43 Celebrities With Eye Tattoo

Tattoos are not always the ideal choice especially for those who want to cover it up later on. That’s why people often get inspired by celebrities who share the story behind their designs and learn from their mistakes. The best kind of designs that a celebrity has is something that tells more about the celebrity and his background but also gets us inspired to get that perfect arm, wrist, chest, or back tattoo design. Here, we are talking of some celebrities with eye tattoo design which can be quite inspirational.

From tiny tots to bigger pieces, these celebrities have many eye tattoo designs which would look pretty ideal if you are considering getting an eye tattoo yourself.

Small tattoos might be concealed and dainty but these mini eye tattoos (or some bigger, if you want to!) do not need a reason when it comes to creativity. Some tattoos have very significant meaning in your life and influence the style too. Right from models to actors, each one gets something which suits their personality and speaks their mind. Everyone uses ink to commemorate the role in a movie or life, pay tribute to a loved one, or just for aesthetics, the body art is analyzed to give further insight into the personality.

List of 43 Celebrity Eye Tattoo Designs

  • Katy Perry Eye Tattoo Design On Wrist

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Katy Perry has got herself a tattoo for each of her records when she’s almost at the end of her touring cycle. With Witness: The Tour almost coming to an end, she eventually got her Witness tattoo on August 17, 2018, a few days before the termination of the six-continent world tour that began following in September 2017.

Her past three tattoos — a strawberry, a peppermint, and a prism — have all been inked on her anklebones and have all had a really related style, adapting figures from the album into picturesque cartoon figures with sparkling eyes. But everything is modified with this design: distinct tattoo professionals, unusual body parts, and a radically altered design technique.

She escaped to Los Angeles-based artist Dr. Woo out to Sydney Australia to ink herself and many other people of her crew. He is known for his elaborate fine-line patterns, and he practiced his trademark method to this tattoo. Katy has previously stated in many interviews that her Witness tattoo would likely be “some form of an eye,” and Dr. Woo’s idea is that, but there’s also a much more advancing on in it.

The pupil of the eye has a loop around it to look like a planetoid and the white portions of the eye are formed with structural curved lines through them. The entire figure has a very outer space air to it, resembling nearly like a spaceship or a satellite, which is strengthened by the shimmering star over it. But the eye furthermore has a tiny teardrop on the edge.

Katy picked an eye for her tour design because eyes have been the most conspicuous representative of her Witness period. The album cover highlights Katy with an eye in her mouth and eye leitmotifs have been utilized for her stage themes and outfits. The elongated eye form of her tattoo, with the whites segregated from the iris, is drawn immediately from the eye-shaped video curtains behind the stage.

The Saturn-like planetoid in her design is also motivated by the tour’s stage theme. Katy played the tunes of her popular song, “Thinking of You” each night while circumnavigating through the air covering the top of a planet.

  • NikkieTutorials Eye Tattoo Design On Arms

Celebrity eye-tattoo

NikkieTutorials has a tiger eye tattoo which is done in watercolor style on her left forearm.

Celebrity eye-tattoo

NikkieTutorials has an eye tattoo done with black and grey ink on her back on her right upper arm.

Celebrity eye-tattoo

NikkieTutorials has a tattoo of an eye which is quite simplistic and done with black ink and with makeup on her left upper arm.

  • Eye Tattoo Design On

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Lucy Hale got herself an evil eye tattoo on the back of her right ankle to shield her from evil spirits. She spoke about her eye tattoo in an interview, “I have an eye that Dr. Woo just did. It’s the evil eye to ward off evil. I like tattoos.”

  • Chiara Ferragni Eye Tattoo Design On

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Chiara Ferragni has a symbol of an eye on her left ring finger which is quite simple and done with black and blue ink.  Eyes have become compatible with her fashion brand Chiara Ferragni Collection, which began by creating shoes and has now added eyes in the plans for everything from bikinis to the phone cover.  She told about this motif in an interview saying, “I created @chiaraferragnicollection in 2013 and it’s growing like crazy. I designed this blue eye for the first collection because eyes are the feature that I love the most in a person and it became iconic, it’s the logo of the brand now.”

The eye has a lot of symbolism attached to it and it is said to be a talisman that is supposed to ward off evil in various cultures and traditions. Chiara Ferragni has confirmed the fact that the tattoo might have some superstitious meaning behind it but she did not reveal the full things, telling in an interview,

I really liked the aesthetic. The most iconic piece of my shoe line, Chiara Ferragni Collection, is the blinking eyes. There is a secret meaning about it I won’t tell. I am Italian, so I am pretty superstitious 🙂

Chiara Ferragni also loves the shape and look of the eye design and even owns a lot of jewelry that has the shape of an eye, so an eye tattoo was pretty normal for her.

