Anders Gran’s 98 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Anders Gran is the Instagram sensation with the following of nearly 282k. The famous model and the fashion influencer became famous when he walked at the Oslo Runway Show for the brand Tom Wood. Besides his fashion sense, Anders is well known for his heavily inked body. The plethora of tattoos on his body is the representation of his likes, love for his uniques activities, and ultimately the love for getting inked. Many of them have been inked by Anders himself. Let us explore his multiple tattoos and their meanings.

Anders Gran

When asked about his craziness for tattooing, Anders said,

“M super self-taught. It’s a funny story. In my home town, I was probably the first guy to get tattoos. Whenever I got a tattoo I never told anybody, I just rocked up and I had tattoos and people were like, ‘damn I want a tattoo’. But they don’t want… they want just a tiny piece and they don’t want to pay like 100 pounds for it or whatever. So we just started like that. And in the beginning, the stuff that you are making is so horrendously ugly. But that’s how I started. the first tattoo I ever did was a stick and poke on my older brother. On his leg.”

“I have too many, I think. I’ve done so many tattoos at home drunk. Some of them turn out amazing. Some you have to double-check in the morning to see what you did.”


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Anders Gran PRISONER OF LOVE Tattoo

Tattoo: On the upper portion of his left leg, Anders has got the tattoo of The “PRISONER OF LOVE” which shows the hand clasping the heart and is chained.

Meaning: The tattoo is the representation of the theme of Love and shows that Anders is the strong believer of Love and Love Stories.

2. Rose on Right Thigh

Anders Gran Rose Tattoo

On his right thigh, there is a Rose inked which has words under it that say, ‘FOR’ you.

3. “TJOMMI” on Right Thigh Tattoo

Anders Gran TJOMMI Tattoo

‘TJOMMI’ is the Norwegian word for close friends and buddies. It is inked on the center of his right thigh.

4. Kitty Tattoo

Anders Gran Kitty Tattoo

There is a dark-colored kitty inked on the upper part of Anders’ left thigh.

5. Cruise in Sea Tattoo

Anders Gran Cruise in Sea Tattoo

Just below the kitty ink, Anders has got a cruise sailing in the sea inked. There are few birds flying in the sky inked along with the cruise. The tattoo represents the free spirit of Anders Gran.

6. Kissing Couple Tattoo

Anders Gran Kissing Couple Tattoo

Right on the upper portion of his left leg, Anders has a tattoo of the couple kissing inked.

7. Lobster Tattoo on Right Thigh

Anders Gran Lobster Tattoo

8. ‘Black Heart and a Rope’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Rope and Heart Tattoo

On his stomach, Anders Gran has a black heart along with the barbed wire inked. This is another representation of the fact that Anders believes too much in love and wants to be engrossed in his love life and relationships forever.

9. Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Anders Gran Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Towards the inner side of his right underarm, Anders has an anatomical heart inked.

10. Alphabets on Right side of his Chest

Anders Gran Alphabets Tattoo

There are few alphabets which can be seen falling in free mode. These include, “s m b f e e k”.

11. Wine Bottle and Wine Glass Tattoo

Shaded Man with wine Bottles Tattoo

Right above the falling alphabets, there is a wine bottle and a wine glass inked.

12. Tiger Face Tattoo

Anders Gran Tiger Face Tattoo

Towards the inner side of his right bicep, Anders has got a tiger face inked. The tiger tattoo represents power and strength.

13. Cruise on Stomach Tattoo

Anders Gran Cruise on Stomach Tattoo

Another addition to his cruise tattoos, here is another one inked right on the center of Anders’ stomach.

14. Tattoos on Stomach

Anders Gran Stomach Tattoos

There are multiple tiny inks on Anders’ stomach. Spiderweb on the sides, rope with a heart, a small ‘no’, and a batch right on his lower abdomen.

15. Baby Angels’ Faces Tattoo

Anders Gran Baby Angel Faces Tattoo

Right on the top of his back, Anders has two baby angel faces inked, which can be seen facing each other,

16. Milk box on the upper left side of his Back

Anders Gran Milkbox Tattoo

17. Tattoo on Left Inner Bicep

Anders Gran Tattoo on Left Inner Arm

Tattoo: Towards the inner side of his left bicep, Anders has a tattoo which seems to be some devil character from some cartoon series.

18. Left Knee Tattoos

Anders Gran Left Knee Tattoo

Exactly on his left knee, Anders has few written words which are difficult to make out. Such as DIP IT, DU MEG.

19. Right Thigh Tattoos

Anders Gran Right Thigh Tattoos

There are multiple tiny tattoos inked on his right thigh such as a rose which says, rose FOR YOU, clasped shaking hands, s spider, and a tiny broken heart.

20. Dagger Tattoo

Anders Gran Dagger Tattoo

There is a dagger inked on his left arm, followed by the words, “PA FELGEN”.

