Aino Jawo’s 7 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Aino Jawo is a Sweden born, 31 years old DJ whose popular hit include “I Love It.” She along with Caroline Hjelt are popularly known as Icona Pop. She loves getting herself tatted. Check out her tattoos as you will surely get inspired by her body inks.

Aino Jawo Tattoos

1. Christ Cross And a Heart Outline on Wrist

Aino Jawo Cross Heart Tattoo

There exist a Christ cross tattoo and an outline of a heart on the side of her right wrist. Christ cross is a religious symbol and it seems that she has faith in God.

2. Red Rose Tattooed on The Back Of Calf

Aino Jawo Leg Tattoo

The back side of her left calf is tattooed with a red rose along with 3 green leaves. Being tatted with a red rose holds significant meaning as it is a symbol of love, beauty, braveness and sacrifice.

3. Portrait of a Woman And Child on Elbow

Aino Jawo Arm Tattoo Of A Woman And Child

The right elbow of the Aino Jawo is tattooed with a portrait of a woman and her child in shaded black colour. 

4. Mask And a Tribal Tattoo on Upper Arm

Aino Jawo Mask Tattoo

The upper right arm of the Aino is inked with a mask and a tribal design in black ink.

5. Animal Silhouette, Origami-Like Shape And Triangle on Arm

Aino Jawo Origami Tattoo

Aino Jawo’s inner side of the right arm is tattooed with an animal silhouette which is a dark shape of an animal that is visible in restricted light against a brighter background. Just below her animal tattoo, there is an Origami-like shape and an outline of a triangle.

6. Tattoo on Upper Arm And Forearm

Aino Jawo Left Arm Tattoo

The left upper arm of Aino Jawo is inscribed with a circular styled tattoo and the front side of her left forearm is inked with some interesting design in a rectangular box.

7. Outline of a Face on Shoulder

Aino Jawo Shoulder Tattoo

The left shoulder of Aino is inked with an outline of a face. The left side of the sketch is covered with blossoming flowers.

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