Skinhead Rob’s 21 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Robert Aston, better known by his stage name Skinhead Rob, is undoubtedly the most famous name. He is an American rapper and the founding member of the Transplants, a rap rock band. He’s also the lead singer of Death March, a D-beat punk band, and a former member of the hip-hop group Expensive Taste. Robert, just like many rap stars has got some amazing inks that cover major parts of his body. This article is our study and revelation of his body tattoos and their special meanings.

Robert Aston

1. Left Arm Tattoo-Number 8

Robert left forearm tattoo

Tattoo: On his left elbow, we can see the tattoo of the number 8 billiard ball.

Meaning: The number 8 billiard ball may signify both good and bad luck, therefore it’s more like a ‘luck/chance’ tattoo. It might be a metaphor for balancing the good with the negative. However, the eight-ball tattoo is ideal for anyone who lives life on the edge of gambles, and you may be surprised to learn that the number eight is considered to be the luckiest as per the game.

2. Finger Tattoos

Robert left hand tattoos

Tattoo: Across his left hand’s fingers, there are some tattoos that include the letter, ‘FREE’ and some tiny symbols on his knuckles.

3. ‘R.I.P Chris’ Tattoo-Left Side of Neck

Robert left neck tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of his neck, there is another writing that can be read as, ‘RIP Chris’, and to its left is the portrait of a spooky-looking character which seems more like a skull.

4. Portrait of Jesus Christ on Neck

Robert portrait on neck

Tattoo: Representing his faith and deep religious views about Christianity, Skinhead Rob has got a tiny portrait of Jesus Christ tattooed on the right side of his neck. Do you also see some birds around it? Yes, these are the same swallows on the neck, that you are bound to find later in the article. But, getting colourful swallows inked along with Jesus Christ, is a beautiful tribute to the crucifixion of Jesus for the sake of humanity. it is said that the swallows got their colour from the blood of Jesus that was shed during his crucifixion.

The tattoo of Jesus Christ is the emblem of tenderness, hope, dedication, strength, and devotion.

5. ‘Pray For Me’ Tattoo

Robert pray for me tattoo

6. Left Arm Tattoos

Robert right arm tattoos

7. Broken Heart Tattoo

Robert right forearm tattoo

Tattoo: On his forearm, Robert has got the tattoo of a mysterious-looking broken heart. Above that, we can also see the words, ‘LOVE YOU’.

8. Rolling Dice Tattoo

Robert rolling dice tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, there is a tattoo of the rolling dice in flames.

Rolling dice is believed to be the symbol of luck, risk-taking, and gambling. Flaming dice can reflect burning hatred, sensations of agitation, or even danger.

9. Skull on Head

Robert skull on head tattoo

Tattoo: The most magnificent tattoo on Robert is his skull head tattoo.

Meaning: Skull tattoos are a popular design that may have a specific reference depending on the beliefs of each tattoo enthusiast. A skull tattoo may signify death, the dead, evil, or rebellion to certain people. Others, on the other hand, see it as a celebration of life.
Skulls can also symbolise victory over hardship. Many people get it as a symbol to remember the hard times that they have overcome in their lives or, the current difficult phase that they are going through with all valour and their inner strength.

10. Symbols on fingers 

Robert symbols on arm tattoo

Tattoo: Across his right hand’s fingers, Robert aka Skinhead Rob has got the small icons of a diamond, a broken heart, and a cross followed by three dots as we see from his index to pinky.

Diamond is the way to reflect not only your wealth but your inner personality that outshines. A heart is a universal token of expressing love and a cross is the Holy symbol of Christians.

11. Skull on Thumb

Robert thumb tattoo

12. Angel on Head

Robert angel on left side tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of his bald head, Robert has got the tattoo of an angel with open wings.

The word ‘angel,’ is known to have derived from the Latin word ‘angelus,’  which means ‘messenger of god.’

Angel figures are usually associated with spirituality. They can, however, symbolise worldly emotions such as inspirational love, madness, and incredulity. These tattoos are often regarded the symbols of guidance and protection.

13. Angel on Right Side of Head

Robert angel tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his bald head, there is a beautiful tattoo of an angel with open wings inked.

Angels are considered to be the messengers of God and the ultimate symbols of direction, wisdom, strength, guidance, protection, and reflection of peace along with the fact that, God is with you and you are guarded against everything.

Some people get angels tattooed for protection, integrity, and good luck whereas there are some others, who get angels tattooed in the memory of a loved one who is no more but, was closest to the tattoo wearer’s heart and life. Thus, acting as their ‘guardian angel’.

14. Manly Figure Tattoo

Robert arm tattoo

15. Swallow on Right Hand

Robert bird on hand tattoo

Tattoo: Swallow, an adorable colourful tattoo design covers Skinhead Rob’s right hand.

Swallow stands for harmony, peace, travel, and freedom.

16. Pair of Swallows on Neck

Robert birds tattoo

Robert birds on neck tattoo

Tattoo: There are some more swallows tattooed on Robert’s body. They can be seen on his neck, one on either side, tattooed in different colours.

Pair of swallows is the symbol of true love. There are some people who may get a pair of swallows for their true love of life whereas there are some others, who may get it for their undying, and long life friendship with someone.

17. Skull Butterfly Tattoo-Left Hand

Robert butterfly skull tattoo

Tattoo: Skinhead Rob’s left hand is inked with a blue coloured butterfly skull tattoo.

Skull and Butterfly
A skull is often associated with dying, wickedness, and mortality, but a butterfly is associated with rejuvenation, resurrection, transformation, and new life. These tattoo designs together represent the circle of life and the links that bind life and death. A skull butterfly tattoo is widely used as a commemoration artwork to memorialise a loved one who has passed away from this world, and it represents the idea that death is more than just physical death.

18. Symbols on Hand

Robert finger tattoos

19. ‘Get Some’ Tattoo

Robert get some tattoo

20. Writing on Left Hand

Robert group home tattoo

21. Hand Tattoos

Robert hand tattoos

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