Stefanie Dolson’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Stefanie Dolson is a famous American Professional Basketball Player who plays for the Chicago Sky of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Dolson used to play Basketball and Volleyball during her time at Minisink Valley High School in Slate Hill, New York. She, along with her teammates won a gold medal in U.S. women’s 3×3 basketball in Tokyo Olympics, 2020.

 “To win this one for my country is something that I’ve dreamed of and wanted for a long time,” Dolson said.

In the year 2016, Dolson had come up as a member of the LGBTQ community and talked about her sexuality. Following the trend of other sportsmen, Stefanie also has an affinity for body tattoos. Let us see what tattoos adorn her body and their relevance for her.

Stefanie Dolson

“I know who I am and I don’t care if people judge me. I am 6-5, and I dye my hair purple and experiment a lot with fashion. My motto is: If they’re going to stare, they might as well stare at something fun. There are a lot of girls who struggle to be who they are. We need people who are out so that those girls know it’s OK to be themselves, regardless of stereotypes. By being open, I give them someone to look up to, and however they identify, I can inspire them to support equality and LGBT issues.”

1. Back Tattoo

Dolson back tattoo

2. Roses on Arm

Stefanie bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On her inner right bicep, Stefanie has got the bouquet of roses tattooed.

Meaning: Roses are the universal symbol of love, passion, and romance. Also, they symbolize commitment, enchantment, and royalty. As per the Christian belief, the five petals of the rose represent all five wounds and the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ which he suffered from crucifixion and the white rose represents the purity and humanity of Jesus Christ.

3. Chest Tattoo

Stefanie chest design tattoo Stefanie chest tattoo

Tattoo: Stefanie has got a tattoo on her cleavage that goes down towards the bottom of her chest. This vertically inked design has wings on the bottom.

Meaning: Wings are the universal representation of freedom and independence. They are symbolic of a person’s urge to liberate oneself from the rules and customs of society. Also, some people get wings inked to pay tribute to a loved one who is no more alive.

4. ‘KS’ Tattoo

Stefanie KS Tattoo

Tattoo: Near her right wrist, Stefanie has got the initials inked as, ‘KS’.

Meaning:KS‘ represents the initials of the names of Stefanie’s parents. ‘K‘ represents the initial of her mother’s name i.e. ‘Kristal Dolson’ and ‘S‘ represents the initial of her father’s name i.e. ‘Steve Dolson‘.

5. Left Arm Tattoo

Stefanie left arm tattoo

Tattoo: This tattoo on her left arm is the representation of her victory in the National Championship in the year 2013 as a team member of The UConn Women’s Basketball team

6. ‘Roman Numerals’ Tattoo

Stefanie roman numerals on arm tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of her left mid-arm, Stefanie has got roman numerals tattooed as, ‘V-VIII-MMXIV’.

Meaning: This tattoo marks the day when she won National Championship in 2014 as part of the UConn women’s basketball team.

7. ‘Live. Laugh. Love’ Tattoo

Stefanie foot tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the side of her right ankle, Stefanie has got the short phrase inked that says, ‘Live. Laugh. Love’.

Meaning: Dolson said that the tattoo represents her personality and positive attitude towards living her life freely without worrying about the future. She got the tattoo at the age of 16 years along with her sisters, Ashley Dolson and Courtney Dolson.

“You know, the usual girl thing,” she said with a (you guessed it) laugh.

8. Acroynm ‘JACS’ Tattoo

Stefanie initials tattoo

Tattoo: Near her left wrist, Stefanie has got an acronym inked which can be read as, ‘JACS’.

Meaning: The acronym represents the initials of the names of her siblings. She has two older sisters named, Ashley Dolson and Courtney Dolson and a younger brother named Jak Dolson. The acronym JACS represents the name initials in sequence as: ‘J‘ for Jak, ‘A’ for Ashley, ‘C’ for Courtney, and ‘S‘ for Stefanie.

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