21. Millipede Tattoo

Anders Gran Milipede Tattoo

There can be a Millipede tattooed seen on Anders’ left forearm.

22. Hissing Cobra Tattoo

Anders Gran Cobra Face Tattoo

There lies a huge cobra face tattooed near his right hand’s wrist. The cobra is seen hissing with his mouth opened.

23. Rose on Arm Tattoo

Anders Gran Rose on Right Arm Tattoo

Anders’ arm is inked with a huge rose followed by a few stems surrounding it.

24. ‘love’ Tattoo

Anders Gran love Tattoo

Towards the inner side of his left bicep, Anders has a word tattoo which can be read as, ‘love’.

25. Broken Heart Tattoo on Left Side of his Chest

Anders Gran Broken Heart Tattoo

26. Tattoos on Right Arm

Anders Gran Tattoos on Right Arm

On his right upper arm, there are tattoos of a devil’s face, a small wall-like structure, which has few alphabets like MW inked and have been crossed over with a line.

27. ‘Hissing Snake’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Hissing Snake Tattoo

Another hissing snake is tattooed on Anders’ arm, however, this one seems to be more of the cartoonist character.

28. ‘Knife’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Knife Tattoo

There can be a knife ink seen on the upper part of his chest towards his left inner arm.

29. Thrasher Symbol Tattoo

Anders Gran Thrasher Tattoo

“I’d never been super into it. I didn’t even think about it until I was 18. I’ve been skateboarding my whole life, so my first tattoo was a Thrasher symbol.

30. ‘Anchor’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Anchor Tattoo

On the upper part of his right thigh, there is an anchor inked on him. The anchor is the symbol of hope in life.

31. ‘Astronaut’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Astronout Tattoo

Anders left pec is covered with the tattoo of an astronaut’s structured figure who is also seen holding a flag. And just above it, there is the tattoo of the word, “YITH” along with a small heart.

32. ‘Smiling Baby Face’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Baby Face Tattoo

Above Anders’ left hand’s wrist, there is a smiling baby’s face inked.

33. Metallic Ball with Chain Tattoo

Anders Gran Chain with Metal Ball Tattoo

At the center of his back, there is a tattoo of a metal ball with a chain.

34. Multiple Hand Tattoos

Anders Gran Small Tattoos

Both of his hands are covered in multiple tiny inks such as small zig-zag lines, hand made multiple m’s, tiny stems, few crosses, and little flies.

35. Flower on the Side of Hand

Anders Gran Flower on side of Hand Tattoo

On the corner of his left hand, Anders has an outlined flower inked.

36. IAN CURTIS Tattoo

Anders Gran IAN CURTIS Tattoo

There is a tattoo on Anders’ left forearm which shows us the name which says, IAN Curtis, who was an English singer had died due to Asphyxia.

37. Spiders and Spider Web Tattoo

Anders Gran Spider and Spiderweb Tattoo

There are multiple tiny spiders inked surrounding the spiderweb that is inked on Anders’ left elbow.

38. Street Light Poles Tattoo

Anders Gran Street Light Lamps Tattoo

On the upper center of his back, there are five street light poles inked.

39. Naked Girl with a Devil Tattoo

Anders Gran Naked Girl and Devil Tattoo

On the outer side of his left forearm, there is a naked girl and a devil inked who are hugging in the standing position. The devil is inked in red.

40. Naked Girl in Sitting Posture Tattoo

Anders Gran Naked Sitting Girl Tattoo

A little below towards the center of Anders’ back, there is a semi-naked girl inked, who is seen in the sitting posture with her legs high above her head. She is wearing high heels and seems to be more like a pole dancer.

41. ‘Dalmatian’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Dalmatian Tattoo

Right below the semi-naked girl tattoo, there is a tattoo of a Dalmatian inked.

42. Pokemon Ball Tattoo

Anders Gran Pokemon Ball Tattoo

On the backside of his right shoulder, Anders has got a pokemon ball inked.

43. Jacket Tattoo

Anders Gran Jacket Tattoo

Just below the astronaut’s tattoo, there is a designer jacket inked on the left side of Anders’ stomach.

44. Colorful Native Lady Tattoo

Anders Gran Colorful Dancing Girl Tattoo

This is the most prominent colored tattoo inked on Anders’ left shoulder. It shows a beautiful dancing girl.

“I don’t know why I got that. The fifth one… on my left shoulder, it is based on a flash sheet, it’s a native lady… it is I think the only one I have with color.”

45. Chair Tattoo near his Upper Left Arm

Anders Gran YITH Tattoo


46. Man in a Punching Pose Tattoo

Anders Gran Man in Boxing Pose Tattoo

Right above the smiling baby’s face tattoo, there is a portrait of the man inked who is seen standing in the punching posture.

