Top 10 Tattoo Artists in Pune

No matter if it is your first or the tenth tattoo, what is important is the fact that you can find a great tattoo artist with amazing skills to do it. Only a good tattoo artist can breathe life into your imagination and this list is made to find the best tattoo artist in Pune for you.

A tattoo is something that forms a great souvenir and one can make it even though it is pretty painful. Yet the results are pretty stunning and it is something that you will treasure for life. The tattoo artists in Pune are pretty amazing as they have hygienic studios, amazing designs, and will make you feel comfortable if it is your first time getting inked.

If you are planning to get inked anytime soon, here’s a list of 10 amazing tattoo artists that you can choose to get inked from.

1. Anand Chadwick (Andy)- Inklab Tattoo Studio

This is one of the coveted studios in the city with Anand Chadwick as the main man. He is more popularly called Andy who is said to be nothing less than a magician. His talent and skills are unsurpassable. His previous and first tattoo studio was located in North Mian Riad in Koregaon Park. The Inkalab Tattoo Studio offers a lot of varied services that you can choose from, the best counseling and advice related to tattoos, touch-ups, cover-ups, and extensions. The awesome studio is the emerging Tattoo Revolution in the center of Pune, Inkalab aspires to be Pune’s most drastic Tattoo Studio.

His skills and his talents as a great reminder to people that one can easily get a unique tattoo at their disposal. For him, it has become a formula that requires a lot of permutation and combinations. For him, the internet is a place that is filled with petitions of tattoo designs that have been drowned in the beauty of design without any knowledge of the significance of it. However, many artists have emerged from the same branch of tattoos that do not have definite imagery.

But for him, tattoos were out of sight since he was a kid. He explains his concept of saying,

“I don’t come from a family where tattoos were normal. No one in my family had tattoos. My Sister has one now, but that’s only because I tattooed her a few years ago. I didn’t have any tattoo influences as a youngster. I just saw them on other people in the street and in magazines. I’m talking about Rock or Metal magazines. I went to see bands play, whenever I could as a teenager in the late 90’s.I knew I loved tattoos but I never ever could have predicted just how major a role they would have in my life. Despite pre-conceived ideas about the kind of people that wore them, I made my mind up fairly early in my teens that I was going to get tattoos. My parents caught on pretty quick and tried to steer me in another direction but it was already in my head. I don’t even know how to explain it… I suppose you can’t explain it to anyone who isn’t enthusiastic about tattoos. I wanted to cover my body in tattoos and that was that. I was suddenly cutting out all kinds of pictures relating to tattoos, anything I could find and pinning them to my bedroom walls and have never stopped since then.”

Anand has been tattooing his clients for over ten years now and he knows for sure that he will be inking people for the rest of their lives. The basic price for a black ink tattoo is Rs 2,000 / square inch.

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2. Hitesh and Michael- Guns Artwork Tattoo

Guns Art Tattoo Studio has been operational for more than 12 years and is the best place to go if you want shading, 3D, spay, or illusion tattoos. This tattoos studio is located in Koregaon Park, which has a lot of foreign clients too. This place is also very hygienic and they maintain their cleanliness levels. No matter how complicated your design is, they can handle it all. They also do body piercing and can make dreadlocks!

GunsArtwork was established on 16th January 2006 in the popular Lane A of North Main Road, Koregaon Park, which claims the counterparts of German Bakery and the ‘O’ Hotel.

In fact, the owner claims that they have built it up from the scratch and that too with quality. In his words, “We’re popular for a reason; we have built our loyal following on the high quality of our work and our hygiene standards. We have an array of experienced tattoo artists who charge as per their experience and expertise.”

All their needles and equipment are single-use, and other contact equipment are Autoclave and Ultrasonic incapacitated. And the team is also very talented in assisting you with any kind of questions that you have so if you are a first-timer or a 10th timer, the team will handle it pretty smoothly for you. They have a beautiful portfolio made where they have shown their custom works.

Although they do welcome walk-ins they recommend a prior appointment because they work on a complete first come first serve basis. They also have a person who is responsible for piercing. Inking may be skin deep, but their importance, most usually, goes much more profound. Body art is a method of self-interpretation, but the recurring themes can often tell something more intense about the wearer.

