Devin Haney’s Tattoo & Its Meaning

Devin Haney is an American professional boxer who became the youngest world champion in 2019 at the age of 23. He has got a unique tattoo on his body. Let’s have a look!Devin Haney-Tattoos

1. ‘Alfredo Santiago Knockdown’ Tattoo

Devin Haney-Alfredo Santiago-knockdown-tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Alfredo Santiago Knockdown’ tattoo on his right leg.

Meaning: On March 21, 2021, Devin got the tattoo of his 2019 knockdown of Alfredo Santiago, by the tattoo artist, Robert, inked on his leg. He uploaded the picture of this tattoo on his Instagram handle, with the caption,

Thank you @robert_pho for going crazy on my first tat! 💉🖤 S/O Santiago I just made u a legend 😤”

Devin Haney-Tattoo-Process-Robert

Devin Haney getting his ‘Knockdown’ tattoo inked by the tattoo artist, Robert, on March 21, 2021

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