47. Baby Face Tattoo

Anders Gran Baby Face Tattoo

His left forearm is tattooed with an angry baby’s face.

48. Crab Tattoo

Anders Gran Crab Tattoo

Anders’ thigh is inked with a crab with its clasps opened.

49. Cross and Shark Tattoo

Anders Gran Cross and Shark Tattoo

There is a small cross and a shark inked on the outer side of Ander’s right forearm.

50. ‘Yacht’ on Left Thigh

Anders Gran Cruise on Left Thigh Tattoo

The major portion of Anders’ left thigh is inked with a huge yacht.

51. ‘Skull and Bones’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Skull and Bones Tattoo

Anders’ left upper arm carries a tattoo of a skull and bones in criss-cross under it.

52. ‘Swan and Rope’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Swan and Rope Tattoo

Above his left pec, Anders has a tattoo of a swan and a rope inked right under it. Swans are considered to be a symbol of love and loyalty.

53. Skull and Ferocious Tiger Face on the top of his back

Anders Gran Ferocious Tiger with Sword and Dripping Blood Tattoo

There is another skull inked right on the center of the backside of his neck. Just below the skull, we can also see a ferocious tiger ink. Tigers, as we know, are the symbol of power and strength.

54. Mummy and Tooth Tattoo

Anders Gran Mummy and Tooth Tattoo

On the inner side of his left forearm, there is a small mummy inked. Just next to it is a tattoo of a tooth with some dots inked under it.

55. Leaf and Heart Tattoos


There are a tiny heart and a leaf inked on the inner side of Anders’ left forearm.

56. ‘SAD BOY’ Tattoo


Just below the cross, there is a sad boy’s face inked. The boy is wearing a hat and there are words written along with it which can be read as, ‘SAD’ and ‘BOY’ inked above and under the boy’s face.

57. Tiny Tattoos on left forearm

Anders Gran Mummy and Tooth Tattoo

On the inner side of his left forearm, we can see a small leafy stem followed by another rope-like thing, few dots and another spiderweb inked on his wrist.

58. ‘Fire on Woods’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Fire Tattoo

On the outer side of his left bicep, Anders has a flames tattoo inked. Wood on fire ink symbolizes the person’s temptation or lust for something.

59. ‘Flower and Fern Leaves’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Flower and Fern Leaves

Towards the left of his jacket tattoo on his stomach there lies a flower along the leafy stem.

60. Flower on Left Hand

Anders Gran Flower on side of Hand Tattoo

Towards the corner of his left hand, there is an outline of a flower inked.

61. Flower on Right Thigh

Anders Gran flower on Thigh Tattoo

On the slight left of his right knee, Anders has a huge rose inked.

62. Flowers on Left Arm Tattoo

Anders Gran Flowers Tattoo

The right arm contains two more flower inks, one on Anders’ bicep and other on the lower arm along with the leaf stems too.

63. Folding Hands Tattoo

Anders Gran Folding Hands across Swords Tattoo

His right thigh is inked with the tattoo of two folding hands and a sword.

64. ‘Girl with Ear Plugs’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Girl with Earplugs Tattoo

65. Multiple Crosses, Broken Lines, and Heart Tattoo

Anders Gran Hand Tattoos

On the side of his right hand, Anders has got tiny broken lines with crosses inked in between. There is a small faded heart inked on the palm of his hand.

66. ‘Penis’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Penis Tattoo

On the upper side of his right thigh, he has got a banana penis inked.

“Yeah. Like when you peel a banana, but it is not a banana, it is a penis.”

67. Colorful Flower on Inner Thigh Tattoo

Anders Gran Flower and Leaf Tattoo

68. ‘Man Holding Phone’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Man Holding Phone Tattoo

On the slight left of the center of Anders’ stomach there lies a tattoo of a man holding the phone’s receiver over his ear.

69. ‘Snake and Barbed Wire’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Snake and Barbed Wire Tattoo

There is a snake inked right on Anders’ left shoulder followed by another rope that is inked below it.

70. ‘Horse and Horseshoe’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Snake and Barbed Wire Tattoo

On the top side of his back, there is a horse and horseshoe inked. These are considered to be a symbol of good luck apart from the fact that people get horse tattoos to show their love for horses.

71. Keychain Tattoo

Anders Gran Keychain Tattoo

Towards the left side of anchor tattoo on Anders’ right thigh, there is a keychain inked along with two keys in it.

72. ‘Table and Chair’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Table and Chair Tattoo

On the left side of his back, there is an oval table inked along with a single chair on its side.

73. ‘Cub Face’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Cub Face Tattoo

On the top of Anders’ left hand, there is a cub’s face inked.