With this being said I think that the people at Guns Artwork Tattoos are proud of their reputation of making the clients comfortable and making them feel right about their situation. Their continuous aim is to attempt and make every idea change into an “ink” entity. The artists here have a broad variety of techniques and hobbies and are free and accessible to work with you on designing your subsequent or the very original part of body art.

The tattoo studio is set in the popular evergreen region of Koregaon Park, Pune, began methods in January 2006 and since then, we have been transforming the art of designs by promoting excellent levels of creativity and skill. Guns Artwork Tattoos brags of being one of the most experienced and most appreciated tattoo ateliers in Pune. The senior-most professional (and partner), Hitesh, is well recognized in the tattoo artists’ organization. The professionals have provided to the calls of plenty of customers who have appreciated and admired these beautiful mapping of designs on the skin.

​They even have thousands of designs in their portfolio and the customers can look and get inspired by these designs and make the same one upon request.

Here’s some essential information that they give out and which you must take into consideration before going to Guns Art Tattoo Studio.

  • They are open seven days a week.

  • Walk-ins always welcome (subject to availability)

  • Proper id required for minors

  • Consultations are free

  • Fully hygienic and process-oriented

  • Cash & all major credit cards accepted (sorry, no checks or money orders)

Hitesh, the owner of the Guns Art Tattoo Studio is a versatile artist and enjoys many techniques of tattooing. Dot-work is his favorite and he loves doing old school designs too. He is also great at covering up a bad tattoo that you regret. He also has a keen sense of creativity in turning a novice tattoo idea into something significant and meaningful. He also loves to combine different elements and put them together in a big design.

His passion is making huge tattoos but he also does amazing small tattoo designs. Another of his passion besides tattoo making is that he loves to play games!

Michael or what he loves to calls himself, Mike has his forte in art, every kind like painting, graffiti, mix medium/pen/ink illustrations particularly realistic pencil sketches. He tried to calm his passion by choosing to study computer applications but as soon as he got in he got out knowing that it is not his cup often. He then took part in communication design with a  specialization in Graphic design. For him, when he is not making tattoos, his passion lies in painting graffiti on the wall.

You can also discover his Grafitti work in Viman Nagar, Pune. He has some hired graffiti/mural designs to his credence while operating for labels like Marrakesh (Undri, Pune) and High Octane, Season’s Mall (Hadapsar, Pune). Before entering GunsArtwork Tattoos, Mike did his training and picked his tattoo skills under the management of tattoo artist Anil Menon and Rollen Lasrdo.

The starting price at Guns Art Tattoo Studio is Rs 2,000 / square inch.

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3. Ankit Malik- Kit’s Tattoo Studio

pune tattoo studio

Kit’s Tatto Studio is owned by Ankit Malik who graduated from Fergusson College Pune and has more than a decade of experience in the industry of tattooing. He has more than 1000 clients. Kit’s Tatto Studio was founded on the 6th of Oct,2013. A year later, Kit’s Tatto Studio now has a cafe which is called Cafe Creamy Day and is also supporting a start-up enterprise to find its roots and destination. Ankit strives to be the most reliable and expects to get a more challenging task to determine his merit.

Ankit Malik is yet another one of the best master tattoo artists who fell in admiration for tattooing back in 2006. With more than 1000 customers, he has made his atelier skilled in innovative ideas that make him famous amongst his patrons. Best of all, his tattoos are not as expensive as the rest of the tattoo studios that you will find in Pune. He is excellent at welcoming his customer’s requirements and replicating them to the best. He has two studios in Pune, one in Aundh and the other in Vishrantwadi.

pune tattoo studio

The prices for Kit’s Tatto Studio’s basic black tattoo start at Rs 700 / square inch which is pretty reasonable as you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get a small tattoo design. It is much cheaper and more amazing than many other tattoo studios that are hyped and would leave you with debt because honestly, tattoos can be pretty expensive!

