Chris Weidman’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Christopher James Weidman is an American Mixed Martial Artist and an actor who is also the former UFC Middleweight Champion. In 2013, he gained the worldwide popularity by becoming the first man to defeat Anderson Silva for two times in a row. Apart from his academic success, he got some tattoos on his body. Let us take a close look at all of them and understand their meanings.

Chris Weidman

1. ‘Cross With Floral Design’ Tattoo

Weidman Left Arm Shoulder Tattoo.jpg

Tattoo: The whole portion of Chris Weidman’s left upper arm is covered with a cross that also carries a banner wrapped around it which reads, ‘ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME‘. The cross is covered by floral designs all around it.

Meaning: Weidman while interviewed about his tattoo he explains:

“I think in college I got this Only God can judge me because one of my friends was going to get a tattoo and he wants me to come with him , i didn’t have any money then but believed that if you want to get a tattoo u get a tattoo and its a cross with ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME on it. And the rest if it is a very interesting story, My wife is from NY so when I was in NY I was in family once and she is from place they are crazy about wine , so I was talking to one of the wine people about getting a some tattoo.. because of this tattoo I want some wines coming down from here and there and my name on the above it and he was like,’ oh bro we have got a man down here we ll go to his place and get the work done’ he shows me some of his work in his phone and it was getting some dark then , My wife was like,’ya go ahead whatever you like ‘ and then we end up going down in wine night in beach where there were all homost people on the beach and I was sitting there the guy was having a gun and a chair and one light bulb above him running by a generator and have only one needle and he designed all my name and wine traveler in red and blue color and when he was doing it seems like it’s coming out good and i was like oh it is coming out good and I was relaxed a bit and then the generator pulls out its pitch dark I don’t know what time is it but it was late and I was sitting there with bloody arm half ly done tattoo no one I know and they are talking in a language i don’t know I was freaking out like what the f#ck is going on and finally the bring in another generator get the thing was done in hourly am feeling like whatever u do just finish it and then I come back and tattoo looks good. And just three days later its basics faded out it left like its not a real tattoo the ink on my arm does not look good and then I got whole of it covered up with this floral design later”

2. ‘King Of Spades’ Tattoo

Weidman Left Wrist Tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of Chris Weidman’s left wrist has a tattoo of a symbol of the suit of spades and a ‘K’ inked on it

Meaning: King of Spades is the symbol of wisdom and spiritual energy.

3. ‘USA Wrestling Logo’ Tattoo

Weidman Back TattooWeidman Back Tattoo.jpg

Tattoo: Right on the upper side of his back, Chris has a tattoo of ‘USA Wrestling Logo’ inked in red and blue color.

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