Tamta’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Tamta Goduadze is a Georgian-Greek singer. She rose to fame during her time at the Super Idol Greece where she was the runner-up. She has since then released many hit singles and albums. Tamta has also appeared as a mentor on the X Factor Georgia and X Factor Greece. She also represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Tamta has many interesting tattoos on her body. Let us take a look at her inks and the meanings behind them.

1. Back Tattoo

Tattoo: The right side of Tamta’s upper back has a tattoo of a bird on it. The bird is made out of a design of lines. There are lines tattooed below the bird along with a small flower. The bird is seen singing with Georgian letters as seen flying out of its mouth.

Meaning: The tattoo of the bird on her back is close to her heart and represents her love for her daughter, and her homeland, Georgia.

2. ‘Heartbeat’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The inside of her left forearm has a tattoo of a tiny outlined heart on it followed by a line showing a heartbeat.

3. Side Tattoo

Tattoo: The left side of the singer’s body has a few words tattooed on it in the Georgian language.

4. Hand Tattoo

Tattoo: The side of Tamta’s right hand has the quote, “make a change” tattooed on it.

Meaning: Tamta’s tattoo represents motivation to change yourself for the better and to make changes to your surroundings as well. Tamta has also released a clothing line along with “attrattivo”, with the tagline, “created to make a change”

5. ‘BEAT IT’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The side of Tamta’s right index finger has the words, “BEAT IT” tattooed on it.

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