning: 23-04-2008 is the date of birth of his son,, Jermaine.

9. Forearm Tattoo

kevin prince boateng forearm tattoo

Tattoo: Kevin’s arm contains another tribal tattoo design just above his elbow. The outer part of his forearm contains his middle name, PRINCE inked on it vertically in a very fancy font. Just beside his name is the tattoo of a microphone.

Meaning: Kevin got the Prince tattoo because of his middle name, Prince. The microphone is a hint to his musical talents as he has released rap songs under the alias Prin$$ Boateng.

10. ‘Headphones and Music notes’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng cannon notes tattoo

kevin prince boateng headphones tattoo

Tattoo: The footballer’s left forearm contains the tattoo of music notes done vertically emerging from his headphones tattoo. The headphones’ earplugs contain skulls on them.

Meaning: This tattoo is another one of his music-related tattoos as he is also a musical artist.

11. ‘Chest’ Tattoos

kevin prince boateng chest tattoo

Tattoo: The chest of the footballer contains the quote, “Love is Pain and Pain is Love” inked across it. His right pec contains the tattoo of a feather. And his left pec contains the name, “Jermaine” inked on it.

Meaning: Jermaine is the name of Kevin Prince Boateng’s son.

12. ‘Designs and Snake’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng chest2 tattoo

Tattoo: Kevin added more tribal designs to his existing chest tattoos. His chest is covered in swirls surrounding his current tattoos. His throat contains the tattoo of a King Cobra snake with its fangs out.

13. ‘Chinese Side’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng side tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of Boateng’s body contains the tattoo of a few Chinese Symbols.

14. ‘Name Side’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng side tattoo

Tattoo: The footballer’s stomach contains the name, Maddox inked on it.

Meaning: Kevin got the Maddox tattoo for his son, Maddox Prince Boateng.

15. ‘Ghana’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng ghana tattoo

kevin prince boateng ghana2 tattoo

Tattoo: The footballer’s left arm contains the tattoo of a map outline of Africa with a star on it marking Ghana and the name, “GHANA” inked inside the map in a stylish font.

Meaning: Boateng got this tattoo because of his ancestral heritage and says he feels more Ghanian even if he was born in Germany. This is also the reason for his switch from the German National Team to the Ghanian National Team which he also represented in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

16. ‘Diamond and Dice’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng diamond dice tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of Kevin’s neck contains the tattoo of a pair of Dice along with a Diamond tattooed on it.

17. ‘Italian Banner with Crown’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng banner crown tattoo

Tattoo: Boateng’s right bicep contains the tattoo of a banner with the same colors as the Italian Flag with the number 18 inked inside it. The banner also has a crown on its head. His middle name, PRINCE is also inked above the crown in between the tips of the crown.

Meaning: Kevin got this tattoo after his win of the Supercoppa Italiana which is the Italian Supercup with the club, AC Milan in the 2011-12 campaign.

18. ‘Girl’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng girl tattoo

Tattoo: The outer part of the footballer’s right forearm contains a large tattoo of a girl winking.

Meaning: The tattoo is of his spouse, Melissa Satta which he got in honor of their love.

19. ‘Who’s BAD’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng bad tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of the words, “Who’s BAD” tattooed in red ink on the inside of his left elbow.

20. ‘Spider Web’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng spiderweb tattoo

Tattoo: Boateng’s left knee contains the tattoo of a spiderweb which also got him the nickname, Spiderman Boateng.

21. ‘Gangster’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng right arm tattoo

Tattoo: Kevin’s right shoulder contains the tattoo of a gangster holding a gun with smoke coming out of it. The gangster has glasses and chains on and his left arm contains word WEST inked on it. The words, “Make the world do yours” are tattooed below the gangster tattoo.

22. ‘Celebrating Hand’  Tattoo

kevin prince boateng celebrating hand tattoo 1

kevin prince boateng celebration

Tattoo: The right thigh of the footballer contains a tattoo of a hand making a signature pattern with its fingers.

Meaning: The hand doing the signature celebration is actually a nod to Kevin’s own goal celebration. Footballers have a signature celebration which they do after scoring a goal and this one is Boateng’s.

23. ‘Devil’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng devil tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of Kevin’s right forearm contains the tattoo of the Devil smirking with flames coming out of his head.

24. ‘Get Rich’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng get rich tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of Kevin’s left forearm contains the words, “GET RICH” tattooed on it in a stylish font.

25. Initials Tattoo

kevin prince boateng side tattoo 1

Tattoo: The left side of his body, just beside his Maddox tattoo contains the ink of the letters, “JKJ” tattooed vertically on his ribcage.

Meaning: The initials stand for his brother, Jerome Boateng, himself, Kevin Prince Boateng and his son, Jermaine Prince Boateng.

26. Left Thigh Tattoo

kevin prince boateng thigh tattoo

Tattoo: Kevin’s left thigh contains a large tattoo of pop legend, Michael Jackson with a building behind his back. The tattoo can be clearly seen in a video he posted on his Instagram.

Meaning: Michael Jackson is one of Boateng’s idols and his favorite artist. Boateng also said that he is part of the reason he took an interest in music.

27. ‘Cloud Sleeve’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng clouds tattoo

Tattoo: Boateng’s right arm just around his elbow contains the tattoos of clouds done to complete his sleeve.

28. ‘Roman Numerals’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng roman numeral hand tattoo

Tattoo: The left wrist of the footballer contains the Roman Numerals, “XVII” inked on it. The Roman Numerals are the equivalent of the number 17.

Meaning: This tattoo is in honor of his brother, Jerome Boateng who wears the Jersey number 17 both for the club Bayern Munich and the German National Team.

29. Arm and Name Tattoos

kevin prince boateng arm tattoo

Tattoo: Boateng’s right arm is completed by a leopard pattern and lava surrounding his Devil tattoo. The side of his stomach contains the name, “Avelina” inked on it.

Meaning: Kevin got this tattoo to show her love for his sister, Avelina Boateng.

30. ‘Kelly’ Tattoo

kevin prince boateng kelly tattoo

Tattoo: The underside of his right wrist contains the name, Kelly inked on it along with two other words.

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