  • Shop Name: Kit’s Tatto Studio
  • Address: Aundh Branch Address: Shop No 9, Sayali Terraces, ITI Road, Opp. Deutsche Bank, Aundh, Pune-07; Dhanori Branch Address: Shop No 8-9, Goodwill Square, Near Canara Bank, Dhanori Road, Vishrantwadi.
  • Contact: 9823420840, 080876 21939
  • Email[email protected]
  • FacebookKit’s Tatto Studio
  • InstagramKit’s Tatto Studio
  • Website:
  • Timings: Mon to Sun 11 am to 9 pm

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4. Sameer Patange- Kraayonz Tattoo Studio

pune tattoo studio

The name Krayoonz has actually a pretty great story behind it. The founder of the studio, Sameer Patange came up with his name after he worked solo for years, and then when he wanted to establish his own studio in 2007, the name suddenly cropped up when he decided to go back to his childhood and ponder about his biggest influence in life. It might sound pretty kiddish but crayons seem like a good inspiration o begin with. Crayons were one o the former expressive tool in his life to which he decided to give an identity. Besides this, he did not really want an exceptionally fancy name but something that every man could relate it to. Thus he improved upon the name crayons and created the word “Kraayonz” out of it.

pune tattoo studio

Created and conducted by one of the most sophisticated fame in the Indian tattoo industry, Sameer Patange and his team at Kraayonz happens to be if not the most significant, but a brand to be reckoned with. The name was motivated by a concrete crayon which was Sameer’s first tool that conceded him to display his aesthetic side. Little by little, Krayoonz has made a name for itself and three studios have cropped up in cities like Mumbai, Goa, and Bangalore. His clientele flourishes of some of the most significant names in B-Town including Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, and Urmila Matondkar to name a few. The price for the most basic black ink tattoo starts at Rs 2,000 / square inch.

Kraayonz Tattoo Studio is one of the oldest in the whole country and not just in Bangalore (where it was first established) but it has studios in major cities of the country with their upcoming locations yet to be placed. Sameer Patange is truly a celebrity artist and thus his label already has an authenticated name. He is an expert in many varieties of tattoo forms right from old school to new school look. His team and in-house staff consist of personalities who have been prepared by Pradeep Menon (the creator of Dark Arts the Tattoo Studio) and Patange himself.

pune tattoo studio

Although Kraayonz has been recognized for its skills in a vast assortment of techniques, it has become especially famous for its abstract tattoos and innovative use of colors which is also a skill that Patange shines in. The staff which is placed here also excels in dot work and complex patterns.

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5. Saurabh Pardesi aka Sabby- Sabby’s Tattoo Studio

You can not just make a list of tattoo studios in Pune and not include Saby’s in it. It is one of the most popular tattoo parlors in the city which was opened in 1998. It can be said to be one of the oldest in town. Sabby’s Tattoo Studio is clean and hygienic and the artists are skilled enough too. They are also very skilled and make their artwork very precisely. You can also get any kind of body piercing, jewelry, and apparel. They have three branches straight in the city itself in Koregaon Park, M.G Road, and F. C Road.

Sabby’s Tattoo Studio has been a quality studio and has remained consistent since 1998. The artists there realize the same and the owner comments,

We take great pride in our work and our artists are one of the most talented the area has to offer to you. Accordingly to us, body art is very personal to every individual. To make your body art stand out, we give great attention to every detail like careful application, professional application approach. We utilize a variety of different methods and techniques that ensure the result will be something you can be proud of. In addition to tattoos, we also offer body jewelry, t­shirts, hoodies, and much more.

At Sabby’s Tattoo studio, not only will you find the best tattoo artists in the town but also the kind of experience that is worth it. Although it indeed takes a good leader to move the team ahead they give the credit to their clients. It is through them that they are any different or unique. Their team also has a passion for different kinds of art forms that are unique. In the words of Sabby, “The passion bonds our team so closely which also helps serves the customer and grow together. We just want your best, first, or the only tattoo! Our artists are certified, licensed, and downright magical. We are waiting and willing to make your tattoo dreams a reality!”

Saurabh Pardesi is better known as Sabby and was born in 1980. Since the time he was born, he was very creative and artistic from a young age. He commenced his profession as a tattoo artist in the early nineties when he got an excuse to learn the art of tattoos at a London-based Tattoo studio. After arriving back from London he trained and comprehended the art by himself. Sabby’s abiding hunt for education and maturity consolidated with his enthusiasm for the art form makes him different and distinct. He likes to develop his artistic tissue every day. For Sabby, making ink and creating illustrations is a way of life, and part of his everyday reality.

