Fabio Cannavaro’s 17 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Fabio Cannavaro an Italian former professional footballer, is the current manager of Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande.  In the year 2006, Fabio was declared as the Fifa World Player of the year. He is known to have quite a good number of tattoos on his body with many being based on history, Egyptian culture, and Asian aspects. Fabio’s love for body tattoos is already observable but, let us learn why are they are so important for him.

Fabio Cannavaro

1. Wife’s Name Tattoo

Fabio wife name Tattoo-

Tattoo: On Fabio’s right forearm we can see a name inked vertically that can be read as, “Daniela”.

Meaning: Daniela is the first name of Fabio’s wife, “Daniela Arenoso”. Fabio says that he got this tattoo because he loves his wife way too much.

2. ‘Italian writing’ Tattoo

Fabio wriitng on shoulder-

Tattoo: A Japanese phrase inked over the samurai tattoo on Fabio’s right bicep says, ‘non abbiate paura’.

Meaning: The tattoos on Fabio’s body either relate to his Italian heritage or history. The phrase here is obviously linked to the Japanese warrior tattoo and means ‘Don’t be afraid’ when converted in English. This tells us about Fabio’s determining and courageous personality as to how strong he believes himself to be whether in his personal or professional life.

3. Writing on back 

Fabio writing on neck-

There are some letters inked in Japanese on his upper back. When translated into English the letters can be deciphered as ‘Martina’.

Meaning: Martina is the first name of his elder daughter, ‘Martina Cannavaro’.

4. ‘CHRISTIAN’ Tattoo

Fabio writing on back-

Tattoo: On Fabio’s lower back we can see another name inked in italicized font and can be read as ‘CHRISTIAN’.

Meaning: Christian is the first name of his son, Christian Cannavaro.

5. ‘Smiling Sun’ Tattoo

Fabio sun tattoo-

Tattoo: Fabio’s left leg has a tattoo of a smiling sun. There are some Japanese letters inked under it.

Meaning: Though the letters have not been deciphered ever because Fabio has never talked about it, however, the smiling sun is the symbol of peace, happiness, and might also be used as the way of symbolizing a person who helped you out of difficult phase dark phase of your life.

6. Japanese Samurai Tattoo

Fabio samurai Tattoo-

Tattoo: There is a big portrait of a Japanese samurai warrior inked on Fabio’s right bicep.

Meaning: Japanese samurai is chosen by the people to reflect the personality traits of the samurai warrior i.e. courageousness, strength, and power. Fabio got this tattoo inked to reflect his qualities of strength and courage. There is Italian writing over the samurai tattoo that says, ‘Don’t be afraid’.

7. Daughter’s Name Tattoo

Fabio right bicep writing-

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right bicep there is a word written that says, ‘ANDREA’.

Meaning: Andrea is the first name of his younger daughter, ‘Andrea Cannavaro’.

8. Japanese writing on leg

Fabio leg Tattoo- Fabio leg ink-

9. Flowers on Arm

Fabio flowers on arm

Tattoo: There are multiple flowers and bushes covering Fabio’s right forearm. They symbolize wisdom, passion, and growth.

10. Rose on Elbow

Fabio flower Tattoo-

Tattoo: Rose, the symbol of love, romance, and affection is inked on Fabio’s right elbow.

11. ‘Koi Fish’ Tattoo

Fabio fish Tattoo-

Tattoo: There are two fish tattoos inked on Fabio’s right forearm. The fish inked on his body are the Koi Fish.

Meaning: Fish is the symbol of grace, strength, and power. Each individual may get a fish inked as per his way of perceiving its symbolism. However, Koi fish is a symbol of good luck. It is an important part of Japanese culture. Koi fish stands for strength, determination, and independence.

12. Dark Clouds and Flowers

Fabio bicep Tattoo-

Tattoo: There is a band of tiny flowers inked, on the top and lower side of the samurai tattoo on Fabio’s right upper arm. The flowers seem to be drenched in some dark clouded patterns.

Meaning: The clouds are the symbol of darker phases of life, which were the worst times of Fabio’s life. Whereas flowers, they reflect the growth and fresh developments and blooms in life. Thus, the transition from worse to good times is the symbolism that Fabio wishes to reflect through this tattoo.

13. Back Tattoo

Fabio back ink-


Tattoo: There are two vertically inked designs on Fabio’s upper back.

Meaning: These two designs are actually ‘Chat petch’ and ‘Pert Lok’. Chat Petch includes five-row yantras that are the symbol of yant’s of magical spells and thus, are known to be the symbol of prosperity and protection against evil. Whereas Pert Lok is another Thai tattoo which stands for, ‘Open the world’. It is considered to bring happiness and success in the wearers’ life. Fabio got it inked from Ajarn Noo Kanpain, Pathum Thani (Thailand)

14. Ring on Arm

Fabio arm Tattoo-

Tattoo: There is a dark black circle inked on Fabio’s right forearm. Such circles are considered to be the symbol of totality. However, they can also symbolize the loss of a loved one.

15. Portrait on arm

Fabio arm Tattoo faces-

There are two cartoonist faces inked on his upper right arm. They relate to Japanese culture and tradition.

16. Insect Tattoo

Fabio animal Tattoo

17. Geisha Tattoo

Fabio Forearm Japanese girl Tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right forearm, there is a tattoo of Geisha.

Meaning: Geisha tattoo is also a part of Japnese Culture. It represents a beautiful woman of Japanese culture and tradition. It stands for the mystery and beauty of a woman.

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