Duncan Hunter’s Tattoos & Their Meanings

Congressman Duncan D. Hunter represents California’s 50th Congressional District consisting of East and Northern County San Diego. In 2008, Hunter was elected to his first term in the House of Representatives, succeeding his father, Duncan L. Hunter, who retired after serving 14 consecutive terms in Congress.

Duncan Hunter Tattoos

California Representative Duncan Hunter has two half-sleeves complete, one on each arm. He got his first tattoo after joining the Marines, and therefore he continued to add more new tats to his collection. He used to visit tattoo artist multiple times. At Marine, he said that he started getting a tattoo at the beginning of each deployment, a practice which he has carried forward with his brother. “Every deployment I’d gotten a tat, so when he deployed, I got my last one,” said Hunter. Basically, a former Marine Corps officer who has tattoos on his arms to commemorate his three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Congressman Hunter and his wife Margaret Hunter live in Alpine, California. They are the proud parents of three children: Duncan, Elizabeth, and Sarah. His wife has encouraged him to get more tattoos, including the one on his forearm.

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