Pune owes a lot to Sabby as he is the guide of the tattooing art here. He was the one to build one of the first tattoo salons in Pune. Sabby works quite intimately with his consumers to guarantee that everyone starts with a sole souvenir. Sabby can do various techniques in tattooing and prides himself in not only providing his patrons a prominent tattoo but a fabulous overall experience. He is also an enthusiastic photographer and loves his snapshotting of snakes.

He loves to develop custom tattoos the best and has developed a warm and friendly environment for his clients which is best for creating the kind of art that the client will cherish for a lifetime. Sabby’s Tattoo Studio is huge, spacious, and sparkling. “At the studio, we, not the only tattoo but have our own range of apparel and accessories. We are also into body piercing,” Sabby extends.

The price of getting a basic black ink tattoo design at Sabby’s Tattoo Studio starts at Rs 1,500 / square inch

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6. Deekay Vj- Deekay’s Iron Hand Tattoo Studio

Best for first-timers, Deekay’s Tattoo Studio is all about giving great service. He enjoys providing each customer with the highest priority. Deekay understands that a tattoo should describe the character of a person uniquely and sits with the customers to come up with different and novel designs that truly transform thought into existence. Deekay started his studio to direct his love for art and creativity. Be it tribal, realism Celtic, or traditional designs, he is furnished to replicate it all.

Deekay’s Iron Hand Tattoo, Art, and Training Studio are opened every day except for Mondays. They are opened six days a week to meet all the artistic requirements that you might have. They have their training studio too where they teach all that they know. Established at Pimple Saudager, Pune, Deekay’s extends a full range of tattoo and artistic creativity training services in a licensed, hygienic environment. Not sure what to ink? Deekay’s Iron Hand knows and is pleased to program personalized discussions to make sure you get the tattoo or education that is the best for you.

This Studio came to life to give the client a concrete, relaxing, and special tattooing and piercing encounter.

According to Deekay, it is all about customer experience, and in his words,

Having seen customer experience in street shops, I decided to open a studio that is more quiet and comforting. Here, customers come to get tattooed, or for a free consultation, mostly by appointments, thus eliminating the confusion and chaos created by the walk-in only business of a traditional street shops. I have strived to create a welcoming environment for any customer to come in and relax. There is also plenty of space for customers to bring friends who can share in their experience. At Deekays studio, the customer is catered to with the utmost importance. When I meet with a customer, he/she is my top priority, regardless of the size of the tattoo. Therefore, the studio is ideal for not only first-timers but tattoo veterans as well.

Deekay’s Studio is more than a tattoo & piercing shop; it is an event to be cherished.

Deekay’s Iron Hand Tattoo Studio brings the fine art expertise of Deepak VJ who has been a part of many exhibitions and uses his creative side to enhance your tattoo-making experience and caters to your needs. He believed in novel experiences for each customer. Before opening Deekay’s Iron Hand Tattoo Studio, he worked in the IT industry as a software project manager and achieved his degree in MBA from Symbiosis international university. He uses this knowledge of customer relationship and service marketing in his workshop so that every client is given the utmost preference and exposure to be treasured. At Deekay’s Iron Hand Tattoo Studio, you can feel being part of Deekay’s unparalleled identity, listening to music, reading books with a cup of coffee, and of course, an ongoing tattoo session that you will probably never forget.

The price for the most basic black ink tattoo at Deekay’s Iron Hand Tattoo Studio starts at Rs 1,000 / square inch

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7. Swapnil- King Tattooz

pune tattoo studio

Amongst the famous tattoo artists and studios in the city, King Tattooz, in NIBM  is doing a great business of building patterns on human skin by applying needles and colors, typically what inking is all about. King Tattooz came into being in 2011 and since then the artists here have mastered the art and catered to their clients pretty successfully. Now, they do have a list of clients. King Tattooz specializes in all kinds of tattooing including 2D tattoos, 3D tattoos, illusion tattoos, shaded tattoos, permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos, spray tattoos, and biomechanical tattoos. The price for the most basic black ink tattoo design at King Tattooz starts at Rs 850 / square inch.

pune tattoo studio

Swapnil, the man behind this tattoo studio who was always fascinated by the visual arts. He started his tattoo journey inside a small room at his own house where he used to design and illustrate custom designs and catered to his audience and client’s tastes.
King Tattooz Studio based in Pune allows you endless ideas to pick from and you can also customize your own tattoo according to your tendency, concern, and emotions. They also make sure that they have top-notch levels of cleanliness, security, and work with the most reliable of tattoo equipment.

