Andre Branch’s 32 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Orlandus Andre Branch better known by the short name Andre Branch is an American football outside linebacker who is currently a free agent. Before joining football on the professional level he used to play college football at Clemson until he was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Just like other sportsmen, Andre has got multiple body inks. His tattoos speak about his ideals and principles. Let us explore his body inks and their meanings.

Andre Branch

1. Right Arm Tattoos

Andre right arm Tattoos-

Tattoo: Andre’s right forearm is covered with multiple overlapping tattoos which are difficult to analyze.

2. ‘My Guardian Angel’ Tattoo

Andre My Guardian Angel Tattoo-

Tattoo: Across his chest, we can see huge writing that says, ‘My Guardian Angel’.

Meaning: Angels are considered to be the messengers of God. People tend to rely upon respective near and dear ones in their lives and regard them as the guardian angels of their lives meaning to say that those persons are their soul protectors and guide their lives. So, Andre’s ‘My Guardian Angel’ is also directed to someone whom he considers as his guardian angel; someone he believes that God has sent over for his protection and guiding light.

3. ‘Jesus Christ’ Tattoo

Andre Jesius Christ Tattoo

Andre Jesus Portrait Tattoo-

Tattoo: On his left bicep there is a huge portrait of Jesus Christ. Behind his portrait, we can also see the dark clouds and rising sun rays.

Meaning: Jesus Christ tattoo is the symbol of Andre’s religious beliefs and faith i.e. Christianity. Andre’s tattoos are either religious or directive of his personality and his qualities. He is a staunch believer of Jesus Christ and his blessings.

4. ‘Angel Wings’ Tattoo

Andre Angel Wings Tattoo- (2)

Tattoo: Just below ‘ My Guardian Angel’ tattoo there is a huge pair of angel wings covering his chest.

Meaning: Angel and angel wings are the symbol of good luck and harmony. Angels are considered to be the messengers of God. Andre’s dependence upon God, his blessings, will, and ultimately his destiny is the reason he has angel and angel wings tattoo on his body. His strong religious beliefs are known to everyone already and thus, angel wings tell us about his urge to be closest to God and live under his protection throughout his life.

5. ‘BATTLE’ Tattoo

Andre BATTLE Tattoo

Andre Bicep Tattoo-

Tattoo: On his left bicep there is a writing that says, ‘BATTLE’.

Meaning: Andre was brought up by his mother and his grandparents. They made sure to sacrifice every bit so as to keep him going in his favorite sport of Football. He claims to owe his life to them as they were always supportive of his dreams even when they were deceased. This tattoo is his dedication to the hardest battle they had to face during the difficult phase of their lives including the current times when he faces any difficulty in his life. He said he has learned to battle with all the obstacles and hurdles of his life because they are nothing as compared to the sacrifices his family made for him. Interestingly, this tattoo is also his dedication for his mother whose surname is’Battle’ as, just towards the right of this word we can see the portrait of his mother, Paulette Battle.

“My mother [Paulette Battle] and both my grandfathers [Orlandus Branch and Lucion Battle]. Because I do this for my mom and both my grandfathers, who are deceased. That’s who I play for. I pray to them before every game and I owe them that. They always were there for me, so this is how I’m changing my family around.”

“We weren’t rich, that’s for sure,” said Branch, who grew up with her mom and grandparents in Richmond, Va. “Knowing that she would never even let that get into your head … She was going to make sure that the food was on the table. We definitely weren’t rich. But she would make sure that everything was handled.”

6. Skulls Tattoo

Andre Skulls on Arm Tattoo

Tattoo: There are two skulls inked on his left forearm. Also, above the skulls, there is a banner that wraps around his forearm. The skulls are actually the ‘Smile Now Cry Later’ tattoo.

Meaning: Skulls are the symbol of death and evil however, the skull is also used to symbolize the courage of an individual that he owns the strength and confidence to overcome all the hurdles and the difficulties of his life. The ‘Smile now laugh later’ skulls are the means of symbolizing the two opposites of this world i.e. the good and the evil.

7. ‘Family First’ Tattoo

Andre Family first Tattoo

Andre Almighty Tattoo

Tattoo: Andre’s left forearm is tattooed with the words, ‘Family First’.

Meaning: Andre is known to be a family man. He has talked about his close bond and his concern towards his family always, especially, his grandparents and his mother. Their sacrifices have turned him into such a learned man that he claims to choose his family over everything else, always.

8. ‘Angel’ Tattoo

Andre Angel Tattoo

Tattoo: Andre’s right bicep is tattooed with the angel.

Meaning: Angels are the messengers of God. And, Andre as we know is the strong believer of God and his blessings so this is another of such ink which tells us about his willingness to be closest to God and be guarded by his blessings and directions.

9. ‘Loyalty’ Tattoo

Andre Back Tattoo

Tattoo: On Andre’s back there is a huge word inked that says, ‘Loyalty’.

Meaning: Andre claimed once that his life principles have already been rooted him to truthfulness, loyalty, and honesty in his life and thus, this got him to get this tattoo done on his body.