  •  Malu Trevejo Eye Tattoo Design On Chest

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Malu Trevejo made a surrealist design inked on the middle of her chest in June 2018.  Her tattoo designer Alex Chiong designed the novel ocean-inspired design by superimposing various pictures on top of each other. There is a set of eyes that is placed right below Malu’s breast and a conch shell is made where the nose should be. A group of fish is made on the open space below the design while the above part is covered with the moon and sea bird. On the top-most part of the design is a crescent moon which is a huge symbol of female energy and power. It also controls the tides of the ocean and is often linked o the menstrual cycle of a female.

Malu’s tender age is forever a cause of discussion every time she gets fresh ink, but this time everything doesn’t add up.  The ink was done by an authorized professional at a popular salon in Florida, where it is only constitutional to tattoo a minor with familial approval if they are 16 or older — and Malu was 15.  The artist really shielded himself by posting a photo on Instagram of Malu sitting with police officers and penned, “Try again guys Malú is not 13 you guys are haters and her mom is here everyone and everything is fine.”  One of her views on watching her live stream had summoned the police who showed up at the salon but did nothing.  So unless Malu has been exaggerating about her age and she’s mature than she claims to be, or, more plausible, she and her mom fabricated to the tattoo professional and the police and said that she was 16.

  • Lynn Gunn Eye Tattoo Design On Back

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Lynn Gunn commemorated her 24th birthday on March 15, 2018, by making a tattoo. Her band PVRIS was on tour in San Antonio, TX so they arranged a rendezvous with a local artist Mason Chimato, who also presented drummer Justin Nace with a tattoo of Roman numerals on his wrist.

Lynn chose an elaborate Eye of Providence pattern on her top back. The all-seeing eye of God has a nimbus of radiating materials which describe flashes of light.  This meticulous design of the logo, with four blasting arrows and a leafed section underneath the eye, is a reproduction of a woodcut print designed by American artist Alexander Anderson at the beginning of the 1800s.

  • Bishop Briggs Eye Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Bishop Briggs has a tribal mountain scene design with a set of eyes right above those mountains and done in black ink on her right upper arm.

  • Rumer Willis Eye Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Rumer Willis has a tribal eye design which is done in the fine line method and with black ink on her right upper arm.

  • Jackie Cruz Eye Tattoo Design On Right Elbow

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Jackie Cruz has a small eye tattoo inked with black ink inside her right elbow.

  • Julia Michaels Eye Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Julia Michaels has a picture of a geometric anatomical heart with an eye along with a teardrop in the center of it on her right arm. The crying eye describes a bit of her vulnerable nature and the entire picture was inked on November 3, 2016, by skilled professional London Reese. Julia Michaels describes her tattoo design by saying,

As cliche as it sounds, it’s because I wear my heart on my sleeve. And we put the eye in there because it’s my way of showing myself a little bit. And showing that I’m slowly coming out of hiding. Because I do, I hide, and I’ve gotten so content with hiding over the years.

  • Jordyn Woods Eye Tattoo Design On Finger

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Jordyn Woods has a small tattoo of an eye which is done in black ink on her knuckle on her right index finger.

  • Sky Ferreira Eye Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Sky Ferreira got herself a new tattoo on her right forearm which is done in the fine line eye of providence.

  • Miley Cyrus Eye Tattoo Design On Ribs and Finger

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Miley Cyrus initially showed off her eye tattoo on her index finger while at the beach in January 2015.

 Celebrity eye-tattoo

The eye tattoo here represents an unclothed woman standing in some kind of water body and holding a severed eyeball in her arms.

  •  Marzia Bisognin Eye Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Beauty vlogger, Marzia Bisognin got herself a super simple eyelash tattoo on her left arm in December 2015.

  • Paris Jackson Eye Tattoo Design On Arms

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Paris Jackson got herself this design in remembrance of her father, the legendary “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, who died on June 25, 2009.  The inspiration was taken from the cover of Michael Jackson’s 1991 album Dangerous, which was created and composed by Mark Ryden. Paris’ design highlights a terrarium of mammals which are painted in black ink, though they emerge in full color on the album.  At the middle of the design are Michael’s eyes with a lock of hair on his face. Unlike the designs that surround the eyes, this part of the tattoo is fully eclipsed in black ink.

