65 Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been popular amongst the people since the time being. Now, they attract people right from their teen years to their twenties and even when they are in their 50s! That makes it very apparent that tattoos are gaining immense popularity in the present times than it has ever before.

Creativity and innovation along with new technology have made it possible to recreate any kinds of designs. IT is possible to get anything from a tiny object to a large one inked on the skin. Realism in the design is also preferred by many.

Many of them have also taken the interests and went to extremes by knocking down the tradition and speaking the unspeakable through the tattoo designs. Marijuana tattoo designs are one of the elements o this list. Many get weed tattoo to show their love and to support its legalization. Others have other concepts in their reminds which are pretty unique to them

Here are some ideas and meanings behind the Marijuana tattoo.

Significance of Marijuana Tattoos

Weeds and plants who have similar composition have been used by doctors for ages to treat many ailments like hemorrhages and bleeding. However, the plant has been banned in many parts of the world for commercial use because of the substance abuse associated with it. It is still sold illegally in many parts of the world and is a huge underground business. Because of the ban on the plant, it has not been used for its medicinal properties either. While many protests to lift the ban, there are also many creative ways in which they do it. One such way is getting a weed tattoo.

Another aspect is that of the followers of Rastamanskaya culture, who usually engrave tattoos as a hemp leaf to highlight their own world and to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Such a follower considers himself to be spiritually enlightened and having a rich inner life, with his views on various subjects being distinct from the general.

The third kind of people who use marijuana tattoos are people who are not protestors or social workers, and they are not even the followers of any tribe. This sect of people usually gets marijuana tattoo engraved because they want to defy the conventions and traditions. They want to challenge society and its normal and associate themselves and this tattoo with freedom. These perceptions of tattoos can only be done by people who are usually strong-willed.

Meaning Of Marijuana Tattoos

As we saw before, there are multiple meanings of getting a marijuana tattoo. However, here we have listed some of them for you to understand your intention better:

Freedom– For many people, getting a weed as a tattoo indicates a sense of personal freedom. It usually refers to the breakage from the bonds of society and to live life on their own terms. This tattoo can serve as a reminder o strive for this type of freedom throughout life and not give in into social conventions.

Peace, Love, and Hope- This movement is usually propagated by the hippies who in the 60s began promoting the message of peace, love, and hope as their anti-war slogans. For them, the weed became the symbol of their movement.

Support– There are some people who use the weed tattoo to stand up for any social causes. Weed has been usually associated with any such issues and determines a serious commitment to it. It is a great slogan for support. For example, weed as a symbol was used by people who wanted to lift the ban off of marijuana in certain states.

Religion– Weed has been used by the people who are proponents of the Rastafarian faith as a symbol for religion along with other symbols like the colors red, yellow, green, and the animal, lion. It is believed by this sect of people that smoking weed or what they call it, Ganga, is a way to connect to God.

420– Interestingly, looking at the popularity enjoyed by Marijuana fans, the 4th of April has been declared as National Weed Day. 420 can be said to be a code word that the users of this herb use to refer to smoking. Some people get a 420 tattoo to show their passion for weed.

Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Now that we know various associations and meanings of the Marijuana tattoo, here are some design ideas that are mostly used by people all love the world.

Leaf – The leaf is one of the most common designs when it comes to having a marijuana tattoo. It is a pretty recognizable symbol too. However, interestingly enough, the leaf is not actually the smokable part of the plant. A design can have more than one leaves. The most trending design, however, is the one where the leaf is shaped like a peace sign.

Script – There are many slogans or quotes that can be added to the weed tattoo design apart from the 420 trends. Some o these can include things like, “Mary Jane”, “Love Weed”, “One Love”, “Spliff Life” or “High Life”. Nonetheless, you can still add something that you might like which is completely different from this list.

Bob Marley – Bob Marley has been considered one of the biggest promoters of the weed in the music industry. He is also one of the greatest musicians and the proponent of hippie culture too. When he was alive, he spoke of the positive traits of the marijuana leaf and he really believed that it was much better than alcohol, which is legal. People who choose to get a Bob Marley tattoo pay attention to the realistic detailing.

Plant or buds – While there are people who get the iconic leaf design, on the other hand, some people like to get a plant or bud tattoo in place of the leaf. This design would look better when colors are used and would give a realistic appearance.

