Andrea Russett’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Andrea Russett is an American actress and a famous Social Media Personality mostly active on YouTube, Snap chat and Instagram. She is a youtube vlogger who has 3 known tattoos. Let us explore her tattoos and their meanings.

Andrea Russett-

1. ‘MJAA’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Andrea has the letters MJAA inked on her four fingers of the left hand.

Meaning: Andrea Russett has a tattoo of initials MJAA on fingers of her left hand which characterizes the names of her family members: M for her father Mark, J for her mother Jacqui, A for her sister Anna, and another A for her brother Anthony. She got this inked from artist Chase Fielder.

“Every time I look at these I think of my parents and siblings and it makes me smile. The tattoos I get will always be for me. I don’t care if no one understands them or they don’t make sense to anyone else. Been a good day.”

2. ‘55613 Numeral’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Andrea has the numbers 55613 inked on her right forearm.

Meaning: Andrea Russett has numeral 55613 in red ink tattooed on her right forearm. This is her matching tattoo with her friend Sandra Poenar. They both got it inked from artist Chase Fiedler.

3. ‘Flower with leaves’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Andrea has another ink which contains Flowers with Leaves which are inked on her sternum.

Meaning: Andrea Russett has this ink of beautiful flowers with leaves in blue-black.

Yep. So. I had no tattoos a couple hours ago. Then I got 6 tattoos today. This one being the biggest and MOST FUCKING PAINFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll post pictures of the rest later! Huge thank you to @rbitrary for making me a tatted betch! And also for KILLING IT w these tattoos. U da man.

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