Janel Meilani Parrish’s 25 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Janel Meilani Parrish is a renowned American actress and singer. She became famous through her role of  Mona Vanderwaal on the Freeform mystery drama series named,  Pretty Little Liars. She appeared in the Netflix film, ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ in the year 2018. She has around 23 beautiful tattoos on her which are explored below with their meanings.

Janel Parrish

1. ‘Composing Text’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Wordings are inked on her right forearm.

Meaning: Janel Parrish has got an inspirational wording inked in cursive style on the inner side of her right arm. This tattoo was inked “passion” in May 2012.

She explained in a face to face discussion“I have a lot of tattoos that mean a lot to me. One of my favorites is ‘passion’…it’s just words that really inspire me.”

2. ‘Heart on her knuckle’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janel has a small heart inked on the bow of her thumb of the right hand.

3. ‘Latin Writing’ Tattoo

Janel Parrish - Amor Vincit Omnia Tattoo

Tattoo: Janel has a Latin Writing on her right upper shoulder.

Meaning: Alongside from her right shoulder to neck Janel Parrish has ink which contains the words “Amor vincit omnia” in the Latin and stand for the fact that ‘love conquers all” which means true love overpowers all the difficulties.

She herself explained “I so much love in my life, which is amazing. From my family, my friends, everything.” For which she got this ink

4. ‘Roman Numeral’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janel has ink on her elbow which contains the Roman Numeral of three i.e ‘III” tattooed in black on her left arm.

5. ‘Flower’ Tattoo


Tattoo: She has a flower inked behind her right ear.

Meaning: The artwork of Hibiscus flower is tattooed behind Janel’s right. This ink is her tribute to her love for her home state Hawaii.

6. ‘Writing on her Foot’ Tattoo



Tattoo: Janel Parrish has two tattoo writings on her feet. one reads “free” and the other reads as “made in Hawaii”, inked on her fright and left foot, respectively. She was raised up in Oahu, Hawaii.

7. ‘Rose’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janel has huge rose inked on the left side of her ribcage.

8. ‘Treble clef’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janel has Clef inked symbol on her left wrist.

9. ‘A flock of birds’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janel has a Flock of Birds inked on her right forearm.

Meaning: Janell Parrish has a tattoo of a flock of three flying birds inked near her right elbow. It was inked by the artist Romeo Lacoste in March 2014. The flock of birds is the symbol of peace, fortune, and success.

10. ‘Writing on her right side’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janel has few lines written on the right side of her body which read as ‘earth laughs in flowers’. The colors of flowers are basically the expressions of joy by the earth.

11 ‘Writing on her Upper Arm’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janell Parrish has a tattoo in cursive style inked on her forearm which reads as “What if you fly…?. It was done by the artist Romeo Lacoste.

12. ‘Lotus’ Tattoo


Tattoo: This Lotus inked on her left wrist is a cover-up to her previous ink of old treble tattoo on her wrist. She got this inked in May 2015. The lotus symbolizes survival through hardships.

14. ‘French Writing on her Bicep’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janel Parrish has ink of cursive French handwriting tattooed on her left bicep saying,” garder un bon couer” which stands for “Keep a good heart”. This ink was done by Los Angles artist Daniel winter in May 2015.

15. ‘Initial M’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janel has the letter M inked on her finger.

Meaning: Janell Parrish along with her cast of Pretty little liars got the first letter of their respective character names tattooed on the final day of filming on October 28th, 2016 from Shamrock Social club. Janell got “M” inked on her right index finger as the initial of her character name for Mona Vanderwall.

16. ‘Butterfly’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janel has a butterfly tattooed on her left wrist.

17. ‘Flower’ Tattoo



Tattoo: Jabel has a flower inked on her upper back.

Meaning: Janel Parrish covered up her old ink of ballon on her shoulder blade with a beautiful hibiscus flower.

18. ‘A Bow’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janel Parrish has a tattoo of the tiny bow around her wrist inked black.

19. ‘Flower’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janel has another huge flower inked around her left hip.

20. ‘Writing on her Lower Back’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janell Parrish has a tattoo which reads “make a joyful noise“ inked on her lower back in a black cursive ink.

21. ‘Music Notes’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Janell Parrish has got three tiny musical notes inked on her butt.

22. ‘Believe’ Tattoo

Janel-Parrish-Bikini Line Tattoo

Tattoo: Janell has a tattoo which shows the word BELIEVE inked on her bikini line.

23. ‘Anchor’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Anchor inked on her left ankle.


24. ‘Moon’ Tattoo

Janel Parrish-Moon Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Moon’ Tattoo on her right forearm.

Meaning: In December 2019, Janel got this tattoo inked by the tattoo artist, Dr Woo, in the memory of her late grandmother. On December 22, 2019, Janel uploaded the picture of this tattoo on her Instagram account, with the caption,

My grandma’s middle name was Moon. Her nickname, Moony. I miss her, but we are so grateful that we had her on this earth for 90 beautiful years. Thank you @_dr_woo_ for memorializing my beautiful grandma as she now is: shining down on us, forever Moony, always an anchor in my universe.”

25. ‘Buck’ Tattoo

Janel Parrish-Buck Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Buck’ Tattoo on the nape of her neck.

Meaning: In October 2018, Janel along with her husband Chris went to Dr Wooto get this ‘buck’ tattoo inked on their respective bodies in the memory of Chris’s father (Janel’s father-in-law). On October 12, 2018, Janel uploaded the picture of this tattoo on her Instagram account, with the caption,

We lost a great man a month and a half ago…Chris’s dad, my father in law, Buck. He was the COOLEST and most bad ass man. This week, Chris and I went to see the incomparable @_dr_woo_ to get little Buck’s we can carry with us forever. We love you forever ❤️ #belikebuck”

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