Smoking paraphernalia – People who are enthusiastic about getting a weed tattoo might get some objects like pipes, joints, and bongs to give that smoking effect which looks very stylish. This keeps them close to reality too.

Chemical structure – Many other drug lovers like oxytocin, serotonin, or MDMA lovers like to get the chemical composition the drug they like. For marijuana lovers too, this is the case. The chemical structure of Tetrahydrocannabinol (cannabis), is rather a very subtle design and all you need is a black ink to complete it.

That’s all about the kinds of designs that are available. After you choose the design, it is also important that you choose a relevant placement area to be inked on. Here are some ideas for both boys and girls:

Marijuana Tattoo Placement Ideas

If this is a small tattoo that we are talking about, it would look great on body parts that have limited surface areas, like, fingers, ears, knuckles, or even nape of the neck. You can even increase the size a bit to fit on places like wrist, or other parts of the arm.

As far as large tattoos are concerned, they look well on places like back, chest, arm, or legs. The main motive behind getting a huge tattoo is usually its aesthetic and realistic appearance. This can not be achieved without having some large surface area in hand.

As for the color options, the most common colors used for this design are either green, because of the leaf, and black, for the chemical structure or the realistic effects. But, it is quite possible that some may use other colors to achieve different effects from their designs. For example, the Rastafarian tribe often incorporated colors such as red, yellow, and green or bright, vivid psychedelic colors which are often linked with the hippy lifestyle.

Best Placements For Weed Tattoo Designs For Men and Boys:

Weed tattoo is quite common amongst men and young lads who are into this smoking culture. Many of these men suggest that the tattoos look great on arms and shoulder, however, some of them have even taken it to the next level by getting humungous designs covering their whole back or chest with these plant designs. Nonetheless, these people are not afraid to showcase their designs and even go shirtless a lot of the time.

Best Placements For Weed Tattoo Designs For Women and Girls:

It is quite common for women today to support openly about such matters. Many women like to get a weed tattoo too to be a part of such movements. For them, the most common spots are the neck, shoulders, arm areas. If you want to do something different, you can also try and get these tattoos around the bust area, naval, thighs, lower back, calf, and ankles.

The main motive of getting inked with marijuana is to showcase that these people are stepping up and using art for a cause rather than just for aesthetics.

Here is a list of 65 marijuana tattoo designs to let you drive some inspiration from:

  • Tribal Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo Designs

This tribal weed tattoo design is very stylish. Tribal designs are very much in trend, especially in the tattoo world. It is inspired by the tribal lifestyle of the native Americans and has gained popularity because of its unconventional design. The patterns on it resemble fire coming out of it. This design would look pretty amazing on both men and women.

  • Skull Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo Designs

This is a pretty badass marijuana design. I like how the two skulls have been placed together with a weed leaf right at the center of the skull’s head. The smokey effect is also very unusual and looks amazing, making the shape of the weed. Clearly, this design is pretty badass and looks intimidating too.

  • Stomach Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Stomach tattoo designs are one of the most unconventional places to get the design on. It is a very colorful design so it looks pretty vibrant too. A lot of attention has been paid towards the detailing of the tattoo design. The main colors that have been used are green and black for the extra detailing make it look very realistic. It is a huge tattoo so I am assuming it might have taken a lot of time to perfect the design.

  • Flower Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo Designs

The wearer has got this marijuana leaf design on his or her lower back. One additional element that has been added to this leaf is the text with “one love” written on it which is one of the most common texts when it comes to weed tattoo designs. The words are written in a very stylish manner. It looks very flowery and you can add more such elements to the design.

  • Ear Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Behind the ear is a great placement option if you want to get something short and simple. Many people get small tattoos like musical notes, hearts, butterflies, flowers, etc done behind their ears. Weed tattoo design is also a very welcoming idea because it is pretty small. It looks amazing and the best part is that it is not too much visible and you can make it visible on special occasions. This way, you can keep it private.

  • Full Back Marijuana Tattoo Designs

marijuana tattoo

This full back tattoo is majestic, we must say. It is grand but the best part about it is that the design has not been made very complicated by adding different elements or detailing. The only ink that has been used is black ink. It is a big design but done in a very simple manner. The little word on the bottom represents nature and love for rit.