Tattoo Artist in Jaipur

At King Tattooz, the boxed needles are opened right in front of the customer and you can even take them home as ya souvenir because they believe that getting a tattoo is a beautiful experience and can create the memory of a lifetime. They also offer styles and designs such as Ambigrams, Logos, and modern art of painting like Graffiti. The Tattoo Artist has a crazy quantity of expertise in making all kinds of Tattoos. They do entertain walk-ins but they suggest making a prior appointment so that there is no ruckus as they work on a first come first serve basis.

  • Shop Name: King Tattooz
  • Address: King Tattooz, Shop No 13, Sunshree Suntec, Near Bliss Cafe, NIBM-Salunkhe Vihar Road, Kondhwa, Pune, Maharashtra 411048
  • Contact: 9822969232
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: King Tattooz 
  • Website:
  • Timings: Mon to Sun 11.30 am to 8 pm

Location on Google Maps:

8. Amit Kotle- Tattoos 1960

If minimalist and abstract tattoos are something that you like, Tattoos 1960 at Koregaon Park is the site for you. Their consideration of the smallest of features is pretty awesome. The best component is they give the most attention to what the client needs, and solely devise on that to bring out a perfect treasure. They really believe in listening to their customers, as they say, “A tattoo is a chapter of your being and we know that it matters to you. When we define it through our art, it should mirror what you think. Utmost care is taken about the equipment and quality of our supplies not only while tattooing but also for taking care of it later.”

pune tattoo studio

The name of their studio, Tattoos 1960 is actually inspired by the history of tattoo art and its evolution. The year 1960 is particularly important in the year of tattoo evolution. Inking has been increased steadily since the invention of electrical machines and equipment. It was not till the year 1960s that the way the tattoo was perceived was radically changed. The Tattoo Rennaisance commenced in the late 50s and was influenced by several kinds of artists especially, Lyle Tuttle, Cliff f Raven, Don Nolan, Zeke Owens, Spider Webb, and Don Ed Hardy.

The second formation of professionals, guided by the first, continued these beliefs into the 1970s and involved experts such as Bob Roberts, Jamie Summers, and Jack Rudy. According to the owner of Tattoos 1960, “This Part Of tattoo history and the story of an electric tattoo machine impressed us so much that we named ourselves as “Tattoos1960”. Until today Tattoos1960 is being loved like a family, we are not just a tattoo studio, we are home to imagination, creativity, and celebration.”

Now, Tattoos 1960 is one of the most beloved tattoo studios in India and has various follows on its social platforms too. They have more than 16 tattoo artists and piercers and they have more than 8 years of experience too. Tattoos1960 is currently set in all the top spots in many cities of India. Now they are serving at Tattoos1960 Magarpatta, Tattoos1960 Koregaon Park, Tattoos1960 Baner, Tattoos1960 Airoli. Tattoos 1960 is also working as a freelance vocation in all centers in India. They are known for their grittiest of perfecting skills but they keep on learning and perfecting their art further.

Tattoos 1960 is a top-rated adept tattoo studio founded originally in Pune, India. One of the best tattoo workshops in India with extremely trained and experienced tattoo artists & piercers. They will sit down with you and resolve any of your queries that you have. In the words of the owner, “We understand that at times you are skeptical about a lot of theories regarding tattooing. Hence we take pleasure in understanding and resolving your doubts, and we do it as a perk!”

They aim to bring in perfect comfort level for their customers and one can rely on them for complete guidance from getting a perfect design to making it on their skin and learning about the aftercare. They creatively express their ideas, especially through music. They believe that the whole experience should be enjoyed and take pride in making their art worthwhile.

They love to make a novel design such that it also caters to your own personal needs, In the words of the owner of Tattoos 1960, “When you come to us with the one we make sure that we understand the nuances of it. Each artist with their own personal style comes with a design that can best suit your vision. We won’t rest until we can get your ideas to reality.”

pune tattoo studio

Besides this, they also give a lot of time to maintaining the cleanliness of the studio. Their tattoo making process is also transparent. In their words, “Each tattoo is executed with a new setup every time for each client and we have put up a practice of using UV sterilizers and Steam-based sterilizers for the pieces of equipment that are reusable. This process is kept transparent and before the customers to verify.”

