Toni Kroos’ 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Toni Kroos is a German professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for the German National Team as well as the Spanish club, Real Madrid. He is best known for his playmaking, passes, creativity, vision, and set-piece tactics. He has also played for the Bundesliga clubs, Bayer Leverkusen, and Bayern Munich. One of the greatest midfielders of his time, his trophy cabinet includes three UEFA Champions League Trophies, one La Liga, one Spanish Supercup, two UEFA Super Cups, four UEFA Club World Cup Trophies, and the FIFA World Cup Trophy of 2014. Toni has many interesting tattoos on his body. Let us take a look at the ones he has and the meanings behind them.

Toni Kroos

1. ‘Portrait and Name’ Tattoos

Toni Kroos portrait name tattoo

Toni Kroos portrait name tattoo 1

Tattoo: The latest ink which the Real Madrid star got was on the inner side of his right forearm which contains a tattoo of a portrait of a little girl wearing pink sunglasses. To the left of the portrait is the name, “Amelie” tattooed along with the numbers, “20.07.2016” below it.

Meaning: The portrait is of his daughter, Amelie Kroos. He got this tattoo to show his love for her on her second birthday in 2018. Her name is inked right beside the portrait along with her date of birth which is 20th July 2016.

2. Portrait and Clock Tattoos

Toni Kroos portrait clock tattoo

Toni Kroos portrait tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of his left forearm, contains another portrait of a little boy wearing a hat. The name, “Leon” is tattooed to the right of the boy along with the date, “11.08.2016”. Above the portrait of the little boy, is a tattoo of an old wall clock which is showing 1:30 as the time.

Meaning: The portrait is of his son, Leon Kross whom he adores very much along with his date of birth, 11 August 2016.

3. ‘Eye and Flowers’ Tattoos

Toni Kroos eye flowers tattoo

Toni Kroos eye flowers tattoo 1

Tattoo: The outer side of his left forearm contains a large intricate tattoo of a woman’s eye. The eye is surrounded by flowers above and below which complete his left sleeve. Just above his wrist is a rose and above the eye is a chrysanthemum, along with a sunflower.

Meaning: The eye tattoo is a tattoo of his wife, Jessica Farber’s eye, whom he loves very much.

4. ‘Lion King’ Tattoo

Toni Kroos lion king tattoo

Tattoo: The right bicep of the footballer contains a large tattoo of two cartoon lions along with their cub sitting beside it.

Meaning: The tattoo is from the movie, The Lion King of the characters, Mufasa, his wife, Nala, and their cub, Simba which is the favorite movie of his children and himself.

5. Couple Tattoo

Toni Kroos couple tattoo

Tattoo: Toni’s left shoulder contains a large tattoo of the scenery of a couple, holding hands, and walking towards a large audience in a football stadium with the sun shining above their heads. There is another tattoo of a large rose flower tattooed below his tattoo, just above his elbow on the backside of his upper left arm which goes with his forearm tattoos.

Meaning: This is one of the most favorite tattoos of Kroos as it is a tattoo that was done from a photo of his wife and himself. He got this tattoo on himself to show his love and loyalty towards his wife, Jessica Kroos. The football stadium and the fans were a little addition but have a deeper meaning to show his love and respect for the sport he plays.

6. Cards and Banner Tattoo

Toni Kroos cards banner tattoo

Tattoo: The left bicep of the footballer contains a tattoo of two aces of spades cards along with a banner around them which reads, “Felix”.

Meaning: This is another one of his tattoos which is a tribute to his family member, who is his brother, Felix Kroos who is also a footballer. The two aces represent himself and his brother.

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