  • Dragon Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo Designs

It is not necessary that weed tattoos got to have a very apparent representation of a marijuana leaf. Many people use indirect methods to represent what they want. Here the tattoo is done on a full sleeve with a giant green dragon and smoke all around him. The weed is represented by other objects and not by the presence of the leaf.

  • Wrist Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo Designs

This is a simple weed leaf tattoo done on the wrist of the wearer. Seems like there is also something written below the leaf but is not quite visible. It all depends upon you if you want to add some text to clarify your tattoo design or present some deep thoughts on it. This design, overall, is very simple and neat. The whole design looks very beautiful.

  • Ankle Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo Designs

The ankle is one of the most common parts to get a tattoo, especially by girls. So if you are a girl interested in getting a weed tattoo, you know that ankle is one of the places that you can seriously consider. It all depends on what kind of size you want for your tattoo so that it would look perfect on your placement option. The design in the picture looks very feminine.

  • Shoulder Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Shoulder tattoos are popular because not only doe sit provide with ample space for the tattoo artist to work on, but from here the design is pretty visible too. You can choose any size of design that you want. There are so many more elements that you can add to this design so that it can cover half the arm too.

  • Bob Marley Marijuana Tattoo Designs

marijuana tattoo

The Bob Marley design is the second-best option after the leaf design. You can see this tattoo design too, even here, Bob Marley is surrounded by weed leaves and himself smoking a joint. He is the man behind the smoking revolution. Rumor even has it that he literally took a marijuana bud with him in his grave.

  • Colorful Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

A colorful tattoo always brings vibrance to the tattoo design. This design of marijuana leaf is also very funny because it is done in a very caricaturish way. The leaf has a very evil look. In fact, there is a text written right below the leaf that says that marijuana is a devil’s lettuce. Now, that’s hilarious, isn’t it?

  • Black and White Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo 31

This tattoo represents a hand holding a joint and smoke emerging out of it. It also shows a little twinkling sparkle around the smoke making it feel as if the smoke is magical. This is a very simple marijuana tattoo design that is done by using just black ink. It is the simplicity of this design that makes it charming too.

  • Marijuana Smoke Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This marijuana tattoo design represents the weed leaves encompassed by a very unnatural looking smoke cloud done with light purple color. The green and purple colors look very contrasting and the whole design, overall, has a great look at it. The wearer had it made on his shoulder which is pretty apt for its size too.

  • Pineapple Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This design might seem very harmless and sweet at first. It is only a pineapple design, after all, sin;t it? However, if you look more closely, it is a subtle way of incorporating marijuana leaf into a pineapple. The upper crown of the pineapple is actually the marijuana leaf that has been hidden beautifully. If you want something sly for your tattoo design, I bet this one is perfect for you.

  • Marijuana Tattoo Designs on Mid Riff

Marijuana Tattoo

For girls, this placement idea is pretty cool because the marijuana leaf design sits perfectly at the spot. You do not need to get many colors incorporated in the design but can just use the traditional black ink to make it look classy. Keep a look at the details of this design. It is perfectly done.

  • Small Marijuana Tattoo Designs on Leg

Marijuana Tattoo

This is a small marijuana tattoo design that is made just near the ankle. The ankle is a good placement option for small tattoo designs. The shaded portion gives a 3D effect and it is quite true that a lot of efforts go into achieving this look. However, the end result is pretty fantastic as is quite visible from the picture.

  • Amazing Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This is a classy design that you can get at almost any part of the body. The black and white design looks very elegant and real too. It has the ability to transport you into a new time zone. The same is true for the exact same design that you have seen in this picture too. Therefore, if you want something timeless, I suggest you ditch the colors this very time.

  • Full Arm Realistic Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This is a very real description of a marijuana tattoo design. The girl’s face is depicted so beautifully that it almost looks like a portrait ha been made using just a black ink pen. The girl seems pretty dejected int his picture which could be due to some hardships in her life. This tattoo can serve as a token of remembrance for such times if you have had any.

  • Cool Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

Who needs a hand when a marijuana leaf is itself capable of holding a smoking hot joint by itself. This is a very cool and trendy marijuana leaf design just like the peace sign one which people usually make on their skins. The colors look vibrant and beautiful. Although the wearer got this tattoo on his leg, you can get this tattoo made on your arm too.

  • Marijuana Tattoo Designs With Vibrant Colors

Marijuana Tattoo

The colors on this tattoo design are pretty vibrant and make the tattoo pop out even more. So if you have multiple tattoos, a tattoo like this would definitely shine through. This tattoos design contains all the components of marijuana design. So if you want something cool, this design is it.