She got the ink from professional Justin Lewis in May 2016 and partook a photo of the new design on Twitter with the title “Never forget your roots. Always be proud of where you came from.” 

  • Cara Delevingne Eye Tattoo Design On Nape of the Neck

Celebrity eye-tattoo

One of Cara Delevingne’s newest inks was revealed on Instagram on October 1, 2016, and exhibited a set of eyes on the nape of her neck. The design of the artwork was created to provide the vision that the inked eyes are watching the spectators around the room when they transfer from side to side.

  • Florence Welch Eye Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Florence Welch got a tattoo design that represents a black eye on her left art in the year 2016. She got this tattoo design with the tattoo artist Miso, who has her a microphone tattoo.

  • Anissa Rodriguez Eye Tattoo Design On Hand

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Anissa Rodriguez has a small and simple tattoo that resembles an eye and which is done in black ink on her hand.

  • Lil Debbie Eye Tattoo Design On Finger

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Lil Debbie has a nearly comprehensive set of knuckle ink on her left hand. On her index finger, she has a circle or beads structure, a geometric design that is triangular and which covers her faded tattoo design, and an emerald-cut jewel. On the middle finger is a flower that covers a lightning bolt tattoo design and has another finger has a beaded jewelry design. She has a cross on her ring finger while her pinkie finger has an eye tattoo design. These five tattoo designs were done together in November 2014 in a single she. while the jewels and the circle tattoo were added in January 2015. The tattoo artist behind all these designs was Rebecca Sophia.

  • Jesy Nelson Eye Tattoo Design On Arms

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Jesy Nelson got this design of a feather and eye on her left forearm in August 2015. She made an appointment in the studio of popular tattoo artist Bang Bang in New York City. She says, “Always wanted to be tattooed by the amazing @bangbangnyc and I finally did yesterday,” she penned on Instagram.

  • Jahan Yousaf  Eye Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Jahan Yousaf has elaborate ink on the upper part of her right arm. The pattern involves gears, an eye, and a curve moon and star which are a representation of Islam.  Jahan was raised in an Islamic family and went to an Islamic institution as a child.  Her dad is Muslim and was born in Pakistan, while her mom is a first-generation American of German and Lithuanian origin who turned to Islam when her parents got wedded.

  • Yasmine Yousaf Eye Tattoo Design On Hand

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Yasmine Yousaf got this tattoo on the back of her right hand in April 2014. It is a raven perched atop a human skull. The skull has a third eye in the center of the forehead. The raven and skull are both symbols of death while a third eye represents enlightenment.

  • Kesha Eye Tattoo Design On Palm and Foot

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Kesha’s primary full-color tattoo was this rainbow which she received on the upper part of her foot from designer Robert Ryan in May 2015.  At one edge of the rainbow is a cloud including an eye at the middle.  On the other side is a group of stars and a planetoid with rings that makes it look like Saturn.

Kesha eye tattoo

Kesha also has another eye tattoo on the palm of her right hand which stars very clearly in her “Crazy Kids” music video. Its installation is motivated by Middle Eastern Hamsa ornaments, which are fashioned like a hand with an eye in the middle. The hamsa is believed to guard the “evil eye” and additional evil senses.

  • Neon Hitch Eye Tattoo Design On Arms and Fingers

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Neon Hitch has a mixture of ink designs all over the rear of her right hand, which includes a mixture of logos on her knuckles. The tattoos practice a watered-down in for a henna-like look. On her smallest finger are chevrons and dots. Her ring finger has a creeper as well as her current knuckle design, which is an extremely darker shade. On her middle finger is an eye, a numeral that says “XXX”, an om symbol, and a star. On her index knuckle is an Egyptian shrine.

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Neon Hitch also has “Gypsy” inked on her wrist as a token of self-respect in her Romani culture. Though bohemians are frequently looked upon with contempt, Neon is satisfied with her history and states“I’m trying to stand up for my community and prove we’re not all bad.”

Since her gypsy tattoo, she has added many other symbols to it. It started with “Gypsy” but then she added other shapes on reddish-brown inks which include the eye of hours which is an Egyptian symbol of protection. In 2012. she also has the symbols drawn ink black ink and even modified the shape of circles and squares into spirals. She even added an outline around her whole tattoo which gave it a specific shape. The most recent addition to her gypsy tattoo was in 2013 when she got the swirling tattoo on her hand. She put a bunch of tiny swirls above this tattoo design so that she could link both these inks.

  • Renee Phoenix Eye Tattoo Design On Leg

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Renee Phoenix got a complicated roses tattoo on her leg which was done in beautiful shading effects. The black ink design was done by James Ranieri at the Solid State Art Studio.

