Marquis Daniels’s 10 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Marquis Daniels is well known for having several tattoos inscribed on different parts of his body. Daniels’s tattoos mean a lot to him as they carry great importance for him. Marquis Daniels surely has the most interesting tattoos in the entire NBA. Have a look at Daniels’s and know what they stand for.

Marquis Daniels Left Arm Tattoos

1. Shotgun

Marquis Daniels Shotgun Tattoo

Marquis Daniels has a tattoo of a guy shooting himself in the face with a shotgun. The tattoo seems pretty horrible. “ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE” is inked with a caricature of a man blowing his head off carrying a shotgun is present on his lower right forearm.

2. Neck Tattoo

Marquis Daniels Neck Tattoo

Marquis Daniels has a tattoo of a song called “1090 blokk boyz” inked on his neck.

3. Map Of Florida

Marquis Daniels Back Tattoo

He has a detailed map of Florida- 407 covering his entire back. Daniels got the tattoo to show the love he has for his home state – a respectable gesture.  He also added the digits “407” over the image of the state, representing the area code for the Orlando Metro area.

4. Right Arm Tattoos

Marquis Daniels Right Arm Tattoos2

Marquis Daniels Right Arm Tattoos1

There are many tattoos on Daniels’s right arm. Word “CIRCLE” is inked with unique tattoo designs on his right arm.

5. Left Arm Tattoos

Marquis Daniels Left Arm Tattoos

Marquis Daniels Left Arm Tattoos1

On Daniels’s left shoulder “MAN” is written along with many other designs which are inked on his left arm.

6. Eyes Of A Killer

Marquis Daniels Back Tattoos2

Marquis has a tattoo, i.e., “Look through the eyes of a killer” is written with a sharpened crucifix on his back which is being held by a hand.

7. Chinese Tattoo

Marquis Daniels Chinese Tattoo

Daniels has Chinese characters on his left forearm which are intended to represent his initials MAD, i.e., “Marquis Antwane Daniels,” but translate to English as “Healthy Woman Roof.”

8. Bible Verse

Marquis Daniels Bible Verse Tattoo

Marquis Daniels has an entire bible verse on his chest, which he used to read to his ill grandmother. The entire Psalm 91 is tattooed on his ribs.

9. Back Tattoos

Marquis Daniels Back Tattoos1

Marquis Daniels has his whole back covered with some meaningful tattoos. His tattoos include the map of State Florida, a red star inside which number 5 is inked, a baby face, a killer and some other. These all body inks have great significance for Daniels.

10 Stomach Tattoos

Marquis Daniels Tattoos

Marquis Daniels’s stomach is fully inked with multiple tattoo designs.

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