Fred Kerley’s 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Fredrick Lee Kerley is an American track and field sprinter who is famous for his outstanding performance in 400 meters distance race. Fred has multiple victories in his cap including multiple medals that he has won at the World Championship in 400 m and 4*400 m relays. When the pandemic hit, he decided to focus upon the 100 m race and thus, won a silver medal in 100m at the Tokyo Olympics, 2020. Fred is known to be an avid tattoo lover. His body is covered with multiple religious tattoos. Let us look into them!

Fred Kerley

          USA sprinter Fred Kerley: “I want to be the fastest man alive”

“To me, the tattoos are messages to myself every day to just keep on going and don’t take anything for granted. It’s like a stamp, a passport, about a place I’ve been or a thing I’ve experienced, a way to remind me of where I’m going, in track, and in life.”

1. ‘Aunt Meme’ Bicep Tattoo


Tattoo: On the inner side of his biceps, Fred has got the name of his aunt inked as ‘Aunt Meme’

Meaning: Fred claims that this is the closest one to his heart. It reminds him that Aunty Virginia was always there for him and he could have never reached the point in his life where he is today without her support. He got this tattoo to stay in touch with her every day and everywhere he goes till he is alive.

“Without her, I don’t know what my life would be like right now. I don’t know where I would be at, if I would be with my parents or else getting into trouble. She’s the woman who changed my life, who made my life. She will always be my strength.”

2. ‘Virgin Mary’ Tattoo

Fred bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On his right upper arm, Fred has got the portrait of the Virgin Mary tattooed.

Meaning: Virgin Mary represents unconditional love, care, hope, and affection. She is symbolic of motherly love, a restorer of faith, happiness, and comfort, and is a tattoo choice for those who seem to seek help from the heavens for such motherly love and care. We can totally understand Fred’s choice for Virgin Mary’s tattoo because he loved his Aunt Meme too much who always took care of him. Virgin Mary’s tattoo shows how Fred wishes to have a mother like her. Also, pointing towards his religious beliefs and faith i.e. Christianity.

3. ‘Blessed’ Tattoo

Fred Blessed tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, Fred has got the word, ‘Blessed’ tattooed.

Meaning: He got this tattoo to represent all that God has poured upon him from above and the success that he has always achieved. The tattoo represents his reliance and faith upon God.

‘blessed’ because the way my life has turned out, I know I’ve got all kinds of blessings coming my way from above.

4. Chest Tattoo

Fred chest tattoo

5. ‘Cross with Angel Wings’ Tattoo

Fred cross with angel wings tattoo

Tattoo: On the top side of his left shoulder, Fred has got a cross with angel wings inked.

Meaning: Cross is the Holy Symbol of Christians. When combined with wings, it represents the guardian angel. Some people also get it inked for someone close who is no more alive. The tattoo shows Fred’s faith in God and his blessings.

6. Flying Sparrow on Shoulder Tattoo


Tattoo: On the top of his cross and angel wings tattoo, Fred has got another flying sparrow inked.

Meaning: Sparrow tattoo is the symbol of positivity. It is a symbol of friendship, care, power, and empowerment. Some people also believe it to be symbolic of simplicity in life.

7. Bird on Chest 


Tattoo: There is a flying sparrow tattooed across the top of Fred’s chest area.

Meaning: Flying bird is the symbol of freshness, freedom, optimism, love for family, and independence.

8. ‘Angel Wings and Praying Hands’ Tattoo

Fred right shoulder tattoo

Tattoo: Fred’s upper right arm is symbolic of his deep faith in Jesus Christ and his blessings. There is a pair of praying hands along with angel wings inked on his bicep.

Meaning: Praying Hands are symbolic of Fred’s faith in Jesus Christ. The tattoo is the remembrance of the power of Christ and prayer. It symbolizes the person’s dedication to family, oneself, and respect for all. Angels are considered to be the ‘messengers of God’ and the wings represent the angelic side of the wearer. It reminds him to be honest and faithful in his life.

10. ‘Roses’  Tattoo

Fred roses tattoo

Tattoo: There are roses tattooed on Fred’s right upper arm.

Meaning: Roses are the symbol of love, affection, and hope. The five petals of the rose represent the five wounds that Jesus Christ suffered on the crucifixion. The red rose is the symbol of Jesus’ bloodshed during the time whereas the white one represents his sacrifice which he did for the sake of humanity.

11. ‘Scripture Verse-Psalm 104’ Tattoo

Fred writing on stomach tattoo Fred writing on stomach tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his stomach, Fred has got the tattoo of the Scripture Verse, Psalm 104. It is actually the longest Psalms and is divided into 35 verses.  It says, Bless the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, thou art very great; thou art clothed with honor and majesty.”

Meaning: Fred got this tattoo when he was just 12 years old. It was his first body tattoo and he had to hide it from his Aunt Virginia for a long time. This tattoo was a gift from himself to himself and he got it done from a street tattoo set.

“Where I come from, everybody gets tattoos. I had my first when I was 12, which I didn’t tell my aunt about until much later. It was a scripture verse, Psalm 104, and I got it as a birthday gift. It was a street tattoo, which you could get for about $200 compared to $1000 at a tattoo shop.”

12. Rosary Beads Tattoo

Fred rosary beads tattoo

Tattoo: Alongside his praying hands and angel wings tattoo, Fred has got the rosary beads inked too.

Meaning: Rosary beads are the symbol of protection, safety, and are believed to be used to keep away the demons and evils spirits from oneself. The rosary itself represents the Virgin Mary and people get this tattoo to feel safe and remain under the guidance and protection of Jesus Christ and Mary.

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