  • Realistic and Colorful Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

One can only imagine how much detail and time and effort must have gone into this piece of work because not only does it look highly realistic, but aesthetically pleasing too. The colors look very vibrant, making this tattoo design an instant masterpiece. The arms are a great placement idea for such a design because it is easily visible from this part.

  • Caricature Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This is the 420 tattoo design which also points toward the marijuana tattoo ideas. 420, as previously explained, is also related to weed because of the April 4 as the national weed day. I like this design because it shows the same sentiment in a very creative and caricaturish way without using many elements or colors int the design.

  • Marijuana Tattoo Designs on Neck

Marijuana Tattoo

Instead of a man rolling joint or a huge green piece of marijuana leaf right ta the center, this tattoo design has a beautifully done 420 design on the neck. The tattoo is huge enough to cover the whole neck. The background looks as if the smoke has encompassed the whole figure giving it a very mysterious effect.

  • Marijuana Tattoo Designs on Each Leg

Marijuana Tattoo

Another very imaginative and creative idea to show the marijuana inspired tattoo design without directly showcasing a rolled joint or a marijuana leaf. This design shows two hands on each leg with roman letters combining to form the digits 420. I like how little dots have been made all over the hands to give it a sort of texture.

  • Small Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This little marijuana leaf design is super cute. It resembles a glass crystal in the shape of a marijuana leaf. The leg is a great area for such a small design. If you look closely, the Adidas symbol resembles the marijuana design and together they look very trendy. So if you have a similar set of shoes, you know what you have to do next.

  • Pizza Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

Pizza is known to be the best high foods that are preferred by the people after getting wasted. The greasy, gooey, cheesy goodness is a favorite of people after smoking up some joint. Incorporating two favorites in one picture is a pretty smart idea. So if pizza is your favorite late-night snack too, this is something you can get inspired from.

  • Straight Out of Beaker Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This design has too many elements. It has beautiful and vibrant colors along with many different elements of marijuana too. The design also incorporated some geometrical designs that make the image look very trendy. Right at the center of the beaker is a  big and green marijuana leaf. The design brings the scientific and spiritual together.

  • High Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This looks like a very simple and straightforward design with a rolled joint on the leg. However, what makes it unique is the quote that is written on it, “the sun is high, so am I.” Adding some text is always a good idea when you want a simple design but not too many elements in it.

  • Ribbon Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

Just like adding texts is a great idea, you can enhance it by adding the text inside a ribbon. This is a great way to make your design a bit more collaborative. The wearer has also decided to use some bright and vibrant colors to make the design more attractive. The wrist is a good placement option.

  • Addicted to Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This is a small and sweet marijuana tattoo with some colors and text. The tattoo is small but it is still very attractive. If you do not want something collaborative, try getting a design like this with a few variations to personalize your tattoo.

  • Colorful Bob Marley Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This is a Bob Marley tattoo design who is considered one of the biggest proponents of weed and marijuana. He has been associated a lot with music and spirituality too. So if you are interested in either of the three things, this tattoo is a perfect one for you. The design in itself looks very realistic.

  • Black and White Bob Marley Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

The best part about getting a portrait tattoo is that it is always very realistic. Even though this tattoo design has no colors and is only done in black ink, this design looks very realistic. In this tattoo, Bob Marley, the biggest icon of smoking weed or marijuana is seen smoking a joint too.

  • Marijuana Tattoo Designs for Full Arm

Marijuana Tattoo

Although this design has developed a color palette, this looks pretty grim. This does not have very vibrant colors and the choices of colors are based upon the looks of the design. So if you want to make your design look more realistic, you might try using natural ink colors instead do vibrant shades.

  • Lime and Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

Honestly, you can add any sort of elements that you want with your marijuana tattoo design because you are responsible for getting a permanent design on your skin. But, think it through before you get anything or you might regret that later. Find special ways to make your design look more unique.

  • Marijuana Bud Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

It looks as if the marijuana bud is encompassed by a fire. The colors are very deep and look very vibrant in the design. The whole design does not really give a natural feeling but looks a bit cartoonish because of the color choices. It totally depends on you how you want to depict your tattoo.