74. ‘STAY TRUE’ Tattoo

Anders Gran STAY TRUE Tattoo

Anders’ fingers are inked with the word, “STAY TRUE” such that STAY and TRUE are inked on the fingers of his right and left hand, respectively.

75. ‘Iconic Ghost on Chest’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Iconic Ghost Face Tattoo

Anders claims this skull on his chest to be an iconic ghost tattoo.

“Yeah, I think I got my first one on a Saturday and by the next Sunday, I had five. My second one, was a candy skull, a sugar skull on my chest.”

76. ‘Knife and Handcuffs’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Handcuffs Tattoo

On the top of his right thigh, Anders has got a small knife and a handcuffs tattoo inked.

“hell yeah. I’m not going to cover it up. I think it’s dope even though it has become this lame fashion-thing.”

77. ‘HEIMEGUT’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Stomach Writing Tattoo

”My third one was lettering on my stomach – it’s in my dialect, but it says ‘homeboy’ – it is also a song from a band from my home town. It represents where I’m from.”

78. Cloud on Right Arm Tattoo

”Um, ah, I’m going to try and remember. A cloud on my right arm. It’s kind of strange.”

Hell Yeah, I really love tattoos

79. Boy Sitting on Chair Tattoo

Anders Gran Boy sitting in the chair with his head in his hands Tattoo

There is a boy sitting on the chair with his head in his hands inked near his right underarm.

“I got a boy, like sitting on a chair with his head in his hands. It was super dope. It is kind of me. We kind of wanted it to be me so it kind of looks like me. They’re super cool guys.”


Anders Gran Leg Tattoos
“Pretty much everything on my legs. I actually do other people also. I’ve been doing that for about two and a half years also, but it is just for fun. It’s super legit though. My equipment is really good. But I just try and keep it as a hobby and I think it is super fun and some times the pieces turn out really cool.”

80. Right Thigh Tattoos

Anders Gran Right Thigh Tattoos
Anders’ right thigh is inked with multiple tiny inks such a clasping flower, a spider web, a small heart, and few words which are difficult to make.

81. Tattoos on his stomach 

Anders Gran Stomach Tattoos

82. Tattoos on the left side of his Stomach

Anders Gran Tattoo on left abdomen

A man on the phone, a flower with fern leaves, followed by some criss-cross lines.

83. Tattoo on Left Inner Arm

Anders Gran Left Hand Tattoos

84. Left Hand Tattoos

Anders Gran Left Hand Tattoos

Anders’ left-hand fingers are inked with tiny animals above his knuckles, such as a skull, reindeer, and needled fish.

85. Left Hand Tattoos

Anders Gran Right Inner Arm Tattoos

Just below the knuckles of his left hand, there are triple dots inked, whereas in between the knuckles there are small crosses tattooed.

86. Right Knee Tattoos

Anders’ right knee is tattooed with an opened eye and words such as, “DU OG MEG”, DIP IT!

87. Lizard on upper right chest

88. Tattoos on inner Right Arm

Anders Gran Right Inner Arm Tattoos

89. KULERAN Tattoo

Anders Gran Kuleran Tattoo

90. Hand Claspers Tattoo

Anders Gran Abdomen Tattoo
Right on the center6 of his stomach there are two hand claspers inked. On his lower abdomen we can see a tattoo which says, s097.

91. ‘ciao Bella’ Tattoo

Anders Gran Caio Bella Tattoo
On Anders’ left forearm there is Italian writing which says, ‘ciao Bella’ that stands for ‘Hello Beautiful‘. There is also a tiny heart inked under it.

92. Chinese Letters

Anders Gran Chinese Letters Tattoo
Towards the left of his spiderweb and spider tattoo, there are few Chinese letters inked.

93. Tiny Cruise, Rope, Spiderweb, and a Batch in the center Tattoo

Anders Gran Cruise on Stomach Tattoo

94. Tiny Creatures on Hands

Anders Gran Finger Tattoo
Anders’ left and right hands’ knuckles are inked with small pictures of a leaf, a fish, a knot and another leaf on his right hand whereas there is an eye like creature, a tribal sun face, a reindeer and a red heart inked.

95.  Japanese Lady Tattoo

Anders Gran Girl Tattoo
On the right forearm, there is a Japanese lady inked on Anders’ body.

96. ‘SHEC’ Tattoo

Anders Gran HSCF Tattoo
Near Anders’ left hand’s wrist, there is a cross inked with the alphabets in a clockwise direction as, ‘SHEC’

97. Words on Right Forearm

Anders Gran Right Inner Arm Tattoos
There are multiple English words inked on Anders’ right forearm, such as MEG, DE6 under the shark tattoo.

98. Angry and Smiling Baby Faces

Anders Gran Smiling Baby Face

Anders Gran Angry Baby Face Tattoo

On his right and left forearm, respectively, Anders has got a smiling and angry baby faces inked.

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