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9. Bulls Tattoo Studio

pune tattoo studio

Established on MG Road, Bulls Tattoo Studio is most popular for the 3D tattoos that they do, They are also skilled in black and grey tattoo designs and beautiful line work and dot work. It can be said to be a one-stop-shop for all the best tattoo services that you will require. They shop and its artists excel at making various kinds of designs especially Leo tattoos, dragon tattoos, and mandalas. The staff will also customize your previous tattoo and cover it up by modifying it.

Besides this, they also provide a great environment and high-quality service to work in without burning a hole in your pocket. Their specialty and skills lie in making styles such as Shiva, Eagle, Heart, Mandala, 3D, Jesus, Religious, Ganesha, Script, 3D, Animal, Portrait, Vishnu, Realism, Floral, Wolf, Geometric, Wildlife, Natural, Feather, Memorial, Black, and Grey & Asian Tattoos.

pune tattoo studio

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10. Sunny Bhanushali and Sameer Qureshi– Aliens Tattoo Studio

Aliens are established in Viman Nagar to redefine the whole meaning of tattoos. If you are someone who would like a chic and kickass story to go with your crazy cool tattoo design, Aliens Tattoo Studio would work the best for you. But why Pune? In the words of the owner, “The grandeur of Pune prompted us to choose a place that complemented its eternal beauty, and therefore we opted for Viman Nagar, one of the stylish and prominent areas. We didn’t stop here! We decided to build Aliens Tattoo in Pune without compromising the real estate parameter. The three-storied lavish bungalow is the result of our untiring efforts in this direction.”

Their extensive studio has 10 tattoo stations and a private space where one can just chill out, this tattoo studio has made a benchmark for all other tattoo studios not just in the city but the whole country. The beautiful environment and friendly setting is not the work of a single man but the whole team. Thus they come with a  great promise to provide the best to you.

Their specialty? Well, it lies in making the best and realistic kinds of tattoo designs. In their words “Even our minimalist tattoos look absolutely refreshing, just like a blooming flower. When it comes to photorealism or hyperrealism our customers swear that their tattoos literally talk to them. So, what makes these tattoos life like? The answer is perfect shading and impeccable, razor-sharp outlines.”

Their custom designs are especially to die for and I am sure they will give your 100 percent assistance when you go there to get etched.

The owner of the place, Sunny Bhanushali is acknowledged all over the world for his performance on photo-realistic tattoos, hyper-realistic tattoos, and conceptual tattoos based on Hindu Mythology. He is one of the scouts to effect realistic tattoos in India. He has acquired many prizes in several global convocations.

pune tattoo studio

Sunny Bhanushali’s conceptual designs and tattoos are placed in the first place on google searches because the demand for his work is huge and searched by people throughout the world. He has been starred in London’s top tattoo Magazine, i.e. Total Tattoo Magazine. He has been in the news and media on various occasions for his offering to the Indian Tattoo Industry. He is the patron of India’s first Tattoo School which is the Government acknowledged school called Aliens Tattoo School. He has assisted more than 600 artisans to assist them to acquire knowledge on advanced tattoo art and try tattooing as a profession through this school.

The team at Aliens Tattoo Studio understands that each tattoo design is special and important to the wearer and maintain its authenticity and originality. They look forward to collaborating with different kinds of artists who are skilled at a particular design and bring out the best to customize the design for their studio and their brand.

The device heads, Sunny Bhanushali and Sameer Qureshi, known as the Best Tattoo Designers, have designed multiple tattoo ideas that are positioned at the top on Google Images and Pinterest for the style. The designs are tailor-made to suit the clients’ tattoo concepts. Aliens Tattoo has been the guide to lead the Double Exposure tattoos in Indian tattoo culture.

pune tattoo studio

What do they understand about the tattoo? Learn what Sunny Bhanushali himself has to say:

It doesn’t matter if the tattoo request is small or huge, it’s about creativity and originality. It’s an experience to get a tattoo from Aliens Tattoo, it’s not just about inks and needles, it’s about connecting to our clients to a deeper level to understand the very core purpose and emotions attached to the tattoo, and bringing it to life in the form of tattoo design. Be it small tattoo ideas, tattoos for girls, tattoos for boys, or tattoos for men, we’ve executed some of the best kind of designs that you can find in our portfolio.

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