  • Marisa Tomei Eye Tattoo Design On Foot

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Marisa Tomei has an Egyptian hieroglyph for good luck and security, which is called The Eye Of Horus, inked on her feet. The eye format s a symbol that also represents royalty and power. The ancient Egyptian people also believed that it is a design that represents indestructibility and invincibility which would assist in phenomenons like rebirth and would help their souls.

  • Kristen Stewart Eye Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Kristen Stewart has ink on her right arm of a black rectangle with an eye in the middle which is done in the negative space tattoo technique. The center of the eye also has a light bulb and the whole design is done with black ink.

  • Megan Massacre Eye Tattoo Design On Thigh

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Megan Massacre has designed all along the back of her right leg, which includes this 1920s flapper girl, an cover with an anatomical heart, and a green heart-shaped face with spider legs which also has an eye on top of it.

  • Tove Lo Eye Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Tove Lo’s third tattoo is this eye picture on her right forearm of a heart with an eye in the middle and flares growing out the head of it. The concept comes from the pictures of professional Mark Ryden. She told in an interview, “It’s in a lot of his paintings, but really small. So I wanted to blow it up because I just love the eye so much.” Tove Lo’s design blends feature from various episodes of the logo: the eye in the heart comes from the painting Sophia’s Mercurial Waters while the flares seem most like those in Swap Meet Man.

The ink was made at Infamous Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. She calls her designer “a total asshole but very talented.” Tove Lo has had three designs— this burning heart, a scorpion, and a girl driving a bee — for the whole of her profession, so we’re not certain specifically at what time of the year did she get them. She first disclosed this tattoo in a June 2012 Instagram picture, though it could be anytime else than that.

  • Asami Zdrenka Eye Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrity eye-tattoo

The hand-shaped design with an eye in the bottom part of the hand on Asami Zdrenka’s left forearm is a Hamsa, which is a Middle Eastern symbol of protection from evil.

  • Cher Lloyd Eye Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Cher Lloyd got this teary eye tattoo on her left arm that is symbolic of her struggles ns problems she has faced in her lifetime to get to the place where she is now. The tattoo is done with black and grey shading effects and the swirls have filled in the place between this and other tattoo designs.

  • Asia Argento Eye Tattoo Design On Back

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Asia Argento has a small and simple black eye tattoo on the left side of her back.

  • Génesis Rodríguez Eye Tattoo Design On Foot

Celebrity eye-tattoo

The tattoo on Génesis Rodríguez’s is a hamsa, a hand-shaped amulet that is thought to protect against the evil eye. Hamsas are common throughout the Middle East but hers has Israeli imagery with a Star of David (Jewish star) and the Hebrew word chai (חַי‎) which means “life.” Génesis is not Jewish but was inspired by a trip that she took to Israel to film a TV show.

  • Miley Cyrus Eye Tattoo Design On Finger

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Miley Cyrus had her finger tattoos painted in by artist Lauren Winzer on October 14, 2014. She chose the heart on her smallest finger with a galaxy print, attached a unique tattoo of an alien head on her ring finger, modified the triangle on her middle knuckle into a slice of watermelon, and painted the Nazar which is also called the “evil eye” on her ring finger. The Nazar or the eye tattoo is done with black, white, and blue shades which look pretty awesome.

  • Caroline Hjelt Eye Tattoo Design On Index Finger

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Caroline Hjelt of Icona Pop has many designs on her right hand: a band about her smallest finger, two triangles on her ring finger, an eye on her pointer finger, and a set of crossed bones right near her wrist.

  • Alexis Krauss Eye Tattoo Design On

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Alexis Krauss has a colored design on her left forearm of a horseshoe with places an eye right in the center.

  • Maragret Cho Eye Tattoo Design On Arm

Celebrity eye-tattoo

Maragret Cho has a design done with amazing colors on her upper right arm of an eye encircled by beads. Margaret describes her eye tattoo by saying: “This is a lover’s eye, which is a piece of Victorian jewelry they used to have. Secret lovers would give each other a Victorian kind of little charm and it had their eye — it didn’t have their whole face, just had their eye.  And so this was done for me by a secret lover of mine, so it all sort of works out.”

  •   Zoë Kravitz Eye Tattoo Design On Arm

zoe kravitz eye arm tattoo1

The tattoo design that has been made on Zoë Kravitz’s forearm looks like an intricate eye design. She changed her old circle tattoo into the outline of the iris which is done with fully black ink.

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