  • Colorful Bud of Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This colorful bud of marijuana that is inked by this wearer is very unique, especially, unlike many of the designs you saw on this list. The colors are very psychedelic and different but that is the totally unique thing about this one that makes it different from other designs. Looking at this tattoo design gives a very trippy effect.

  • Scissors and Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

Just like I mentioned before, there is no end to the kind of elements you add. It all depends on you if you want to add related or very unrelated elements. The thing is, this tattoo is going to be on your skin so it is essential that you are satisfied with your design choices. Make sure about the color choices too.

  • Evil Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This is a very grumpy looking marijuana bush. This design is very cute and unique at the same time because it is in the form of a caricature. The grumpy marijuana pot is smoking a joint himself which is a great illustration. I love how his eyes are literally popping out. This looks like the work of a great artist. Notice how the smoke is going upwards.

  • Minion and Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

Many people get a minion inspired tattoo on their skin, because why not/ They are extremely adorable. And probably because they will be a great excuse to get out of the whole marijuana situation too! However, this whole designs super cool as it ha sone o the funniest and most admirable cartoon character in it. Try something like this if you want a lively tattoo design on your skin.

  • Mary Jane Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo 32

Mary is a biblical name meaning ‘bitterness’. Jane means ‘gracious’ or ‘merciful’ and can also mean ‘gift from God’. However, in the informal sense, it is referred to as or we can even say the nickname of consuming marijuana. That is exactly why many people choose to get a Mary Jane tattoo as an indirect reference to the marijuana tattoo design.

  • Nurse and Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This nurse or as we informally know it as Mary Jane marijuana tattoo has very vibrant designs and so it looks very appealing. This design has a nurse smoking a joint which is very symbolic. Notice the flowers that she is surrounded by, It adds a bit of mysticism and femininity to the whole design. The deep colors are also working their magic.

  • Looney Tunes Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

We have all watched Looney Tunes when we were kids (and some probably still do!) and we all know this rouge named Taz, who was always the nip of the bud when it came to any problems. In this image, we see a very different and slightly evil side of him with some pot in his hand. The colors are very well defined and the strokes re just right to make it look pretty realistic.

  • Marijuana Tattoo Designs With DNA

Marijuana Tattoo

I like how the chemical composition of the marijuana added with the structure of human DNA. It can be a symbol of the fact that marijuana is in the blood of this wearer. Or it can mean many different things for different people. The most attractive part is, of course, the watercolor effect that has been added to this otherwise normal design. This makes all the difference.

  • Chemical Composition of Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This is a very simple chemical composition the marijuana that is done on the upper side of the chest. If you love something, it is absolutely not necessary to add many elements or make the design complex. It is a great idea to keep things simple and undistorted. It added a timeless quality to the design.

  • Both Arms Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

While a simple marijuana chemical component is OK, this elaborated and detailed version of marijuana leaves is on the next level. I am assuming that this tattoo design might have tested the wearer’s as well as the artist’s patience levels. It might have taken a very long time and a lot of precision to take it to this point. Although, all that patience was certainly worth it because it looks super awesome.

  • Purple Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

The shades of purple, blue, and green make the design look like it is from some other galaxy and a totally different world. The whole design is a reflection of a galaxy-themed feeling. If you feel the same after smoking a pot or visualize similar colors or feel as if you are out of this world, this tattoo design would be the correct presentation for you.

  • Marijuana Tattoo Designs Madness

Marijuana Tattoo

For someone who is a self-proclaimed addict, this tattoo design suits them the best. It is a very direct and easy tattoo design without any complex elements added to it. This design is great for someone who wants to keep things pretty simple and straightforward.

  • Wicked Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

Once again, this design with all its colors looks very out of the world. It has all the psychedelic colors which will make your head spin. Using such colors are very appropriate to the theme and makes the tattoo design stand out. This design particularly has many such aspects to it which makes it different from the usual marijuana tattoo designs.

  • Colorful and Tribal Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

Itis a very colorful marijuana leaf design that is done with the brightest colors possible. Yellow and shades of green add a different contrast to the whole concept. The addition of red add the feeling of fire and components of smoke are also to be seen in the design. This design is very similar to abstract designs.

  • Forever Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

It looks like this wearer is not going to say goodbye to marijuana till death doe them apart. This is a very similar situation like that of Bob Marley who is said to have taken some marijuana with him to his grave. So if you share the same passion and enthusiasm, adding such words as ‘forever’, or ‘always’ is a great idea.

