Amy Jackson’s Tattoo & Its Meaning

Amy Jackson is a British actress, model, and television personality who has appeared in several films and television series of different nationalities. This multi-talented star had a single tattoo on her body which has been removed now. Let’s scroll further to know more details regarding her removed tattoo along with its meaning.Amy Jackson-Tattoos

1. ‘Mera Pyaar Mera Prateik’ Tattoo

Amy Jackson-Mera Pyaar Mera Prateik-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Mera Pyaar Mera Prateik’ tattoo on her right forearm.

Meaning: Amy had got this tattoo inked while dating an Indian actor, Prateik Babbar, in 2011. The duo fell in love at the time of the shooting of their Indian film ‘Ekk Deewana Tha’ in 2011. Together they went to a tattoo parlor and got the matching tattoos for each other. Amy got ‘Mera Pyaar Mera Prareik’ while Prateik got ‘Mera Pyaar Meri Amy’ on their respective forearms. However, the couple got separated in 2012 and Amy went for laser treatment to get this tattoo removed from her arm.

Amy Jackson-Tattoo-Removed

The tattoo ‘Mera Pyaar Mera Prateik’ is no longer visible on Amy’s forearm after the laser treatment

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