Simon Neil’s 23 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The famous Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro band’s hottest and most incredible frontman- Simon Neil is like a Tattoo God. Even though his whole body is filled up with many tattoos, most of his inks have some significance and make up a statement. Every tattoo on his body makes up a one piece of the puzzle of how this singer perceives life and his take on his music, love, relationships, band and so on. He says that it all forms a story of his life!

Simon Neil

Even though there is no evidence of several tattoos which Simon has, let’s check out few of them with some photographs.

The singer says that he thinks he has got some odd 50 tattoos. See the pictures below to know more-

1. Face on front side 

Simon Neil - face geometry on front side

2. Cross on the back 

Simon Neil - cross sign on back

3. Echo the Feeling 
Simon Neil - Echo the feeling tattoo

Simon has got many tattoos for his wife, and this is one of them. He got a piece of the feeling of echo which signifies belonging together and loves conquering all, even death. It is inspired by bravery and toughness of love of his grandparents.

4. Finger Tattoos 

Simon Neil - Finger Tattoos

Few of his finger tattoos signify his three dogs, he owned.

5.  Gun Tattoo

Simon Neil - Gun Tattoo

6. Da Vinci Inspired Tattoo 

Simon Neil - da vinci horse tattoo Simon Neil - Red man tattoo Simon Neil - da vinci tattoo

Simon Neil was very much into the findings and reading of Da Vinci and also got few of his tattoos based on them. The above three are all from that reference.

7. “God only knows…” for wife 

Simon Neil - "God Only Knows" tattoo

Simon got the lyrics of his, and his wife’s favourite songs inked on his chest.

8. Quote Tattoo 

Simon Neil - Quote tattoo

9. Abstract Geometric Designs

Simon Neil - abstract geometric designs tattoo

10. Colored beads tattoo 

Simon Neil - colored beads tattoos

11. Random scribbling on arms 

Simon Neil - scribbling tattoo

12. Hand tattoo

Simon Neil - hand tattoo

13. Puzzle Tattoo 

Simon Neil - Puzzle tattoo

Puzzle tattoo is about one of the albums of Simon’s band.

14. Arms tattoos 

Simon Neil - arms tattoo

15. Keep on Dreaming tattoo 

Simon Neil - keep on dreaming tattoo

This tattoo was to honour a lyricist whose lyrics to a song were inked by Simon.

16. Abstract Bulb tattoo

Simon Neil - abstract bulb tattoo

17. Shoulder Tattoo 

Simon Neil - face with antelors tattoo

18. Deer Tattoo on shoulder 

Simon Neil - deer tattoo

19. Side Tattoos of Simon 

Simon Neil - side tattoos

Simon got a cross, a face and a star tattoo along with all the other inks.

20. Another abstract art 

Simon Neil - abstract tattoo

21. Joining tattoo of the band

Simon Neil - joining tattoo of band

Artist DotsToLine came up with joining spiral artwork for all the three members of band signifying their love towards music and each other.

22. Painting by mother 

Simon Neil - painting by mother tattoo

The painting done by Simon’s mother is also inked on him which is very close to his heart.

23. First tattoo 

Simon Neil - First tattoo

At the bottom of the back of Simon has a red symbol tattoo which his girlfriend (now wife) got him on his 21st birthday. It is A Perfect Circle’s debut album “Mer de Noms”, and even though he is not a fan of a band, he loves his first ink as his wife got him this.

Apart from the above-mentioned tattoos of Simon, we are sure there are many on him which are hard to locate on his body. While some of his tattoos are in reference to his songs and albums, many signify his love and dedication towards important people in his life and his music.


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