10. Batch with wings Tattoo

Andre Badge Tattoo

 On his right forearm, there is a batch or logo which is surrounded with angel wings on either side.

11. Banner with writing Tattoo

Andre banner with quote Tattoo

12. ‘SANITY’ Tattoo

Andre bicep writing

Tattoo: On Andre’s bicep there is a tattoo of the word, ‘Sanity’.

Meaning: Andre’s idea of living his life independently based on his own principles is the reason for he believes in his own sanity.

13. ‘Cityline’ Tattoo

Andre City line Tattoo

Tattoo: Andre’s left forearm is tattooed with the buildings and city life.

Meaning: This tattoo is dedicated to his home city, Richmond, United States. Andre has a deep love for his family and the city. He said this tattoo is closest to his heart.

14. ‘Faith’ Tattoo

Andre Faith Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm there is another word inked, i.e. ‘Faith’.

Meaning: Andre’s faith in God, Angels, and their blessings are the reason for this ink on his body.

15. ‘Jesus Christ’ Tattoo

Andre Jesus Christ Tattoo

Tattoo: On his shoulder blades we can see another religious tattoo that says, ‘Jesus Christ’. We already know that Andre is a Christian and his religious beliefs are inclined towards Jesus Christ and his blessings.

16.  Cat Face Tattoo

Andre Leg Tattoo

Tattoo: Andre’s right leg is inked with the kitten’s portrait.

17. Leg Tattoos

Andre Leg Tattoos

18. ‘Portrait of Barack Obama’ Tattoo

Andre Obama Portrait Tattoo

Andre Obama Tattoo

Tattoo: On Andre’s left leg there is a huge portrait of Barack Obama.

19. Mother’s Portrait Tattoo

Andre portrait of lady

Tattoo: On the top of his right shoulder there is a portrait of a lady. This lady is inked just above his ‘BATTLE’ tattoo.

Meaning: This portrait is the portrait of his mother, Paulette Battle. Andre has a very close relationship with his mother. He often claims that his mother and his grandparents left no stone unturned to make sure that Andre had all the comforts in his life. Thus, this tattoo is the dedication of his love for her.

20. Portrait on the left leg

Andre portrait on left leg

21. ‘RESPECT’ Tattoo

Andre RESPECT Tattoo

Tattoo: The corner of his right leg is inked with the word, ‘RESPECT’.

Meaning: Talking about Andre’s life principles, his tattoos are his way of depicting the same. He was captured saying that he firmly believes in giving respect and taking respect and thus, his tattoo says it all.

22. Mother’s Name Tattoo

Andre Right Bicep Tattoo

 Tattoo: Above his angel tattoo on right bicep, there is a banner that reads, ‘Paulette Battle’.

Meaning: Paulette Battle is the name of Andre’s mother. This is not his first tattoo dedication to his mother. We can also see her surname as well as her portrait inked on his body.

23. Tattoo on right bicep

Andre Right forearm Tattoo

24. ‘R.I.P’ Tattoo

Andre RIP Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, there is a tattoo that says, ‘R.I.P’.

25. Roses Tattoo

Andre roses on arm Tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his left forearm we can see a bunch of roses tattooed.

Meaning: Roses are the symbol of love, affection, and romance.

26. ‘Spiderweb’ Tattoo

Andre Spiderweb Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left elbow there is a spiderweb tattoo inked.

Meaning: Spider web tattoos are either used to depict the time spent in prison or to reflect the difficulties that are entangling the person in his life on a regular basis.

27. Stars Tattoo

Andre star Tattoo

Andre Star Tattoos

Tattoo: On Andre’s left and right biceps we can see multiple tiny stars inked.

Meaning: Stars are considered to be the symbol of hope and guidance. An individual may also get a star tattoo to represent close connect to God.

28. Tribal Sun Tattoo

Andre Tribal Sun Tattoo

Tattoo: On Andre’s right elbow there is a tribal sun inked.

Meaning: Tribal sun is the symbol of fertility, positivity, and recreation.

29. ‘TRUTH’ Tattoo

Andre TRUTH Tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right bicep, Andre has a tattoo of the word, ‘TRUTH’.

Meaning: Andre talks about his principles of truth, faith, honor, and honesty. This tattoo is his reflection of the same.

30. Initials on wrist

Andre wrist Tattoo

31. ‘HONOR’ Tattoo

Andre writing on Arm Tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of his left forearm is inked with the word, ‘Honor’. Honor, faith, and respect are Andre’s self-proclaimed qualities and his life virtues.

32. ‘BLESSED’ Tattoo

Andre writing on left bicep

Tattoo: On the inner side of his bicep he has got the word, ‘BLESSED’ inked.

Meaning: Andre, who has multiple religious tattoos on his body, apart from tattoos which show his deep love for his mother and family ultimately got this tattoo inked which says, ‘BLESSED’ because he once said that he considers himself a blessed and special child of God because he is blessed with such an amazing family who always stood by him in all situations.

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