15 Celebrities with Food Tattoos

People who get tattoos use it as a form of self-expression because it is a unique way to do so. It’s also cool to see how your skin transforms as the tattoo ages. Tattoos also signify involvement with different cultures or groups, religious sentiments,s, and symbols, or even victory in overcoming challenges.

Food tattoos serve as an expression of one’s love for food and it can be a way of life. There are instances people have tattoos made just because they love food! It can be a chance to pursue interests in other fields and make conversation about their experiences with the food industry, or just actively avoid foods that might contain allergens.

While looking at your wrist every day, it can serve as motivation to work harder in the kitchen for cooking lessons (for instance) as well! But even if you are not a chef (we are not counting celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay!) here are a few celebrities who show their love for food with amazing food tattoo designs!

List of Celebrities with Food Tattoos

  • Ashley Benson’s Milkshake Tattoo on Arm

Ashley Benson's Milkshake Tattoo on Arm

Ashley showed off her new tattoo in 2020! It was kind of peculiar to see a milkshake tattoo on her Instagram profile! Probably she is  a super huge fan of milkshakes (?) The tattoo shows off the milkshake in a classic fountain glass with whipped cream and a cherry on top. One can also notice a straw sticking out of the side.

Moby's Vegan Tattoo on Neck

In 2019, Moby Benson made a statement that he would be a vegan henceforth! He debuted on his social media account with a huge and bold “Vegan for Life” tattoo that took everyone by surprise. Kudos to him for deciding to do something for the planet! He says, “I’ve been a vegan for almost 32 years, so getting this tattoo seemed like a pretty safe bet,” he said. “Also, working for animal rights and animal liberation is my life’s work. And to state the obvious, it’s a double entendre.”

  • Ed Sheeran’s Ketchup Tattoo on Arm

Ed Sheeran's Ketchup Tattoo on Arm

It might seem a bit weird but Ed Sheeran is a ketchup fanatic! He is so obsessed with it that he got a tattoo inked on the forearm of a ketchup bottle. He has also appeared in a similar commercial showcasing ketchup and has left no stone unturned in showing off his love for the condiment on various occasions.

  • Miley Cyrus’ Vegemite Tattoo on Arm

Miley Cyrus' Vegemite Tattoo on Arm

Miley Cyrus has many tattoos on her skin but one of the most shocking ones is a tattoo of a vegemite! Now don’t get us wrong! We are not sure if she likes this food item but the tattoo for sure is dedicated to her husband Liam Hemsworth who is a big fan of the Australian staple. She got this inked in 2016!

Cara Delevigne's Bacon Tattoo on Feet

The supermodel has a bunch of tattoos that look fab! However, one amazing one is the Bacon tattoo which is followed by ellipses. She got it done on the bottom of her foot, quite a cool place. When she got this design, she released Jimmy Kimmel that  “Anything bacon is good, am I right? It’s bacon colored — it’s maroon, also,” she continued. The ‘dot, dot, dot’ — it’s an open-ended statement, it’s not a question. It’s just however you want to take it.”

Gucci Mane's Icecream Tattoo on Cheeks
This tattoo design by Gucci Mane was all over the internet! I mean…it is on his cheeks! and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like ice cream (?) The musician got the ice cream tattoo with not one but three scoops on his cheeks with the word “brr.” And that is not it. He also has a deep meaning behind this design. His spokesperson said that the tattoo is “a reminder to fans of how he chooses to live his life. Cool as ice. As in ‘I’m so icy, I’ll make ya say Brr.'”
  • Marc Jacob’s M&M and Pink Sprinkled Donut on Arm

Marc Jacob's M&M and Pink Sprinkled Donut on Arm

Did you know that Marc Jacobs had tattoos at all? We are as shocked as you! He has a cute little M&M tattoo design on his shoulder done in red color. I think it is super cute!

  • Miley Cyrus’ Avocado Tattoo on Arm

Miley Cyrus' Avocado Tattoo on Arm

Miley is known for her bizarre tattoos! However, she also got a very one- an avocado tattoo- done in shades of green. It looks quite realistic, doesn’t it? It was done on her arms.

  • Harry Styles Gem Cookie Tattoo on Arm

Harry Styles Gem Cookie Tattoo on Arm

Harry Styles got himself a cookie tattoo on his arm along with some other designs! The design was quite simple with black ink!

  • Lea Michele’s Coffe Tattoo on Finger

Lea Michele's Coffe Tattoo on Finger

While a good cup of Joe is liked by many, Lea has shown her love for coffee with a cute minimal coffee cup design on her fingers. I think this one looks pretty amazing and we sure do love a good cup of coffee as much as Lea does!

  • Louis Tomlinson’s Coffee Tattoo on Arm

Louis Tomlinson's Coffee Tattoo on Arm

Just like Lea, Louis Tomilson got himself a great and creative coffee mug tattoo which shows his love for the beverage too. I think getting a simple meaningful design speaks a lot!

  • Ashlee Simpson’s Cherry Tattoo on Ankle

Ashlee Simpson's Cherry Tattoo on Ankle

Ashlee Simpson has a cute little cherry tattoo done with black, red, and green colors on her ankle. It looks nice.

  • Duff Goldman’s Whisk Tattoo on Arm

Duff Goldman's Whisk Tattoo on Arm

For ones who don’t know, Duff Goldman can be seen frequently in Ace of Cakes. He is a professional baker and could be seen whipping up a lot of stuff. That is the reason why he also got a whisk tattoo on his left forearm! He also commented on it saying, “People meet me and don’t believe that I’m a baker, so I got a tattoo of a baking implement. As for other tattoos, I can’t show them in public.”

  • Christina Applegate’s Apple Tattoo under Bellybutton

Christina Applegate's Apple Tattoo under Bellybutton

The actress reportedly has a little apple tattooed right under her belly button.

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