Ben Affleck’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt, popularly known as Ben Affleck is an American Actor, Film Director, and a Screenwriter. Apart from his profession, Ben is also famous for his mysterious and weird tattoos, which even he is regretful of. In an interview, he had revealed that he regrets all of his tattoos and does not even have a problem admitting it. He is even interested to get them removed by laser. Let’s explore Ben’s 5 tattoos along with their meanings.

Ben Affleck
Talking about his tattoos, Ben said “I was young. It was fun and cool,” he said. “I’m sorry nowbut it is a good lesson in decisions that have important and long repercussions.”

1. ‘DOLPHIN’ Tattoo

Ben Affleck Dolphin Tattoo

Tattoo: Ben has got a Dolphin inked on the extreme right of his lower back.
Meaning: Hardly ever seen in Ben’s pictures, this tattoo is the coverup over Ben’s previous tattoo which contained the name of his ex who was his High School Sweetheart.

2. ‘The Giant Phoenix’ Tattoo Ben Affleck Dolphin Tattoo

Tattoo: The colorful Phoenix Tattoo on Ben’s Back is the recent revelation.

Meaning: Ben came into notice when his GIANT tattoo was noticed while filming shirtless scenes for his Netflix movie, Triple Frontier. Earlier claiming it to be a fake tattoo, Ben proclaimed later that the Tattoo on his back is original and holds very important meaning for him. He calls it to be a “phoenix rising from his ass” tattoo.

“I’m very happy with it,” he said. “Luckily, I’m the one who has it.”Ben also added that the ink “represents something important to me.”

3. ‘OV’ Tattoo Ben Affleck OV Tattoo

Tattoo: Ben has a mysterious tattoo with ‘OV’ written on his shoulder blade, MOH NON-TE written above it and TA OR underneath it.

4. ‘Huge Cross and Flowers’ Tattoo 

Ben Affleck Cross Tattoo

Ben Affleck Cross Tattoo

Ben Affleck Cross and Flower Tattoo

Ben Affleck Cross and Flower Tattoo

Tattoo: Ben has a huge cross surrounded by multiple flowers inked on his left bicep.

Meaning: These flowers inked around the cross are an updated version of his older tattoo on the same shoulder which was an upside down cross with a diamond and spade ace cards.

5. ‘Barbed Wire With Tree and Band of Roses’ Tattoo 

Ben Affleck Barbed Wire Tattoo

Ben Affleck Barbed Wire Tattoo

Ben Affleck Barbed Wire and Roses Tattoo

Ben Affleck Barbed Wire and Roses Tattoo

Tattoo: Tree and Band of Roses as an extension to the previous barbed wire tattoo on his right bicep.

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