  • Marijuana Tattoo Designs With Text

Marijuana Tattoo

The punch line that the wearer has added along with this design is very creative and sly. The lines, although written in such confusing font, reads, ‘Best Budy’ which is a reference to marijuana bud that he has chosen to get inked on his skin. The colors of the buds are very attractive. Purple and green is a great combination of such weed design.

  • Simple Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

Honestly, this looks like a Japanese flag, so you either got to be in Japan to get something like this! Jokes apart, this tattoo looks very good with a red circular background. The background resembles a sun that gives more power and strength to this design. The design is nothing over the top, but the creative outlook makes all the difference.

  • Black Border Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This seems like a simple marijuana leaf tattoo wth black border, but this wearer has creatively added some texture to the simple border to take a look a bit different from the usual leaf designs. So if you share similar thoughts and have a creative bent of mind, probably even you can think so something like this to make your marijuana leaf appear different from others.

  • Detailed Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

Although a bit cartoon-like in looks, because of the bright colors and the dark outline, this tattoo has a very neat look. It is also very attractive just because of these aforementioned reasons. I particularly like how the wearer has chosen to give background to the leaf so that it pops out even more.

  • Marijuana Bud Tattoo Designs On Shoulder

Marijuana Tattoo

The shoulder is a great placement option or a medium-sized tattoo like its Marijuana buds and leaves together. The colors that have been used ar every grave and dark. It gives a bit of a natural effect to the whole image.

  • Galaxy Inspired Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This design is literally out of this world. It actually looks like it has been inspired by Illuminati because of the whole galaxy-themed colors and the fact that it is incorporated in a very stylish rhombus shaped box. The overall looks very stylish and trendy and would not fail to catch a lot of attention.

  • Marijuana Pot Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This can be said to be the simplest of the marijuana tattoo design ideas that are probably available on this list. It might not be a simple chemical composition of weed, but it is equally minimalistic. The colors are very basic and it even looks a little cartoonist. However, if you wish to go basic, this one might be perfect for you.

  • Caduceus Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

The caduceus is the universal symbol of Hermes and highlights two snakes coiling around a usually feathered wand. It is frequently wrongly employed as a representation of medicine instead of the Rod of Asclepius, notably in the United States of America. Because marijuana has many medicinal properties and has been anciently used as a medicine, this design seems pretty appropriate. The colors are very vibrant and give the design a cool look.

  • Shaded Marijuana Tattoo Designs

Marijuana Tattoo

This marijuana leaf tattoo designs fille din with black ink completely. It also has a very dark black background and the outlines done with white ink. That is the unique part of the whole design because you can notice a reversal of the function of colors. Anyway, it looks pretty mysterious and stylish at the same time.

  • Marijuana Tattoo Designs on Hand

Marijuana Tattoo

The hand is a great place to showcase any tattoo design. The best part about the hand tattoo is that it doe snot have to be too huge to be visible. It can be small and still be pretty visible. This marijuana leaf design is very creative because you might notice someone smoking a joint right inside the leaf.

  • Marijuana Tattoo Designs of Bob Marley

Marijuana Tattoo

This last design once again features Bob Marley done in black and white ink and smoking a joint with utmost pleasure. If you have been inspired by him, there is no reason why you must not consider getting a Bob Marley marijuana tattoo design either.

Overall, whatever tattoo design you might choose for yourself, just know that getting a tattoo is a decision that must not be taken very lightly because it is a permanent aspect of your skin once you get it and the second reasons because getting a marijuana tattoo would be pretty controversial especially if you live in a conservative society. It goes without saying that such a decision must not be taken in a haste and under anyone else’s influence.

The only reason you must be getting this tattoo is when you can accept the fact that many people would not be happy about your tattoo choices and you may have o face a lot of criticism for that too.

Apart from this, weed tattoos have increased in popularity by leaps and bounds with more and more people choosing to get such controversial tattoos inked on their skins. There are numerous designs where you choose your unique design. The marijuana tattoo has a lot of significance as we have discussed at the beginning of this article. Getting such tattoos comes with great responsibility and must not be used as a medium of violence at any cost. It is a great medium if you want to express your views and opinions of things like freedom, etc.

That was all about the 65+ marijuana tattoos designs, its significance for many people, and some extremely cool ideas to try for yourself!

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