Paul Mescal’s 7 Tattoos and their Meanings

Paul Mescal, the distinguished Irish actor, has captivated audiences worldwide with his compelling portrayal of Connell in “Normal People.” Beyond his undeniable on-screen talent, Mescal embodies a unique blend of charisma and emotional depth. Mescal not only navigates the intricacies of love and relationships on-screen but also manages to enchant the collective consciousness of his audience. Adding to his Irish charisma are his meaningful yet coy tattoos etched on various parts of his body as art. This article will take a deep dive into the several inks that Mescal possesses and their individual significance in his life.

Paul Mescal

1. Cropped Circle on the inside of the Left Arm

Paul Mescal' inner arm tattoo

In a revealing interview with GQ magazine, Paul Mescal disclosed some of the enigmatic tattoos adorning his canvas. Among them, a cropped circle on his inner left arm caught his attention. When probed about its significance, the Irish actor disarmingly asserted that the tattoo holds no profound or symbolic meaning. Despite the interviewer’s attempt to liken it to a “Mayan Glyph,” Mescal playfully dismissed any intricate interpretations, stating that it “literally means nothing.” It appears that Mescal is opting to keep the allure intact, leaving fans intrigued by the enigma of his inked expressions.

2. Flying Swallow on the Left Inner Elbow

Paul Mescal's bird tattoo

The first tattoo Paul has is a small swallow on the inside part of his upper left arm. It’s a simple line design of a bird in flight, about 4cms in length. Paul explained that this swallow tattoo is a very sweet reminder of his family, whom he has been separated from since moving to London. “My dad and I always used to go into the garden around March to spot the first swallows of the spring. It reminds me of him and home, I guess.”

3. Stag on the Right Forearm

Paul mescal's right forearm tattoo

Paul Mescal maintains a level of secrecy around a tattoo on his opposite arm, which intriguingly connects to his rise to global fame through “Normal People.” In an interview with GQ magazine, he disclosed it’s an image of a deer or stag but remained tight-lipped about its exact significance within the context of the novel. Fans have speculated, drawing parallels to a passage in the book where Connell, Mescal’s character, reflects on a nighttime encounter with a deer. The tattoo appears to align more with the thoughtful symbolism associated with deer rather than a straightforward nod to the Stag’s Head pub, adding an element of mystery to the actor’s inked narrative.

4. Abstract Pattern on the Inner Right Bicep

Paul Mescal's Inner bicep tattoo

There is not much known about the tattoo, either by the Irish hunk himself or by other sources. However, the design seems to be of hands interweaving and the fingers interlocked with each other in an abstract concept wherein the tattoo is inked loosely together.

5. Heart with an Arrow on Left Bicep

Paul Mescal's Left Bicep Tattoo

Paul Mescal recently got this tattoo inked by the Dublin tattoo artist, Devlin Fay, along with two other complimentary tattoos. Despite the apparent sweetness and charm of the design, the meaning or significance behind this heart and arrow remains a mystery- leaving fans to wonder about the untold narrative behind this latest heartfelt addition to his growing tattoo collection.

6. Number “11” on Left Bicep

Paul Mescals 11 tattoo

Paul Mescal’s left bicep now boasts a numeral addition – the number “11,” skillfully inked by the artist Devlin. While details about the meaning behind this design remain elusive, the lack of information adds an air of mystery to the tattoo. Perhaps, like some tattoos, it carries a personal significance known only to Mescal himself.

7. “Meet me at Montauk” on the Left Forearm

Paul Mescal's forearm tattoo

In a recent interview with Capital, the interviewers were quick to spot a new addition to Paul Mescal’s tattoo collection – a script on his left forearm reading “Meet me at Montauk.” This phrase, borrowed from the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” reflects the Irish actor’s evident affection for the world of dramatic romantic cinema and a certain profound connection to the film.

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