Angelina Jolie’s 15 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Angelina Jolie is world renowned for her mesmerizing beauty and amazing talent. She has been making the headlines on and off for one reason or the other. But did you guys know that this beautiful star is a tattoo enthusiast and has over a dozen of tattoos covering her body? This superstar is definitely not afraid to go under the needle. Although many of her tattoos have been removed or covered up over the years, according to her, most of her tats were done during happy times and represent a diary of her life. So let’s explore Angelina Jolie’s tattoos and their meanings.

Angelina Jolie

1. The Bengal tiger tattoo

Angelina Jolie's Bengal Tiger Tattoo

Angelina got a 12 inches long and 8 inches wide Bengal tiger inked on her lower back in 2004. The tattoo artist Sompong Kanphai who also did her Khmer tattoo blessed the tattoo with an ancient hymn. This tattoo was done to commemorate her Cambodian citizenship.

2. Know your rights tattoo

know your rights tattoo

The phrase “know your rights” has been inked between Jolie’s shoulder blades on her upper back. It is a song from “The clash” (her favorite band). She got this tat done in 2004 and is a slogan of empowerment which describes as “humanitarian, but a little punk rock”

3. Death tattoo

angelina-jolie' death tattoo
Angelina’s first tattoo was a Japanese kanji for the word death. Although the tattoo means death but according to Jolie it is a reminder to live for her. This tattoo was later covered by her with Khmer script tattoo.

4. Khmer script prayer tattoo

Angelina Khmer script Tattoo

The Japanese kanji tattoo on her shoulder was covered up by a Khmer script prayer for her son Maddox to protect him from bad luck. The tattoo translates to “May your enemies run far away from you; If you acquire riches, may they remain yours always; Your beauty will be that of Apsara; Wherever you may go, many will attend, serve and protect you, surrounding you on all sides.”

5. The blue tongue dragon tattoo

blue tongue dragon tattoo

Angelina got a tattoo while on a trip to Amsterdam in 1996. It was a funky looking tattoo of a dragon with a blue tongue and she got this tattoo when she wasn’t in her senses she soon regretted it. The tattoo was soon covered with a cross tattoo.

6. Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit

angelina jolie Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit tattoo

To cover the blue tongue dragon tattoo, Angelina got a large black cross with a Latin saying besides it. The saying “Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit” has been inked with the cross which translates to “What nourishes me, destroys me.”

7. Roman numerals

angelina-jolie roman numeral tattoo

The Roman numerals XIII (13) and a V MCMXL are inked on Angelina’s left forearm. Both the tattoos were inked separately, the no. XIII was inked to show her disbelief in superstition and the date May 13, 1940, was tattooed in 2009. It was the day when Winston Churchill gave the speech, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.”

8. Strength of will 

Angelina-Jolie's strength of will tattoo

This is another cover up tattoo which was inked to cover an abstract tattoo Angelina got when she was with her ex-husband Billy Bob. The word “determination” in Arabic script is inked on her right forearm and according to Jolie it means “strength of will.”

9. Billy Bob tattoo

angelina_jolie billy bob tattoo

Angelina formerly had the words “Billy Bob” inked on her left arm with a black dragon tattoo to honor her former husband, Billy Bob Thornton. After they got separated, the tattoo was removed and replaced with another tattoo.

10. Geographical coordinates

Angelina Jolie coordinates tattoo

Once the Billy Bob tatt was lasered off, Angelina inked the coordinates of the birthplaces of her children at the same place. A set of seventh coordinate was also added in 2011 which is supposed to be Brad Pitt’s birthplace.

11. A prayer for the wild….

A prayer for the wild tattoo

A phrase from Tennessee Williams, “a prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages” is inked on Jolie’s inner left arm. Angelina says, “I don’t think I know one person who I think can be completely who they are, every second of the day, who feels completely free… So it’s kind of a prayer for everybody to find their happiness, to break out… Anything that makes us comfortable, those things are cages around us.”

12. The letter ‘H’

angelina jolie's 'H' tattoo

On the inside of Angelina’s left wrist the letter ‘H’ is inked. The tattoo is a tribute to her brother, James Haven. Some also speculate that the tattoo was for her ex-boyfriend Timothy Hutton.

13. The letter ‘M’

Angelina Jolie tattoo letter M
Another letter ‘M’ is inked on the palm of Angelina’s hand and is a tribute to her mother Marcheline Bertrand.

14. Whiskey Bravo

whiskey bravo tattoo angelena-jolie

Whiskey Bravo is inked on Jolie’s inner right thigh which represents Brad Pitt’s initials. Both Angelina and Brad Pitt are licensed pilots and Whiskey Bravo are Brad Pitt’s initials in the aviation alphabet.

15. Tribal Tattoos

_back tattoo angelina jolies

On Angelina’s lower back are two small tribal tattoos surrounding a tribal dragon. Recently the Bengal tiger tattoo was incorporated into these two tribal tattoos.

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