Frances Bean Cobain’s 22 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Frances Bean Cobain is an American Model and a Visual Artist. Frances is the daughter of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and lives in Los Angeles, California. Frances has many inks of her body. Let us take a look at them and their meanings.

Frances Bean Cobain

1. ‘The Woman at the back’ Tattoo

Frances Bean Woman Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a portrait of a woman on the left side of Cobain’s back.

Meaning: The portrait is a tattoo of Dolly Parton to honor her.

2. ‘Script’ Tattoo


Tattoo: On the outer side of her right foot, there is a line inked which is very hard to make out.

3. ‘Floral’ Tattoo

1 27

Tattoo: The right side of Cobain’s body contains a tattoo of Floral design.

4. ‘Arm’ Tattoos

Frances-Bean-Cobain-Right Arm Tattoos


Tattoo: The inner side of Frances’ right forearm has the tattoo of a cartoon character. Cobain’s left elbow has a quote that reads, “I’m gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge.” Her left bicep has a tattoo that reads, “Well it’s my time coming I’m not afraid to die.”

Meaning: The cartoon character is Seymour Sunshine. The quote on her elbow is from her favorite Quentin Tarantino movie, Grindhouse.

5. ‘Seahorse and the Cherry Blossom’ Tattoo

1 29

Tattoo: Cobain’s left wrist contains a tattoo of cherry blossom and her inner left forearm has the tattoo of a skeleton of a Seahorse.

Meaning: Bean got this ink done to compliment her mother’s Cherry blossom tattoos.

6. ‘Willow’ Tattoo

1 30

Tattoo: The outer side of Cobain’s left forearm contains the tattoo of a willow tree.

7. ‘Band’ Tattoo

Frances-Bean-Cobain-Band Tattoo

Tattoo: Cobain’s left leg has a band tattoo.

8. ‘K ‘Tattoo

1 32

Tattoo: Frances’ stomach has the letter, “K” inked on it.

Meaning: K stands for Kurt Cobain, Frances’ father.

9. ‘Left Bicep’ Tattoo

Frances Bean Quote on Bicep Tattoo


Tattoo: Cobain’s right bicep has the tattoo which reads, “There’s the moon asking to stay Long enough for the clouds to fly me away. This tattoo and the line on her other bicep which reads, “Well it’s my time coming, I’m not afraid to die” are lyrics from one of her favorite songs, Grace by Jeff Buckley.

10. ‘Star’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Cobain’s left hand has a tattoo of a black star.

11. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Frances Bean Cross Tattoo

Tattoo: Frances’ right pinkie finger has the tattoo of a cross.

12. ‘Hanger’ Tattoo

1 35

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a cloth hanger just above the ankle on the outer side of Cobain’s left leg.

Meaning: Frances and her friend, Lyn-Z have these matching tattoos.

13. ‘Back’ Tattoos


Tattoo: Right in the middle of Frances back is writing in French which reads, “L’art est la Solution au Chaos“.  And a portrait of a man.

Meaning: The French words inked on her back mean, “Art is the Solution to Chaos.” Whereas the portrait is of Quentin Crisp, a humorist. She got this portrait done in his respect and honor b.

14. ‘Ghost’ Tattoo

2 1

Tattoo: There is a ghost in white sheets tattoo on the left side of her lower back.

15. ‘The Arrows’ Tattoo

1 36

Tattoo: The outer side of Frances’ left arm contains the tattoos of two arrows crossing each other.

16. ‘Circles’ Tattoo


Tattoo: There is a tattoo of design of circles on Cobain’s right wrist.

17. ‘Star’ Tattoo

Frances Bean Star on Finger Tattoo

Tattoo: Another star is inked on Cobain’s right middle finger.

18. ‘Safety Pin’ Tattoo

1 38

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a classic safety pin with chains of jewelry done on the outer side of  Cobain’s left wrist.

19. ‘Writing’ Tattoo

2 2

Tattoo: Cobain has an ink she got on her left wrist which reads, “It is in your self-interest to find a way to be very tender”

20. ‘Intricate Design’ Tattoo

1 39

Tattoo: There is another tattoo of an intricate design of arrows and dots on Cobain’s wrist.

21. ‘Squirrel and a ball’ Tattoo

4 1

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a flying squirrel and a ball on the inner side of  Frances’ right wrist.

22. ‘Writing on her right wrist’ Tattoo

1 40

Tattoo: There is another tattoo of writing on the outer side of Frances’ right wrist.

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