Chrisean Rock’s 7 Tattoos and their Meaning

Chrisean Eugenia Malone, born on March 14, 2000, and professionally recognized as Chrisean Rock, is a prominent American rapper and reality TV personality. She gained widespread recognition for her role in the reality series “Baddies” on the Zeus Network from 2021 to the present, spanning three seasons. Subsequently, she headlined her brief series titled “Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love” (2022–2023) on the same network. Notably, Chrisean Rock also proudly displays six tattoos dedicated to her boyfriend and has faced tremendous backlash for the same due to his problematic persona as a public figure.

Chrisean Rock

1. Butterfly Tattoo on Neck

Chrisean Rock Neck Tattoo

The female rapper bears a conspicuous butterfly tattoo, although she remains reticent regarding its underlying meaning. This deliberate reservation imparts an element of intrigue, fostering contemplation among her audience as they speculate about the unrevealed narrative embedded within the ink. This discreet detail contributes a touch of formality to her persona, providing her followers an opportunity to fashion individual interpretations surrounding the enigmatic butterfly motif.

2. “Jonathon” on the Cheekbone

Chrisean Rock Cheekbone tattoo

Jonathon Jones aka “Blueface” has been Chrisean Rock’s long-term boyfriend and is also the father of her child. To showcase their bond and the love she has for him, she has 6 tattoos of him on her body. One of them is his name inked on her cheekbone, near her left ear.

3. “Jonathon Jones Porter” on the side of the Neck

Adding to her collection of tattoos, the female rapper has inscribed her partner’s full name, “Jonathon James Porter,” on the side of her neck. This explicit dedication through ink further emphasizes her commitment and connection to her significant other. The choice to permanently etch the partner’s full name onto a visible area suggests a profound and public declaration of love and solidarity.

4. Jonathon’s Face on the Neck

Chrisean Rock Blueface Tattoo

Out of the multiple tattoos, Chrisean Rock has of her boyfriend, one of them is his face inked on her neck. These tattoos signify her utter love and affection for him, and how strong their relationship is. However, she has received a lot of backlash from the listeners of the hip-hop community as Jonathon is considered a problematic rapper and a person as well.

5. “Jonathon” on the side of the Hand

Chrisean Rock Hand Tattoo

In her ongoing tribute to her partner, the rapper incorporates yet another tattoo on the side of her hand. This marks the third instance where she’s chosen to permanently ink her boyfriend’s full name, “Jonathon,” using a stylish cursive font and black ink. This addition not only signifies a continued and profound connection but also introduces an element of elegance to the series of name tattoos adorning her body. Each inscription appears to be a deliberate and thoughtful expression of her enduring love for Jonathon, adding layers to the evolving narrative etched onto her skin.

6. Jonathon’s Face on the side of the Face

Chrisean Rock Face Tattoo

In a bold and distinctive move, Chrisean Rock takes her tribute to another level by getting a tattoo of her partner Jonathon’s entire face on the side of her face. This particular choice of body art represents a profound and visually striking declaration of affection. The decision to showcase his facial features in such a prominent and personal manner suggests a deep emotional connection and an artistic expression of their relationship. This facial tattoo becomes a unique and captivating addition to the array of ink that tells the evolving story of her life and love.

7. “Jonathon” above the Left Eyebrow

Chrisean Rock Jonathon Tattoo

Continuing her expressive journey through body art, the rapper adds yet another personal touch by tattooing her partner’s name, “Jonathon,” above her left eyebrow. This placement serves as an intimate and visible declaration of their connection. The deliberate choice to position the tattoo above the eyebrow adds an element of uniqueness and emphasis.

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