Simone Verdi’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Simone Verdi is an Italian professional basketball player who plays for Napoli in Serie A as an attacker. He is currently on loan to Torino. Simone has many interesting tattoos on his body. Let us take a look at them and the meanings they hold.

Simone Verdi

1. ‘Woman’ Tattoo

Simone Verdi woman tattoo

Tattoo: There is a woman tattooed on the player’s left shoulder, wearing a kimono. There is also a blue flower tattooed next to the woman.

Meaning: The tattoo design on his shoulder is of a Geisha. The geisha is a popular tattoo that comes from Japanese culture and symbolizes beauty and mystery.

2. ‘Anchor’ Tattoo

Simone Verdi anchor tattoo

Tattoo: There is a small anchor tattooed on Simone’s left hand, near his thumb.

Meaning: The tattoo on the anchor represents the player’s love for the sea and sailing. The player is often seen chilling with his spouse at the seaside.

3. ‘Love’ Tattoo

Simone Verdi love tattoo

Tattoo: The side of Verdi’s left hand has a tattoo of the word, “Love” on it.

Meaning: The tattoo represents how he believes in the word and it symbolizes his feelings of trust, hope, and devotion towards his spouse, Laura Della Villa.

4. ‘Angel and Quote’ Tattoo

Simone Verdi angel tattoo

Simone Verdi quote tattoo

Tattoo: The player’s right shoulder has a tattoo of an angel on it with large wings. The sun can also be seen tattooed behind the angel’s head. There is also a quote tattooed on the right side of his body, on his ribcage.

Meaning: The angel on his shoulder serves as a guardian angel. The angel is a symbol of protection for himself and his family.

5. ‘Baby’ Tattoo

Simone Verdi baby tattoo

Simone Verdi clouds tattoo

Tattoo: The upper side of his right forearm has a tattoo of a baby sleeping on it, with clouds tattooed in his background. The tattoo of the clouds goes around to the back of his forearm and covers it too.

Meaning: The tattoo on his forearm is a tattoo of his baby, Gianna whom he adores very much.

6. ‘Letters’ Tattoo

Simone Verdi letters tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his forearm has a tattoo of a beaded necklace on it. The beaded neck ends near his wrist with a cross as a pendant. The letters, “S, S, M, and R” can also be seen tattooed right in the middle of his forearm. The rest of his sleeve is filled with tattoos of clouds.

Meaning: The tattoo of the necklace with the cross pendant represents his religious views and his power of prayer and belief. The necklace serves as a symbol of protection for his family members whose initials are tattooed inside it. The letters stand for the name of his parents, himself, and his brother Mattia.

7. ‘Crown’ Tattoo

Simone Verdi crown tattoo

Tattoo: The back of his right upper arm has the number, 5 tattooed on it along with a crown on it.

8. ‘Face’ Tattoo

Simone Verdi face tattoo

Tattoo: The right bicep of the player has a tattoo of a girl’s face tattooed on it. The tattoo might be a portrait of his spouse, Laura but a clear image has not been seen yet.

9. ‘Floral’ Tattoo

Simone Verdi floral tattoo

Tattoo: The right thigh of the player is covered in a large floral design tattooed on it.

10. ‘Doll’ Tattoo

Simone Verdi doll tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his left lower leg has a tattoo of a doll on it near his ankle.

Meaning: The tattoo on his leg is of a Matrioska, which is a Russian Doll. The doll can be opened and contains a little version of itself inside it and the cycle goes on and a doll contains two or three more inside. The doll on his leg is a symbol of fertility and beauty and is a tribute tattoo to show his love for his mother, whom he adores very much.

11. ‘Dagger’ Tattoo

Simone Verdi dagger tattoo

Tattoo: There is a dagger tattooed on the front of his left leg, a little above his ankle. The dagger has a large red jewel on its hilt and the blade is seen piercing his skin and coming out the other side.

Meaning: The tattoo of the dagger on his leg represents his skills, accomplishments as well as the duality of life.

12. ‘Dreamcatcher’ Tattoo

Simone Verdi dreamcatcher tattoo

Tattoo: The side of his left lower leg has a large dreamcatcher tattooed on it. There is another little design tattooed below the dreamcatcher too.

Meaning: The dreamcatcher on his leg represents protection and safety. The dreamcatcher is usually hung from one’s bed and contains a spiritual net surrounded by feathers and beads. The dreamcatcher allows good dreams and spirits to pass into one mind when one is asleep and is believed to trap bad dreams, omens, and evil spirits.

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